Yoga and Alexander Technique in Pregnancy

For many people, yoga is much more than an exercise type, for them yoga is a way of life. At the heart of yoga practices is the belief that “life is breathing, breathing is life”. When doing yoga, you can not just “body” the so-called “asana”, do breathing exercises (pranyama) and meditation. Those who implement this technique literally and properly, also adopt a vegetarian diet.

Yoga and Alexander Technique in Pregnancy Photo Gallery

If it is difficult for you, you do not have to apply the yoga exercises intensively during the pregnancy process as above. Postures and deep and regular breathing support many women in their healthy and flexible stays during pregnancy as well as in their life of more confidence and comfort during labor. Yoga also forms the basis for normal birth. If you live in a place where you are interested in a normal birth trainer or prenatal yoga you will definitely find thousands.

The Alexander technique is likened to yoga, but it is a system of completely different physical exercises. According to Alexander’s technique, the way we carry our bodies is closely related to our emotional state. According to Alexander instructors, a flexible body provides a flexible mind. The Alexander technique is becoming increasingly popular among pregnant women for pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal health.

Yoga and Alexander Technique in Pregnancy

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