You Do Not Have to Clean Your Plate

Don’t Clean Your


This post looks at something that I’m guessing a lot of people do and maybe you too, even without realizing. It’s cleaning your plate at every meal. By that, I mean you tend to eat every last scrap of food on the plate, whether you need it or not. Well, if you are doing it, stop!

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This is something that is drilled into us during childhood, especially of we come from a relatively poor background where money was not abundant and the food that was put on the table had to be eaten. What did your parents try to drill into you? Here are some of the favorites:

You shouldn’t waste food because I had to work my fingers to the bone to provide it for you.

1) Think of all the starving kids in Africa who would be so happy to have your meal.

2) Waste not, want not.

3) Who do you think your father is, John D. Rockefeller?

4) Money does not grow on trees.

5) I slaved in a hot kitchen for hours to cook that meal for you.

Ok, you get the idea. We all had one form or another of conditioning to eat all of our food because we were poor and couldn’t afford to waste it. Yes, I know these are noble sentiments and yes, I know we shouldn’t waste food. And yes, I know it is wrong to even think that way with all the starving people in the world.

You Do Not Have to Clean Your Plate

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