Why won’t psychics read me?

I once visited a psychic who told me she couldnt read me. Why was this? Are some people more difficult to read than others? Each of us has to find the reader that works best for us, whether thats a medium or a psychic. Before you go for a reading, consider what you want to achieve. Do you want contact to be made with a loved one? If so, make sure you see a medium.

If you are at a crossroads in your life, it may be a psychic who will be better placed to assist you. Its also important to remember that not all intuitives have the same gifts. When you visited the psychic, it could be that you were looking for contact from the spirit world, which that particular psychic was unable to make. It could also be that you were a very receptive recipient, and your medium or psychic was incredibly accomplished in their field, yet energetically you were not compatible.

As psychic mediums, we recognise that the information we communicate starts with a feeling that has to be interpreted by the conscious mind. If, for instance, you wanted to know if it would be right to move your family to Tasmania, and the psychic was not well-travelled or geography wasnt their strong point, they may not pick up on this specific need. Some people are more difficult to read than others, particularly if theyve been cajoled or dragged to the reading in the first place, or dont believe in the process. Dont give up! Keep striving.

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Why wont psychics read me?

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