10 Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair With Headband

Hello Hey all, Welcome back you are here for another great one you are reading not one not two four not five. But Ted really easy hairstyles for short hair featuring this really pretty bandanna or a headband of your choice keep on reading and make sure you comment down below which ones were your favorite for this hairstyle you can do whatever here you want wavy straight curly whatever I’m sticking with my air dried hair with no products in it. So it is kind of in a weird funky face. But I like it this way and this is going to be like a really loose messy ponytail with a twist first thing you want to do is split your hair down the middle that’s good enough before you start assembling make sure you have a couple of clear elastics on hand. So taking one side grab a section this is how big I’m going to grab it and then this is where you start twisting the hair away from the face and this is where you create that twist once you create like a twist one or two twists you are going to start adding hair from the front of your face to the actual twist twist it once or twice then just keep adding hair from the front to the twist.

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So once you get about 3/4 of the way done with the little twist you can take it clear elastic and tie it off. But do not let go of the twist. Because we are going to pin it with the bobby pin to the hair once you have both of the twists done take the remaining hair and the twist and tie them into a little ponytail in the back take your bandana or headband of choice this one is from American Eagle, I just thought. I’m so pretty and then this is square and then I’m going to fold it in half into a triangle like. So place your banana on your lap or a flat surface does not matter which and then take the triangle and fold it towards the straight edge take the edge and just fold it over once more one more time and just to make it a little bit thinner take your headband or folded bandana and just place it about like an inch or. So away from the front of the face and then just kind of where your ears just the tops of them and then take it underneath the ponytail cross the two sections together and make a knot. So this is my ponytail with the twist literally moving on to the next one, I like big buns of the canet laughs all right.

So this next hairstyle is gonna be a bun putting my hair into a low ponytail and making sure, I take my hair from the front to the back take your hair and tie it into a ponytail. So take this ponytail and we are going to create a doughnut or a bun. So you just take the hair and just kind of lay it flat and this is how you create a doughnut. So a little trick to making your short hair messy bun or donut bigger establish that donut take a clear elastic and just place it right on top and it will kind of scrunch it together creating that so-called donut and that’s when you start pulling the hairs apart creating that larger donut or messy bun after, I played the second elastic on my little donut, I went back in with bobby pins and just secured it and just created the desired shape and size of my messy bun taking my bandana digest it for the low ponytail with a twist and I’m going to place that portion where, I folded it over right underneath my messy bun or donut you are just going to place it right over your ears like. So bring it towards the front tie a twist and then once more to create a little bow. Because my bandana is pretty long cuz donuts and bows go very well together once you have your bandana tied I’m just going to go back in and just loosen up some hairs place them in the front and then just take this part right here in the back just kind of lift it up just to give it a little bit more volume. So there you have it this is my take on that low messy bun that’s still a little bit structured and polished we all know we can’t just have one donut some people have need to have at least like a baker’s dozen that’s me this one’s going to be more on the top like a top messy bun let’s do this how to create this craziness this mini donut on the top of my head what, I do is, I just stand up, I flip my head down and then, I start gathering it into a high ponytail just make sure you get all the hairs.

But it is going to look a little bit crazy. Because, I do have shorter hair and then, I start twisting it kind of like the twists that we did with the short low ponytail twist it and make it a little bit kind of like going around keep twisting until you get to the very ends and just tie it off and you will get a mini donut like. So now once you have the mini donut on top of your head we are going to start spreading it apart creating a larger donut once you pulled apart your mini donut into a larger donut you are going to take your bobby pins and just secure it and just make it a little bit more tighter or polished whichever you prefer I’m gonna make it a little bit more Messier let’s try to do this alright. So you see how the hair is totally falling out the bottom layers we are going to take that and kind of twist it and pin them away and then we are going to hide it with the mint Danah take your old bandana or your headband and then just undo it once to make it a little bit thicker. So take it towards the back tie in the middle side or whatever you want to do take the bobby pins out from the back we are going to tie it one more time this time I’m not going to make a bow I’m just going to take it and hide it tuck it underneath on both sides. Because the actual donut or bun is messy I’m going to take a few hairs from the front and just place them in front of my ears. So this is how you can get a top messy bun with short hair.

So this next one is super easy you might miss it that quick and easy. So take your fingers about like 2 inches from the top of your head bring it around and gather whatever you grab into a ponytail, and it is okay you want these front pieces kind of hanging out take your clear elastic and this is where you create some sort of messy bun it should not look like a donut whatsoever this is how easy this hairstyle is take your bandana and fold it thin like. So place it underneath the messy ponytail or a messy bun that we just created bring it around on top of the ears tie it once type pretty tight tie it into a little bow. So take this fresh section right here and then just twist it like once or twice just to give it a little bit more texture take it behind the ear underneath the bend Anna and then just pin it with a bobby pin and that’s it you should take you from like 30 seconds to 2 minutes to do depending how much hair you have initially aqua power totally blusher that. But that means a pretty hairstyle in French and we did Google that, I’m doing a French twist hairstyle make sure your bobby pin Wow we are having like a really crazy storm right now in Florida, I turned like a hurricane warning. So the lights are flickering alright. So the bobby pin make sure the ridge portion is actually on your scalp they actually hold much better.

If you didn’t know you guessed it take it towards the back make sure you put it in the middle place over your ears and bring it to the top tie it off we are enjoy one more time and then taking whatever is hanging off we are just going to tuck it underneath up and down and this is my take on that French twist. But it is messy which, I like and prefer with these next five hairstyles I’m just quickly curling my hair with a straightener just to give you guys some options. But I will also have it linked down below for further details on how, I curl my hair with a straightener this next hairstyle is going to be a sink twist on the French twist, I just did what would a little bit more romantic. So basically what I’m doing is I’m sectioning off a larger portion of hair to one side and I’m not going to touch that take the rest of the hair you are going to bring it kind of into a low ponytail once you have your establish your ponytail you are going to twist it and going up towards your head, I tuck the ends inside the twist and now I’m going to pin them with my bobby pins take in the bend and I’m going to keep it pretty thin I’m just going to take it place it underneath and bring you up tie it off once and then create a little bow. If you want that French twist a little bit more retro and romantic. If this hairstyle is for you next hairstyle start off your bandana placing kind of like a little circle around your head tied off once and then just make a cute little bow next thing you do is take sections of hair and you are going to start tucking them inside the bandana and this is my take and that full roll or tuck hairstyle with the bandana. So if you do not like the grandma look that, I just did I’m just totally kidding this one is kind of different it is half a tuck.

So basically I’m just going to do a half updo. So almost exactly the same thing just take a few hairs and tuck them into the bandana make sure you tuck them all the way after you are done tucking and just go back in and just maybe take some hairs out to make it a little bit more Messier and more loose and not as structured. But this is my take on that half roll tuck hairstyle. So these last two hairstyles are going to be super easy. But it is perfect for those days where you do not want to do too much. But yet you want to look like you actually put some effort into your hairstyle you see what I’m doing I’m just create a little pompadour right in the front pick a bobby pins and secure the little bump in the front place it right on top of the bobby pins and then bring it around the ears kind of underneath the hair. But leaving some of the hair down on the bottom tie it off pretty tight and that’s it super easy.

But it still looks really pretty and it looks like you have put some effort into your hair next hairstyle is kind of like a halo rendition or like a crown take your bandana and make it really thin place it like two inches away from the forehead in front and then just meet the two ends in the back towards the middle and that’s it this is kinda like my hippie take on that halo style effect with bandana and just make sure you kind of bring it up forward just to make sure it stays nicely and secure and, I tied it twice let me know who actually made it to the very end also leave it down below in the comments which hairstyle was your favorite thank you so much for reading this post and spending some time with me. But for now, I will see my goodbyes and, I love you all very much.

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