The pro snowboarder, 23, tells us why snowboarding is the coolest sport on the slopes

I’ve been snowboarding for six years, but on my first season I was a skier, I thought snowboarding looked really cool and I wanted to be cool. So, at the end of the season, when it was all slushy, I ditched my skis and bought a snowboard.

I come from a gymnastic background and loved the idea of doing tricks or acrobatics on the slopes was particularly drawn to Slopestyle (an event where the goal is to perform tricks}.

Overcoming a challenge gives me the biggest sense of I have loads of results I’m happy with – 1 st British Slopestyle Champion 2013, 4th in The O’Neill Evolution 6-star TTR 2013 (, 3rd in The MileHigh 4-star TTR 2012. My Greatest success is when I learn a new trick or hitting a new feature in the park.


Snowboarding has taken me to lots of different places, but my favourite place to go is Perisher in Australia. Tignes in south-east France is where I first learnt to snowboard, so that place will always be special to me, as well.

I never try something before I’m I like to learn to master the easier tricks before moving on to the harder ones. I try to do things over and over to make sure I’ve got it right. There’s a difference between being nervous about trying something new and being nervous because you’re not ready to try it.

I get up early day, to have a good breakfast and do some stretches before heading up the mountain. I don’t really like stopping for lunch because I find it hard to get going again, I just snack on the chairlift and then finish snowboarding around 2pm. Start early and finish early.

I like to have the afternoon free to go relax in the hot tub or go to a yoga class. I train five to six days and rest one to two days per week, Rest days are just as important as snowboard days – you need to give your body time to recuperate, and you can definitely have too much of a good thing!

I spend a lot of time in the gym, to A strong core is really beneficial for snowboarding, and I notice what a difference it makes. Pilates is really good for this, too. And I like to do plenty of squats to keep my legs nice and strong, especially as I have dodgy knees! I’d still want to be around snow – maybe as a skier! If not, something active I’m sure… dancing? Or maybe I would have followed what I studied at university – textile design.


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