You’re overdoing your training

I see a lot of people going crazy with training in the new year, says El Hadj.

As well as putting yourself at risk of injury, overtraining releases the stress hormone cortisol which can leave your skin looking tired and lifeless.

Bursts of cortisol may help you deal with demanding situations, but high levels flooding your system over a sustained period of time can be detrimental to your health, leading to fat storage around the belly as well as premature ageing.

FIX IT: Take it easy between intensive exercise sessions. If you like going hard at HIIT and CrossFit, make sure you rest sufficiently between workouts. A day’s rest should be enough, according to El Hadj. Mix up your training, so it is varied and diversified – do a gentle yoga class, swim or walk. To relax further between

workouts, try yoga nidra (also known as sleep yoga), a gentle 30-minute meditation that you do lying down which puts your body into a deeply relaxed state. You’ll emerge refreshed and energised after listening to the CD Deep Relaxation and Yoga Nidra Vol 1 (£15, yogamatters. com). Put it on your phone and take it wherever you go!

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Youre overdoing your training

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