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Hey everybody! It’s your girl Jenn and welcome back. Today I have a very large thrift haul for you. Because in my previous post, where I get ready, I asked you guys what types of posts you like to see and a ton of y’all were like, Bring back the thrifting posts! So, I went to my Goodwill Outlet Center and it was actually my first time at the outlet. And an outlet and a normal Goodwill store is different because when you go to the outlet, there are no price tags on anything. Everything just comes in a big blue bin and you just kinda have to fend for yourself and at the end when you checkout they just weigh everything and roughly every item comes out to like a dollar or two dollars. But if you get like a heavy jacket maybe it’ll be like five bucks but regardless you get a deal. But it is definitely intense. I wanna show you guys all the goodies I got, so let me know you my loot. First up, I want to talk about this white sweater I purchased, this is by Zara Man and I love that it is oversized and super comfy. It’s kind of got like an athletic feel to it because of the two thick black stripes in the arms and it just sits really comfortably on the body. I was debating whether I wanted to crop it or not but I decided against it because I like the length. It hits mid-thigh and it looks so cute with some thigh high socks and a beanie.

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All in all this a really casual comfortable piece to add to my wardrobe. Coming up next, I have got this lovely red jacket. This is very boxy and cropped and I love the silhouette. It’s got kind of like a denim jacket but instead of denim its in like a wool material. I absolutely love the color red and I love pairing it with outfits that I think are too plain or need a little extra oomph. See here we have a very large striped polo. This is definitely something my dad might wear. Maybe that’s why I like it. It’s got kind of like a familiar feel to it and it is also something that I feel like Unif might carry. This print is very like teenage skater boy from the 90s and I love it. I would rock it with the buttons all the way up and untucked with some trousers. I feel like it would give off some cool androgynous vibes. Moving on to something more feminine and flowy, here I have this floral blouse that is definitely bloging OG Sarah vibes. I feel like she would have thrifted a shirt like this and I love this print. It’s got pops of red, it is got polka dots, and it is a little gody but I love it. I noticed that a couple of the buttons were missing and so I decided to knot it and I feel like it really just elevates the whole look and makes it more modern.

So I have got another flowy item. This is a beautiful black floral dress and I’m just gonna call this my dinner date dress because it is sleek and sexy. And definitely something I would rock on a night that I wanna be more dolled up. I love maxi dresses that have an asymmetrical hemline because generally I just think its more flattering on petite girls. That way you are not drowning in the fabric. I also love the subtle white floral embroidery on the bottom of the hem. I feel like if I wore it with like a white baby doll tshirt, it would work really really well. My next item is this sick wind breaker. I love the pattern because it reminds me of an oil slick. It’s got all the colors in one, like the moss green, the purple, the burnt sienna, and I just think it looks very retro. It’s kind of in the silhouette of a member’s only jacket, but this is a lot more light weight. In fact, this a really great like summer night jacket because you can just kind of scrunch it up like this and just stuff it in your purse. And when it gets cold at night you can unravel it and be warm, and look stylin. So I’m pretty sure that this next item is from the children’s section. This a tiny graphic tee for a soccer league and the shirt fits like a baby doll tee and I think it is so cute. It’s in that thick material cotton turns when it is been washed so many times.

I love the tiny graphic on the side and the large statement image on the back. And I’m just a sucker for athletic wear even though I wasn’t very sporty as a kid. I was in track for like a year, but that’s about it. So yeah, I will spend the rest of my adulthood collecting little athletic tees like this. So I have got a couple of bottoms at the store and the first pair I wanna talk about are these black chino pants. These are also children’s/tween clothes. Yeah it says the size 10 in husky. They remind me of Dickies, but I like how they are cropped and I just generally think that these are a better fit. These are great for me when I want to take a break from jeans. This next item, I’m super stoked on because I found American Apparel denim pants. These fit pretty similar to me as the disco pant, but these actually work better on me because they are more cropped. They fit right at the ankle and I just love this. This is just really exciting for me because I remember when American Apparel was poppin. I used to wake up super early for their warehouse sales and wait in line with all my friends. Just to get like defective American Apparel clothing. I’m very happy that I now found the jeans for a dollar now, so we have come a long way.

So this next item I scooped up for Ben actually, in hopes that he’d like it. I love this type of tartan. It’s very like true to the lumberjack style. It’s thick, I just think it looks really worn in. It looks very vintage but it is actually from Abercrombie & Fitch. I think this is a really great layering device. I feel like flannel will never go out of style and so that’s why I wanted to add this to my collection. So the last item I have is this floral robe. It’s in a very clean, cream color. It’s got this vibrant, yellow floral embroidery on the lapels and the sleeves and overall looks very very regal. I know that this is going to be an amazing beach cover up or just a shawl to put over summer dresses. It used to have shoulder pads but I just snipped them off to make it look more modern. Alright everyone that concludes my one dollar haul. If you guys enjoyed this please hit the like button, write a comment in the comments down below. I’m also gonna be styling all these items in like a $40 outfit challenge post because I can easily make outfits out of these. They’re all gonna be under 40 bucks, so stay tuned for that.

I wanna thank you guys so much for reading and I will see you guys in the next one. Bye! .

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