How to Wrap Your Hair Around a Ponytail

Hey, everyone. Kayley here, and today, we are gonna build on my bobby pin series and answer your next most asked question, which is how to pin your hair after you wrap it around a ponytail. And that can be tough because the bobby pin can be painful and irritate the scalp and sometimes it does not even stay in place, which can be so frustrating, but you guys know I love a good ponytail wrap.

So over the years, I have figured out my ways around its trials and tribulations, and I’m here to share my tips and tricks with you.

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So that being said, let’s get into it. So first things first, you are obviously gonna start with a ponytail, and then you are gonna grab a small piece of hair to wrap around your ponytail.

Now, when you get to the ends, you are gonna feel them taper. It’s a little thicker, and then it goes to being pretty thin and wispy. That’s just the natural kinda growth of your hair, but if you only pin on this little, tiny wispy end, there’s not a lot to hold your wrap in place.

So the first thing to do is to grab a bobby pin and put it into your hair right near that thick part of your ends. Now you can kind of direct this any direction you wanna go, which is great. To pin it to the ponytail, the best thing to do is to lay this pin flat against your head so that it is going to go under the elastic. Once you have got it kinda laid flat, just push it on through. Now obviously we have this little tail.

Not exactly what we want, so you are gonna put another bobby pin through the end. Bring that around. And then once again, you are gonna lay this bobby pin flat against your head and push it on through. And there you go. So here’s why this method is awesome. First of all, you avoid pain from the bobby pin because you are not sticking it in at an angle. When you do that, obviously you have the end of the bobby pin literally sticking into your head. Obviously that’s gonna hurt. So if instead you take it through and you go flat against your head, it is more comfortable and the elastic is gonna help that bobby pin stay in place.

So two birds, one stone. And in addition to that, this method helps to keep it from unraveling because, again, if you pin on the very end of the like wispiest, wispiest ends, it is not gonna stay in place. So pinning it both at the thickest and the thinnest point ensures a very stable ponytail wrap. Now a quick caveat.

Sometimes your ponytail elastic is not gonna be sitting right next to your head. So here’s my tip for that. Say you are doing like a bubble ponytail or you are trying to wrap around the end of a braid or whatever. You have your elastic. It’s freefloating in the hair. You’re gonna wrap your little piece around it. So once you get to the end, you are gonna put your bobby pin on it, and then you are gonna stick this bobby pin in with the rest of the hair into the circle of the elastic. So it is kinda like going with the rest of the hair.

I also recommend, if possible, bobby pin it twice because that definitely helps with any funny little ends sticking out. And voila! The wrap looks great. Ignore the rest of it, but the wrap looks great. And there you go. I hope that these tips and tricks help to make your ponytail game not only stronger but significantly more comfortable.

How to Wrap Your Hair Around a Ponytail

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