Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies to another post and today, I bring you the best curling hacks every girl should know hands down the best ever ever ever. So a lot of these hair hacks are incredibly amazing ingenious. Because you are going to be utilizing everyday household items that you already use how awesome is that. But If you do not have them go to the store. Because these hair hacks are genius and you need them in your life first curl hack has to do with aluminum foil and, I just any aluminum foil premium-quality from Kirkland there’s. So many ways how to do this with aluminum foil to create those beautiful curls in your hair. But I think in my honest opinion I have come up with the best one. So far before we go any further turn on your hair straightener and it does not matter which one just as long as it works you are going to grab your aluminum foil and you are going to place it right underneath the hair and just kind of place it down what you are going to highlight your hair or color it just like that. But before, I go any further I’m going to clamp these together. So they do not go anywhere we are going to wrap it like a burrito style we are going to pick it up make sure you even clamped on the edges.


But make sure you do it nice and tight and then you just start rolling towards the top with the hair let go take the end and then make sure you kind of bring them and kind of close this together you do not want the ingredients falling out of the burrito just like that and make sure you make it nice and flat here’s the fun part take your straightener feed it and put it right right in there like a panini clamp it down as tight as you can and hold it for like ten seconds be very gentle gets very hot you are ready for this take it out, I mean I’m pretty. I’m so happy with this. Because this curl is. So pretty you can wear to school to work on your wedding, I mean all eyes will be on your hair that’s exactly what you want right you do the serious look for this next curl hair hack we are going to stay in the kitchen and we are going to bring out those chopsticks or your skewers. Because you need to love them you pull your skewer on one side make sure your sticky thing sticky part towards the top you are going to wrap your hair no you are not yes you are you can wrap your hair one going towards your face I’m going to put the other skewer right next to it and then you are going to bring the hair back over on top of it now then you are going to bring it underneath the second one it is super easy you guys. So what you do is try to hold them when you bring the hair back over the first one and then you underneath the first one and back over the second one underneath and just continue doing this until you have somewhere here left to wrap take your straightener and start clamping it from the top each section like five seconds and just keep going down just do not do it too long. Because you do not want to end up with that girl the burger hair off.

So all you do is just take it out one skewer at a time it is still sitting pretty nice thing for curl hack number three we are still going to stay in the kitchen and we are going to utilize straws this one, I think is far more simpler than the newer ones even though it requires more time and skill. But I think it is still a lot simpler. So you pretty much walk like the skinnier straw you do not want to use like the bobotie straws or the bubble tea straws you want a very thin straw. So for this you want to grab very tiny sections. Because you will have to fit them through this hole of the straw you grab a small bobby pin you put it through right in the holes and you start pushing your hair in Puglia process some very good exercise for your eyes and your patient. So what you want to do is you want to punch the bobby pin out. If we are doing things take your bobby pin and just clamp the very top.

So we do not lose it and then we are going to start rolling the straw towards the top and then what you want to do either take a clear elastics you tie it together or you just clamp it with a bobby pin I’m going to fix clear elastics take the next five to ten hours do the rest of your head and just go to sleep take it out and very gently unwrap for your curl, I mean, I think that’s pretty worth it for like five to ten hours of hard labor like imagine this like your whole head. So curl hack number four they just keep getting better and they love them. So have you guys are enjoying this post and we are going to utilize utensils more specifically as a fork with four prongs you want four not three or two you want the four prongs for any section of hair will do and this one is not going to be heatless unless you have a ton of fork and you want to sleep with them let me know how to experience goes. Because, I would love to hear about it we are going to start wrapping here around and then when you are done you can take the fork can you can place it right in your hair hold it just like that this is why you want the four prong fork. So what you want to do is you take your straightener and you gently feed it right in the fork let it cool off completely and then we are going to take it out and unravel this beautiful magic alpha curl. Because this is exactly what you want you want a nice tight chroma top and then as loose as possible towards the bottom and make sure it is four prongs not three not two not one four that’s the trickier as beautiful as this curl is let’s move on to the next one this one’s going to blow your mind literally. So you are going to grab a section.

So make sure you take the whisk part in the very top we are going to put the hair right through there and then you are going to start twisting it towards your head and then see it legit holds right in place. So all you have to do now is wait for the curls to stretch and pull off for about seven to twelve hours. But I recommend for a leave sixteen tell that eighteen hours have passed we are ready to take out our curls you can leave all of them like this you can take them apart you guys know, I like taking my curls apart by the way. If you guys want a full tutorial on any of these just leave your requests down below in the comment section, I will have them up for you in no time curl hack number six is going to be a different renditions for the S wave, I probably need to put a disclaimer for this. So use it with caution and this one you can also do a heatless method. If you prefer you can do it heated method which it is whatever you like whatever fits your lifestyle best. So you are going to take the hair you are going to start to wrap it around the knife take your bobby pin and secure put two right here and then two right here and just clamp it down this is.

So smart seriously you can believe nobody’s ever tried resist appear and then what y’all and do it when the curls are set I’m just going to take it out and there we have it see the best part is right here where it gets like that it is exactly what, I want I’m literally dead now like, I love this. So much, I died and died for this ha cuckoo. So happy. So curl hack number seven we are leaving the kitchen and entering the bathroom Bano sweet yep we can use a toilet paper. But not the actual toilet paper with the cardboard and. If you do not have an empty one or used one all you need to do is take it off this you do not eat. If you do not want to waste your time just throw it across the room okay literally not even two seconds you will need at least 24 of these.

So get your kids involved unroll your toilet paper and this is exactly what you need right here this you can just throw in the trash burn it whatever totally useless this is it, I have found the answer for you you are going to take your hair at the very end and you are going to start rolling it underneath like. So and then where you want to do make sure you get it nice and tight take your little clip and just clip each side after 34 hours have passed, I’m ready to take out my curls. If you want volume and bounce this is the curl for you curl hack number eight is a great one. Because. If you do not have and now it is totally paper holders the next best thing tampon you take your tampon and you just start wrapping it on the tampon you are going to leave this little part hanging out like you would in the vajayjay take your clamps and we are going to clamp tampon with the hair not to be wasteful take the actual two-for-one, I like it you know we have to be planet conscious and we can’t waste product like this, I mean this is. So amazing do not waste it let your curls set and cool off from between 48 seconds to 24 hours and they are done take them out and let’s see the curl, I think this one’s actually a sale you guys, I do not like this one at all curl hack number nine we are moving away from the kitchen and the bathroom oh maybe they are in the bathroom or the kitchen depends give any kids or. If you have nieces or nephews you probably have these laying around your house Legos make sure you have two Legos per curl take your damp section of hair take your first Lego then you are going to wrap it you might struggle.

But that’s okay that’s the beauty of this take your second Lego put it right on top clamp it down that’s vintage chrome baby vintage curl I have saved the best for last. So for this you will need an interchangeable curling wand. If you do not have these already please pause the post and go buy them just for this hack you want to take this off just like that this part you can just toss it in the trash we do not need it and the heat source is going to be your straightener mind blowing, I think. So and you are going to wrap the hair like you would around the barrel just like that you are going to hold the end take your heat at a hair straightener and just press it down like this me seem way too excessive it is not. So what you can’t feel your arms anymore that’s when you know your curl is all set, I mean results right genius you heard it from you first folks every hair stringer should come with a wand and there we have it folks my 10 curl hack every girl should know para do let me know what your heck you would actually use which ones were your favorite please tag me. If we do recreate any of these, I would love you for forever and ever for now thank you so much for reading this post and join this humor with me and my husband Andre we are so much fun posting it okay, I will see you guys in the next one, I love you all very much bye.

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