10 Elliptical Exercises For Weight Loss

How Strong Should You Become?

The goal of the basic level is to provide you an impressive athletic physique and a realistic training program that can be performed long-term without overstressing the body’s joints and ligaments. It’s also ideal for people over the age of 40. It uses a three-time per week training frequency, which makes it an easy and sustainable workout plan on which you can continue to make progress steadily over time. If you’re looking to become strong, healthy and look good; there is really no reason to go beyond the basic level.

Keep in mind that once you have built a significant amount of muscle with the basic level program, there is also something else you can do to do to improve your physique, even if you are just working out 1-2 times per week to maintain your progress. Improving your diet and shedding a couple of extra pounds of fat is the easiest way to look and feel better without the additional exercise effort. Leanness reveals detail. Looking stronger and bigger is not only about the amount of size your body has, but also has to do with definition and how visible your muscles are (especially if your goal is to look good on the beach).

Don’t go to extremes though. Obsessing over body fat once you are around 912% for men and 16-21% percent for women is not always a healthy thing, either mentally or physically. If you want an aesthetic physique your goal should be on average below 15% all year round and maybe a bit closer to 10% in the holiday season if you want to look good on the beach.

A Couple of Words on the Advanced Phase

Going beyond the basic training level means that you will add a significant amount of stress on your body. The advanced level is not meant for everyone since a lot of discipline and compromise is required for it to work. Your life will be focused around your training program, which means that you will have to be seriously devoted to it. You will need to rethink a lot of your life’s priorities and realize that this commitment will require you to focus a big part of your time in your training program and all the other extra aspects it is tied to (such as nutrition and rest). You will have to choose a goodnight sleep over staying up late with your friends. Your daily food should include a ton of protein. You will have to pass on that extra beer and you will probably have to get rid of all the useless habits (like watching TV) to find more free time to workout and rest. If you do not mind all these sacrifices and you want to take it a step further, you can move on to the advanced phase. This twelve month training program will bring you closer to your strength and physique’s highest potential much faster. However, before you move on the advanced level, make sure you complete at least six months training with the basic level’s program. You should also meet a couple requirements that I mention later on in this book.

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Do This Before You Get Started

I want to talk to you a brief moment about the importance of taking a before photo once you decide to begin training. Why is this so important? Well think about it, this is something that won’t cost you more than 20 seconds (just go next to a mirror and take a quick selfie with your phone).

Here is why you should to consider this:

• If you start losing motivation along the way you can look back at your before photo and remind yourself how you do not want to look like that ever again.

• As we mentioned previously, after your newbie gains, progress becomes slower. Therefore, if you have a monthly picture of your progress, it will make it easier to track your advancement.

• Get your picture posted on my website. Once you start seeing good results from your hard work, you can send me your before and after picture and I can upload it on my website. This is a cool way to show off to friends, girls or whoever. It’s also a great reminder of what you accomplished. Plus it also helps me spread my message.

• Get personal training advice. Work hard, follow my plan and share your results with me and I will give you a personal training consult through Skype for free!

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