1 Curling Method for 3 Different Looks

Hey girls Abbey here, I have been getting a lot of requests for some big volumes curls people will ask for Pretty Little Liars eyed curls they’ll send me some old some Victoria’s Secret pictures also make like Kardashian pictures everybody wants to know how to get these kind of big volumes curls and. So I decided to do a post on it showing you the curling method, and the sectioning method that. I think works best for that, and then talking through a little bit about how you arrange those curls to get the different looks that you are going for. So hopefully really helpful. I tried to jam pack it with as much information as. I could, and. Because of that. I actually talked through it. So yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed that. I hope it is helpful, and yeah without any further ado.

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I’ll going to show you how to get these awesome curls alright to do this we are going to use a medium barrel curling iron up which can be like a three-quarter inch to an inch size, I will going to use my one-inch hot tools iron. And I really find that this is the ideal size for this kind of curl. Because a three-quarter inch since look like a really deep wave on my hair rather than a curl and. So I prefer one-inch looks really wavy. So one inch is best for my hair type. And I really think that’s kind of a good overall size. So, I will going to today, and basically that’s your first thing that you want to do you want to determine what size iron you want to use the next thing you are going to do is to section your hair, and normally when. I show just a really quick way to curl your hair when, I will showing an updo post. And I just throw in the curls at the beginning of it. I go layer by layer. Because it is good when you are doing an updo to have kind of even curls at least that’s how. I like it with most of the updos that.

I’ve done to have really even curls throughout, and that look can be really good but it is not the same type of look that we are doing today. Because when you go layer by layer it is really easy to create pretty much identical curls all the way through. Because it is the same height you are just kind of going through the motions. So what we are going to do is we are going to mix it up a little bit with the way that we section it to kind of help the curls not to be too put together but up the way that we section it just a little bit we are going to do five sections, and the first one is actually going to be on top of our head which is going to look fantastic. And I basically. I started the temples or. I kind of a recession area. So where your hair goes in a little bit um, and from there up all the way around your head, and then, I will just going to use these little clamps you can get clamps like this dollar sore or not like a drugstore really anywhere you can find hair products these are meant really for holding curls, and finger waving they are not really meant to hold sections of hair but. I do not have a lot of hair. So I can get away with it, and our next section is going to be right in front of our ears on each side. So that’s going to be sections &, and then your last two sections are going to be splitting this back part in half like this if you have a lot of hair you might need to split those again. So you have split them in half, and then spy it in half this way if you have a lot of hair. I really don’t.

So. I can get away with it, I will going to start with this one which is my right, and probably your left baby now we are going to move on to the method that you use while you are curling. And I have one method that. I think is just really good for this type of hair style but it is a little bit on the tricky side. So if you have never done it before practice, and give yourself some room to make mistakes when you are first learning it. And I really recommend practicing it when your iron is cold until you really feel like you have it down, and then turn the iron on. Because things can happen, and you can accidentally like hit yourself in the face of the iron boy. I have done it while you are trying to learn how to do these curls correctly, and if the iron is on that’s not going to be a good thing. So definitely practice with the iron off, and then move to on and. So my irons been heating up over here. And I keep it on kind of a medium setting. Because my hair is very thin but it does not curl easily either. So I kind of have to find the happy medium between hot enough to curl my hair but not. So hot that it destroys it, and before we curl our hair let’s put on some heat protestant, and people always ask me what. I think is the best like general if you only want to buy one this one do it.

So curling method here we go you are going to take a medium section of hair about like this.

This is about an inch section of hair. And I think this is a good size to use if you use much bigger you are just going to get kind of full-bodied waves, and if you use much smaller you might get bigger hair than you really want. So good a little bit right here and, I will actually go throw the rest of this behind my shoulder. So it does not get in the way you are going to take your iron, and if it has a little stand like this make sure that it is against the iron right here. Because if it is not, I will cut your hair and, I will be really annoying what you are going to do, and you might have seen this before but you are going to clamp this right near the base of your hair turn it what you are going to do is you are going to feed your hair through it gradually. So that the hair that gets the most heat is what are near you the roots, and the ends get the least about a few.

What you can do is loosen up on the little clamp, and pull away, and then curl that’s what. I thought is the easiest method for that just open, and pull, and then curl, and as you do that you see you are getting the stuff the roots have been on there the longest, and then the ends which are the most fragile are going on there last, and if you have long hair sometimes it helps to guide the hair through it but when it is up at the front is kind of easier. So I do not have to do that that’s a good tip if you have really long hair make it easier all right, and then once you have gotten all the way through it just let it go, and it curls right up, and like. I said this is my favorite method it creates the best curls on me. So that’s what that looks like, and then. I like to just wrap it around two fingers like that and, I will going to pin it up in place. So it curls or it cools in a curl, and then if that’s a little bit tricky for you then you can always just take a you know inch section of hair wrap it around the curling iron watch out do not get hit like. I just did, and then let it sit there the only problem with this one really is that the whole thing of hair is getting the heat at the same time. And I really find that my curls stay better when. I use the method that. I showed you first. I do not know why it is better. I just know that it is. So that’s you know if you if you do not really want to learn how to do the one thing or if it is really hard for you can always do this when it works just fine but. I like the other one just a little bit better. So then you are just going to curl the rest of this section and, I will meet you back here. So now, I will going to curl this section, and meet you back here alright now we are going to do these front two sections, and what. I recommend with these is to make sure that the curls that you do here are going out away from the face that’s generally most flattering. So I think that’s a good kind of tip to throw out there for pretty much everybody just make sure that this curls away from your face out, I will going to do this, and meet you back here alright now that. I have a nice little George Washington wig thing going on we are going to go ahead, and pull down this last section which looks awesome.

So now what we are going to do is we are going to go through, and curl this stuff, and then we are going to be done curling what, I will actually going to do though is to separate kind of my front like fringe, and bang area and, I will going to do that last. Because. I really like to shape those if you do not have bangs do not worry about. I just curl the rest of your hair like normal if you have bangs that are kind of like here just leave them there cool but if you have fringe like me you might want to pull it off to the side we can do that last. So yeah now, I will going to curl all the ends, I will just going to give it a little sprits with my very favorite hairspray which is got to be as full up to as volume hairspray it works really well my sister. And I both really love this one. Because it hold your hair really well but it does not look like it is hairspray and, I have noticed that it adds a little bit of texture, and volume to my hair. So well let’s still like this, I will just going to sprits around pretty much all, I will going to do for now, and then, I will going to go ahead, and unpin all of this alright. So now. I let these curls down and, I will going to go ahead, and style the front. So what, I will going to do is, I will actually going to go ahead, and take each side, and just do one crawl on each side. So, I will squeeze that same technique, I will going to start right about in my cheekbone, and just work the way down the hair can. I just mention how hard this is to do when. I can only see like the little thumbnail of my flip post oh man, and there we go there we go now what, I will going to do with these is, I will going to kind of intertwine them with the curls they are on the side that way keeps them out of my face, I will going to take the curlers over here, and just entertain them like that, and same thing on the other side.

Now we have got these really pretty curls what we are going to do to mess with them just a little bit is just gently really gently run your fingers through it just the very ends is what, I will doing just like the skirt of my hair which is this stuff from here down like the stuff that hangs away from your head make a skirt all right, and then what you are going to do is you are going to kind of intertwine these curls a little bit, and you just do that as you see it works on your hair if you do not like how it looks just pull them back apart just kind of mess around. So you get what you want it. So here’s my end product what, I have done since the last clip was just to hairspray with the guts to be hairspray again. I scrunch it in just a little bit, and then. I kind of shook the curls out just to make them a little bit Messier, and. Because. I like that look a little bit better, and basically once you have curled them like this it depends on how you arrange the rest of what it looks like if you really intertwine all these curls together it is going to look very Kardashian sequel if you really shake them out more kind of like. I did it can look like Tory a secret like. I think they had this in the O or maybe the show but anyway it is basically all about arranging it from here on. So you basically do what you want to do if you basically, I will shaking it out just a little bit but. I cut them a little bit intertwine. So I feel like this is a little bit pretty little liars Tech curls. So like. I said arrange it any way that you want, and then you can get kind of the look but this is how you get the curls, and then the arranging is up to you, and that’s like. I said. I hope this was really helpful. And I hope you guys are having an amazing day and, I will see you in my next post.

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