Women Sunglasses Styles

Without compromising the comfort of your eyes, you can choose a style that you can use for many years, taking into account your face shape.

Your sun glasses make you realize your style. If you are small you have big glasses, if you have big face your pilot glasses are very good.

Do not forget your glasses to reveal your style.

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You should pay attention to eyebrow line when choosing sunglasses. Frames should not be too high from scratch.

If you have an oval face, make your choice of drop styles and square frames.

Frames rising upwards show the person younger and lift their eyes up.

Frames should not be wider than the widest area of ​​the face.

If you have an angular face, the glasses should be parallel to the temples. The soft round little styles and the drop style are very suitable.

The transparent bridge shows the closer eyes separate. The lower bridge shows the longer nose shorter.

If you have a round face, angular fashion suits you.

If there is a problem around your eyes, you can hide it by choosing big glazed glasses .. But be careful to choose the right one.

Women Sunglasses Styles

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