Ylang Ylang Oil’s Benefits on the Skin

Ylang Ylang Oil’s Benefits on the Skin

Ylang ylang is one of my favorite essences oils with interesting smell; I like the CO2 solution in the same way. Ylang ylang has a strong permanent, exotic flavor that some people find excessive, and can cause headaches and nausea when used in large amounts.

There is Cananga odorata that grows in Madagascar, Reunion and Komor Islands, where Esans oil is mainly found on the eastern shores of Africa. it is distilled from the petals of the flowers hanging from the genuina trees. Ylang is believed to be a strong sexual stimulant that is mushy.

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Ylang ylang oil has many different phases or parts, each of which is named according to its different properties, obtained by distilling the plant material at different times. Superior quality or top quality oil is obtained by distilling petals in as little as one hour, and top quality oil is the result of distilled material collected from the first hour until after hours.

Sometimes low-quality oils that are distilled throughout the day are quite different and are often used to mix with top-quality oils. Ylang ylang yagi often have Cananga odorata. it is added to the oil of cannulas distilled from the flowers of macrophylla.

Ylang ylang essential oil balances the production of oil on the ground, so it is useful for all types of leather, but it should be used in very small quantities in all kinds of homemade products. I added oil to the skin of puberty traces and fatty skin cream and lotions with success.

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Do not wait to collect all 24 of the oils found in the aromatherapy skin pouches before you embark on creating your own skin care products. By buying a few oils you can start an effective skin care initiative, and over time you can add to your collection. These are my suggestions on the basis of my skin type (all suggestions are for essential oils if not mentioned otherwise).

Ylang Ylang Oils Benefits on the Skin

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