WORD SEARCH – Theme: At Home

Find all the words listed below hidden in the grid of letters. They can be found in straight lines up, down, forwards, backwards or even diagonally. The leftover letters will reveal the mystery a nswer.


Create as many words of four letters or more using the given letters only once, but always including the middle letter. Don’t use proper nouns or plurals. Try find the nine-letter word that uses all the letters.


Fill the grid so every column, every row and every 3×3 box contains the numbers 1 to 9. Good luck!


Whether you like wondering about words or focussing on figures, we have got a conundrum to get that grey matter working. So sharpen your pencil, and get solving!


Across and down indicate the direction an answer will be written into the crossword grid. The clue number corresponds to a starting square on the crossword grid. The answers to clues are written from left to right or top to bottom from the starting square. If you can’t answer the first clue, scan the other clues until you find something you might know, then work from there.


This one’s a bit of a toughie, so keep at it. Each number represents a different letter of the alphabet; work out which number stands for which letter to fill in the crossword. We’ve given you three letters, all words are from a dictionary and we have not used proper nouns. The puzzle does not necessarily use all letters of the alphabet. When you have cracked the code, fill in the answer.


Got your thinking cap on? Good! Rearrange the letters in each row to form a word. Write your answers into the blank grid. Once you have got all the words, the first letterfrom each word, when read down, will spell out the mystery keyword.

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WORD SEARCH   Theme: At Home

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