Work With The Sacred Triangle

Dealing with grief, whether its a loved one passing over or the end of a relationship, is never easy. But it is possible to help the recovery process along by looking to the ancient Norse people for guidance. Known for their warrior ways and epic battles, the Vikings were also incredibly spiritual, having a deep respect for the cycles of life and a strong connection with the otherworld. Many of their rites and rituals focused on the souls progression through this realm and beyond. With that in mind, these sacred practices can help lift you up in times of need, connect you to those who have passed over and let your spirit soar for a positive year ahead.

Work with the sacred triangle According to mythology, Hrungnir was a giant who caused mayhem for the Norse gods. After getting drunk, he foolishly challenged the god Thor to a fight. Despite having a head and shield of stone, Hrungnir couldnt defeat Thors mighty hammer and was killed. His heart was said to be triangular and forms the basis of the Hrungnirs Heart symbol, which is three interlocking triangles. The amulet is thought to represent the spirit world, and the concept of rebirth and renewal.

If youre struggling with the loss of a loved one, use Hrungnirs triangle in this superspiritual ritual: Burn geranium essential oil to soothe your senses and spend some time breathing deeply. Place a photo of your loved one in front of you, and on a piece of paper draw three interconnected triangles. Keep tracing over the shapes while thinking about what they might represent: life, death, rebirth, and cycles that we all go through on our souls journey. You should start to feel calmer as you focus on the pattern. Finally, pick up the rose quartz and hold it against your chest, over your heart chakra. Look at the picture and say whatever comes into your mind. Spiritual SOS Whenever you feel a swell of grief, hold the rose quartz either over your heart or in both hands and imagine that youre covered in a lovely pink glow

Work With The Sacred Triangle

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