Well Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies, I know you guys have been loving that chopstick or and you guys were asking and begging to bring you guys hairstyles with super curly hair and today your dreams are coming true my dreams are coming true, I get super curly hair and, I create and give you guys 10 really easy hairstyles for curly hair its natural or unnatural like line let’s get started. So let’s begin by curling in this head. If your hair is already naturally curly you can skip the step this is a chopstick curler by lee stafford as you can see it is really tiny kind of resemble to chopstick by the way, I contacted lee stafford and they give us a coupon code of 10% off. If you do want to purchase this on amazon. So if you are going to curl your hair like, I’m you will need a lot of patience. Because it will take a while and then you will need a lot of key protection I’m using the brioche brioche EO the bow dry heat styling protectant it protects up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and, I would advise for you to use the glove just.

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Because this one is long and you can you know wrap and hold the curl on the one. So I’m taking smaller sections as you can see like half an inch not more you can do even less. So I’m just going to take the wand and just place it down and then wrap the hair around and I’m wrapping it away from it hold up to ten seconds and let go this is why, I like using the gloves especially these little baby hairs in the front he’s very handy let me show you what it looks like from the front to the back I’m going to apply a little little bit of hairspray all around my hair and let the curl set and cool off for about 10 to 15 minutes and then go back in and we are going to pull apart the hair. So to pull apart the curls, I use either some type of oil a cream defining curl texture to help pull apart the curls and to keep them nicely hydrated and shiny and bouncy. So that my hair is nice and curly. I’m so not used to this. Because my hair is really fine and flat and thin and straight we are going to create some hairstyles for the really curly haired girl let’s do this the first one is going to be a faux hawk, I love my faux hawk and you will need some clear elastics and maybe some bobby pins, I do not know yet we will see.

If we need to tame the hair natural fit the first section I’m grabbing is right in front of the ears all the way up and I’m meeting my hands the right in the middle of my head kind of just try to scoot down the sides. So it is not going to sure is very justified. So you are going to take your clear elastic tie off one. So the second time put it just half way through just like that. So next just continue grabbing sections you can grab smaller you can grab bigger sections all depends on the type of hair that you have and then just continue doing this until you have no more hair left to add I’m trying to keep the sections as close as possible to each other you do not have like any weird gap. So the best part is you really do not need any body pins. So just go back in and just start pulling apart a little bit of hair is just kind of out.

So you see like a little bit of curls here and there and there we have it for the first one like, I said it is ridiculously easy just. Because the curly hair has so much texture it just does a hairstyle for you all you need is a couple of hair ties and just tie it off where you want it to be and then just kind of going there must feed up even more very edgy and rock resk, I love it. So the second one is going to be also as updo. But instead of hair going up we are going to kind of have the hair going to the sides kind of cascading down we are just going to use some bobby pins and I’m using my meta grip premium bobby pin this is just a gold or bronze one and just like the regular average length size. So we are going to start in the very back. So I’m just picking up the hair you kind of clamping it down and like French twist and I’m going to be working section by section it would be kind of overlapping on top of the hair come underneath it is kind of giving it that like kind of abdu look going towards the top and then once you are done pinning you can go back in and then just kind of take apart some of the curls to give a little bit more volume. So the more you pull apart the more volume you are going to have.

If you want a nice and tight and then boom Vogel is a friend in comparison to like this regular flat straight hair this is ridiculously easy to put together what’s very minimal work the next one is going to be kind of like a low elegant updo this was super cute super easy all you need is a clear elastic or a hair time and I’m going to take the hair I’m going to kind of scrunch the hair down. So it is not too crazy poofy in the top once, I have all of that together I’m going to tie it off with a clear elastic into a ponytail in the back make sure you didn’t tie up the ponytail too tight. Because now you can just kind of split it on the very top of the ponytail kind of in half just bring the ponytail through kind of create a top to tail and then we are going to go back in and we are going to take sections you can take bigger or smaller sections and you are going to bring them through the ponytail as well through the middle. So you can leave it like this kind of give a like a really loose kanyon romantic look or you can take many bobby pins and I’m going to take the hair and just literally just tuck it into the up to and then gorse towards the top where the crown is and just pull apart just a little bit to give it more volume and just the overall more voluminous look. If you are into my kind of thing and there we have it another super easy hairstyle and it looks very similar to what, I had in my wedding. But this one is a lot more curly and more texture which, I love it is ridiculously elegant timeless and very beautiful and the best part is like, I said it is very simple my hair just keeps getting crazier and crazier. Because where, I touch it this next one’s going to be extremely simple a very high top knot.

So I’m just going to grab the hair you can grab as little or as big of a section as you want take a clear elastic and then just do a kind of like the half top now basically pull it all the way through once and then the second time just pull it halfway through once, I pull half way through I’m just going to go in, I just messy it up, I love this one it is so girly. But what do you guys think keep it like this or put it with a cute little cuff around it yes the heron’s looking more and more magical. So this next one you guys know, I have to include some braids into this cuz braids and curls it is like a match made in heaven alright. So for the braid I’m going to start on the section that has less hair. So in the deeper part and we are going to start braiding I’m going to do a French braid you can do whatever bridge you would like. So a French braid is where you take the outer section over the middle all right some Alice EPS in here. So what, I like to do first before, I place the outer section down and then, I add red hair with that section clean it up and bring over a mess and place it down the outer section grab some hair clean it up and then take that new section that we have and we are going to bring it over the middle and then I’m just going to continue doing this until, I reach kind of like the back of my ear.

So once they are reached behind the ear I’m going to stop braiding and I’m not going to tie it off and be kind of like a braid which is kind of disperses in two ways you are going to take too many bobby pins and just secure two of the outside sections and to really help the braid stay in place when you secure with the bobby pins have the body pinned with the ridges goes towards the braid going up now down or sideways going up and that completes this one the mini braid on the side gives more of a polished edgy elegant looks at the same time it is really playful. So hairstyle of the widow say is going to be a triple Dutch braid alright. So as you grab you section divided into three parts and a Dutch braid as you guys know you take the outer section under the middle without adding in your first outer section under the middle all right we are going to go back to the other side our section under the middle first and then we are going to add hair to that middle section that we just cross over add some hair to the middle section clean it up and then tighten it all together other side under the middle pull and add the hair right to the middle. So outer section on in the middle and then adhere to that middle portion one more time alright. So the same thing with the previous hairstyle instead of tying the braid off you are going to take the outer two sections, I just pin them with bobby pins just to secure the entire break I’m going to do the same thing on each side. If you know how to braid already this will probably take you a couple of minutes like two minutes at most and there we have it for this one, I think this one’s more of like an everyday gym it may be more of like an active haircut. Because your hair is a little bit out of your face, I love this one what do we think.

So this next one is also going to be another faux hawk you guys know, I love those and curly hair and faux hawk again match made in heaven. So for this one you will need bobby pins and for a curly hair, I suggest the big long ones and this is by the cleane brand Mehta gripped. So here’s the long one and here is the regular sized one it does not have any ridges is just one long big bobby pin they are incredible alright. So just going to grab section by section I’m going to bring it just a little bit test temple area and secure it with a bobby pin. So. Because, I have this from your party line here I’m going to pick the hairs I’m going to break up the curls first and then I’m going to intertwine them. If you want party hairstyle is this one is it, I love it it is ridiculously very rocker act I’m in love, I think hobbies and loves to love it yes this next one is going to be a double top nut.

So you want to split your hair right down the middle once you have it in the middle split into two sections you just going to start picking up each side towards the top where you want your top nuts to be clear elastic and I’m just going to do the same exact thing pull it through all the way once and then the second time just pull it out half way just like that leave there for now and I’m going to do the same thing on this side how cute is that alright somebody’s going to go back in and I’m going to pull apart the actual mini top not literally that’s it it is. So easy and this is what, I mean by curly hair does it for you all there many times already said that probably ten times you are welcome for the ninth hairstyle I’m going to keep it parted in the middle and then we are going to do we are going to actually braid three braids on each side. But this is going to be like the regular three strand braid without adding hair into it. So it is going to be easier. So for the first one divide it into three sections like a regular braid you can do over it you can do under move over and then just braid it off. So I’m going to tie it off just. Because like curls have so much texture just let it be.

So then the sex rate is going to be below this braid and then it is going to go right behind the ear. So do the same exact same just three sections and like a regular braid all right and then this last section you are going to get it from the rest of the hair to the middle parting in the back you are going to start up at the very first point you are going to put a right in the middle between the second and the third grade right there and just kind of tighten it down take your two bobby pins and then just secure the two ends take the second one and we are going to bring it right underneath same thing with bobby pins going horizontally again and then taking the last you are just going to take it just straight down kind of on top of the second braid and just take it underneath that braid. So I’m gonna do the same thing on this side as well. So three braids one on the top one on the side and then one in the very back and then just combine the same way as we did the first one I’m going to go back to end with the last two braids that, I did basically the ones in the back the middle ones are going down I’m going to go loosen them a lot just to get a little bit more volume and texture and dimension and here we go for hairstyle number 9, I love this one. Because with the braids on each side it is just a very forgiving updo it looks super cute very elegant, and it is perfect for basically anywhere for our special event for the office for work for the gym anytime anywhere any place last. But not least we are going to do a very high ponytail literally all you have to do just pick up your hair where you want to point your fail to be and. Because we are shorter especially when it is curled like this and you are going have to use like bobby pin I’m going to go back up to the ponytail and just pull it apart get it inside here, I know it is a super simple hairstyle.

But for my hair that is super fine thin select, I would never be able to do this, I love the volume, I love the texture that again and, I really appreciate this chapstick curler amazing and that concludes my 10 super easy hairstyles for curly hair that, I achieved with my chops to color it is not that curly hair and even better. If you already have those natural curls save the time patience and effort for curling your hair, I hope you guys enjoyed this post thank you so much for reading let me know which ones were your favorite and like comments down below and for now I will see you guys the next one, I love you all very much bye.

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