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It’s happened. Last week, Gucci followed Tommy Hilfiger and Emporio Armani with a pledge to go fur-free, stating that ‘it’s not modern’ and finally acknowledging the cruelty and injustice to animals its designs have previously caused – let’s hope Gucci’s move convinces others to follow suit and bid farewell to fur once and for all.

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We thought now might be a good time to honour some of the hottest faux fur brands already on the high street. That, and the fact it looks incred and keeps us warm. Our faves? Jakke puts the fun in faux fur with hot pink and animal print designs. If it’s accessories you’re after, Helen Moore has everything from furry scarves to pom-pom berets.

While My Accessories stock every add-on you can think of on ASOS. Besides all that, our go-to high street stores add to the offering with their own fuzzy incarnations. The options are endless. Fur real.

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