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Hey everyone. It’s your girl, Jenn, and today’s post is something that I have never made a full post about, which is surprising because it is something that I have had for almost two decades now. Yes, I’m talking about my period. It is something that happens every month and it is, honestly, not my favorite time, but a girl’s gotta make do. I’m so happy to be partnering with Rael to talk about my top 10 period essentials so let’s start the countdown. So at the top of the list, I want to talk about pads. I might be in the minority here, but I actually prefer using pads over tampons. I will use tampons, but I just prefer pads, especially if I’m just at home chilling, when I’m sleeping, if I’m doing light errands, I will use a pad. And my favorite ones are these ones by Rael. I have spoken about this in a monthly favorites before and these are their organic cotton cover pads. These pads are very comfortable and they provide a lot of coverage, which I love. The packaging is incredible as well. The wrapper is in a cloth-like material, so they are really quiet and discrete so that way, if you are in a public restroom, you are not like (imitates rustling paper). It’s not the entire world has to know that you are on your period. I love Rael’s mission statement. They want to inform women of the toxic chemicals that are found in conventional feminine care products.

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And these chemicals are like acetone, which is nail polish remover, styrofoam, chemicals in tires. It’s just not safe for these things to be inside of us, and so that’s why I’m so happy that they’ve created a brand that is going to provide safer alternatives for us to use that are comfortable and high in quality. Moving on to number two on the list, let’s talk about tampons and pantiliners. They definitely go hand in hand because, if you are gonna wear a tampon, you should put a pantiliner on because, I do not know, you do not wanna ruin all your underwear because you are gonna leak. So my favorite tampons to use are these ones by Rael. They are also made of 100% organic cotton and the applicator is made out of cardboard, which is what makes it biodegradable, but it is not like the Whole Foods ones where they are just so uncomfortable and they chafe and scrape your vagina. This is not the case at all. These applicators have a slight wax on them, so when you put it in, it just kinda slips right in and it is very comfortable. These are also the pantiliners I love to use. These are also by Rael. And I love that this is very thin and they are similar to the pads, but just a lot more lightweight. Personally, I like to wear tampons when I’m just gonna be in and out of my clothes a lot, like if I’m on a shoot or set. Also, even if I’m on a night out or something and I’m wearing a body-con dress or if I’m wearing anything that just sticks to my legs. I like to wear a tampon then. But yes, I love this combo. It is a must.

Let’s move on to essential number three. We’re talking about underwear here. I have ruined so many pairs of underwear on my period, and so I decided to just kind of have specific underwar that I wear when on my rag. And I love these ones by Uniqlo. This is there seamless hiphugger shorts. And my girl Wei-Lee is the one who showed me these panties and they are incredible. I bought a fresh pack for you because I didn’t want to show you guys my old ones so there you go. This is definitely a bigger underwear but I like big underwear when I’m on my period. I do not wanna wear a thong or buttfloss when I’m on my rag. I mean, it is just not comfortable. I want a big, all encompassing panty to just scoop me in. These are incredibly comfortable. They’re super stretchy. And I love that they are seamless so that way you do not have to see a visible panty line. Essential number four is a feminine hygiene wipe or wash. I love these ones by Rael because they are hypoallergenic.

They are biodegradable. If you feel them, they kind of feel like, like a substantial tissue. You can rip them apart, but they are like, they’ll hold together on its own. But they are this texture because you can flush them. That is an option. Personally, I like to carry these wipes when I’m just on the go and I just want a refresher down there, especiallycause I’m a pad girl, so I like using these wipes. When you are on your period, things just get gnarly. There’s blood, obviously. There’s some sweat and, you know, there’s just a lot of stuff down there so I love using these wipes. I know that some people are really against feminine washes and wipes because they say the vagina is self-cleansing and it ruins your pH levels, but personally, I have never had a problem with it disrupting anything down there. I just like it clean, you know? And I think, as long as you are not getting the wash or the wipe and you are getting inside your vagina canal, you are okay. I think the lips, the vulva, the whatever you have down there, that’s all, that’s external, I think that’s all fair game. During that time of the month, my skin likes to flare up and it is always the same area. It’s always around my chin. I even have one right now that’s on its way out. But when I get a pimple, I love to use COSRX’s acne pimple patches.

These are a godsend. You basically just get a patch and you pop it on your clean skin and it’ll just suck the gunk out. It’s incredible. It works best after your pimple has popped or when it is about to pop because it (slurps) everything out. And it just speeds up the whole pimple process, which I appreciate. So my next few essentials are those to remedy the things that come along with your period like cramps, headaches, all that stuff. But let’s focus on cramps first. Basically, when I’m on my second or third day on my period, it gets real crampy down there and it is not fun. It truly feels like my entire uterus is falling out of my vagina and it is not fun. And so, when I have heavy cramps, I love to use this heating pad. I got this one off Amazon and it is great to use. You just plug it right in, wrap that baby around the areas that need warmth, and for some reason, heat really soothes the area. You can even blast it on the back because sometimes it hurts there too. When cramps are bad, I will just throw this heating pad around me and I will put on a show and just try to forget about it. And by the end of my show, I feel a lot better. If the cramping just becomes unbearable and I have got a headache, I love to just use these Advil Liquid Gels.

These are just your classic painkiller, and they are just something that you should just have in your medicine cabinet for everyone to use. There will be a point in your life when you are gonna need these. Personally, I love the gels because I feel like they just hit faster. Maybe it is just a placebo effect, but just seeing the gel inside the pill and it entering my body, I feel like it is just releasing faster. But yes, a medicine cabinet essential. Moving on to essential number eight. I love sipping on some ginger tea on days where cramping just gets out of hand. Ginger is known to relieve inflammation and pain and, overall, it is just really good for you. If you have lemon, squeeze that in. If you want some honey, squeeze that in. It’s all up to you, but I love sipping on this because it just makes me feel really cozy and it just warms up that area as well. I can’t be the only one that struggles with this, but basically like a week or so before my period, I become very moody and anything can make me cry or make me mad. It used to be a lot worse when I was younger and it is gotten a lot better now, now that I’m older and I know myself. I’m on birth control, so when I see I’m on that week before my period, I’m like, Okay, I’m gonna be extra cautious and extra aware of my behavior, and I will always make sure that I use Headspace for that week. Headspace is a meditation app that I have been using for, I wanna say like a full year now. I’m really proud of myself.

But basically, it is a meditation app that has all these different guides that you can do, so when I’m PMS-ey, I tend to get a little more snappy, so I will throw in an anger guided meditation and I will always make sure that I do 20 minutes. And I know 20 minutes can seem like a long time. I guess it is. That’s like a full show. But I use that time to really, really focus on myself because they say that it takes you around five to 10 minutes to even get to the meditative state so if you are gonna do it, you might as well just throw in that extra 10 minutes and get your full, well-rounded 20. And after, I feel so much better. I feel more centered and a lot more aware, and less things tick me off. My last period essential is to exercise. And I know that’s like the last thing you wanna hear, but if I’m on my period and I literally just do nothing the entire day, I end up feeling a thousand times worse. I’m not saying that you gotta go to the gym and do a full, high-intensity, interval training workout for an hour. That’s not the case at all. I think even walking maybe a mile outside, going to go get a coffee, or even parking further than you normally would at a parking lot just to get more steps in, I think that’s good. It keeps your body moving. It puts the circulation in motion. And it just helps your body. I mean, it is good to just get exercise, get some endorphins.

Since I have been exercising more regularly, like I work out maybe four to five times a week now, but these days, my periods are so much more breezy and easy. All right guys, those were all my period essentials. I wanna thank Rael for sponsoring this post again because I absolutely love their brand and what they stand for. I can’t wait for you guys to try it out. I will leave all that information in the description box along with a discount code, so definitely utilize that. I would also love to know what your guysperiod essentials are or what your period routine is. Basically, anything to make that time of the month a little brighter.

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