Zooey Deschanel Best Hairstyles

Inspiration to be a part of the furniture business: Zooey Deschanel

As we are the manufacturers of beauty equipment, clients used to ask for salon furniture. So, we thought of being a one-stop shop where customers could find salon-related equipment and furniture under one roof, which is reasonably priced, high in quality and manufactured in India. PEPCO has introduced customisation of cutting chairs and shampoo chairs, as per the salon interiors.

Product portfolio: We manufacture shampoo stations; cutting chairs; massage beds, manicure and pedicure sofas; multipurpose trolleys; and therapist chairs. In equipment, we manufacture galvanic, ultrasonic, high frequency facial steamers; wax heaters, sterilizers, Beauty Studio (10 in 1), Combination series for instance, (HF + Gal, HF + Ultrasonic, Gal + Ultrasonic); and microdermabrasion, Electro LIF (Face Lifting). We are planning to add fibre glass shampoo chairs, cutting chairs and massage beds, as fibre glass furniture is more durable, cost effective, reliable, have a longer life than wooden furniture, and most importantly, the colour can be easily customised.Zooey Deschanel We will soon be introducing a massage bed with an inbuilt shampoo wash basin for salons with space constraints.

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Star product (s): At the end of the day, a star product is one which makes the customer smile and satisfied which normally our salon range does. Brand’s USP: Customisation of salon furniture that is reasonable and superior in quality as per the client’s requirement. Our inventory and production system.

Oil allows customers to get their salon built to their specifications.

Zooey Deschanel Best Hairstyles

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