Womens short hairstyles over 50

Recovering Product Junkie

Finding the right products that work with your hair texture and chemistry will take some time. I started studying what other women were using online and purchased the same products. I made note of what worked and what didn’t. The problem is the market is saturated with products and it becomes overwhelming to choose. You do not want go out and spend a fortune on products that you will never use and you do not always have to choose the most popular products.

A great place to start is at your local drug store or beauty supply store. It does not necessarily have to be products specifically designed for African-American hair either.

I’ve had good success with Pantene, Sauve, Tresemme and L’Oreal products. Over time however, I decided to research and try Salon brands and found that I had excellent results. By results I mean my hair was softer, healthier, stronger and my styles came out looking great! My hair loves Blended Beauty, Curls and Curl Junkie products. I have experimented with the creme de la creme of products like Miss Jessie’s and Carol’s Daughter and got good results. I have settled with mid-range Salon products because ultimately they work best on my hair, they deal with my allergy issues (I have a gluten and soy intolerance and most products are filled with these ingredients) and I can purchase them in bulk and online.

Another essential is African Shea Butter. It is absolutely moisturizing and so beneficial to Afro-textured hair it is worth trying. Check out natural health stores, local African stores and online. My mother was able to buy me a large block of raw Shea Butter from her trip back home to Ghana. It lasted me well over a year. However, I would suggest getting the refined, unscented version of Shea Butter (usually white in color) because the smell can be too overwhelming. You only need a dime size amount rubbed in the palm of your hand. The Shea Butter will turn into a very light cream that can be applied to your hair and scalp. Over time your hair will become super moisturized and soft.

Don’t bother spending a fortune on your hair by becoming a hair junkie. Find what works best for you and then STICK with those products. I’m always tempted to try something new, but usually end up finding my way back to my first love. It may be a high priced Salon brand that takes your curls to the next level or a drug store brand that does wonders, or your hair has decided that 100% natural homemade recipes are the way to go. Just stick with these products, buy in bulk and you will be fine.

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Womens short hairstyles over 50

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