10 Heatless Hairstyles for Fall

Hey guys what’s up it is Hayley welcome back to my blog. So for today’s post, I wanted to show you, I got my dark blue my dark nails and I’m just celebrating fall and all of its glory.

So for today’s post, I wanted to go ahead and show you 10 really simple really easy heatless hairstyles that you can rock on an everyday basis and these hairstyles are also perfect to go with those fall sweaters fall hats and every other fall accessory that, I know you got lying in your closet. So if you are interested just sit back relax and let’s get into the post well here’s the shocker. So my hair is actually pretty short, I recently got a haircut.

And I have really been missing my long locks that, I used to have. So for today’s hairstyles, I decided to incorporate my luxe seamless hair extensions and the colors I’m going to be using specifically today are the hombre chestnut and hombre blonde together these are a perfect match for my hair. So, I just grab the two shades clip them right on top of each other and then, I go ahead and put them into my hair.

So now that all my extensions are clipped in and blended here at endless hairstyles for the Fall. So heading into it right away, I want to show you this cute little half a ponytail that, I always do instead of bringing your hair back like most people do, I actually like to bring it right up this creates a lot more volume right at the roots and it gets your ponytail to look a lot more effortless and cute after you have all your hair combed back you are just gonna secure that down with a little elastic and then, I like taking a little comb and actually pulling at the roots even more just to create more volume and more texture right in that area and that’s it this hairstyle is so effortless.

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So chic and honestly suits everybody this next hairstyle is a little bit of a variation of the half updo as well you are just gonna grab half of your hair and you are gonna want to secure that down in a little pony and then in order to hide the elastic, I just grab a strand of hair twist it right around and then make sure to bobby pin it right into place and what this does is it creates the illusion of no elastic and your hair just looks knotted into perfection. So you can either sport the hair just like that or what, I like to do sometimes is create a little bun in the back. So, I just twist my hair around each other and then taking a little elastic, I secure that too, I just love it it looks really tumblr II and really nice and.

So effortless as well if you do not want your bun to droop down another alternative is just to pin it up and then this just cleans up the look a little bit. So this next hairstyle is perfect for those of you who love braids after splitting my hair down to two I’m actually gonna start braiding right in the middle of my ear as you can see I’m incorporating more hair into the braid just. So, I can grab all the hair at once once you guys get to the bottom of the ear you are gonna want to start fishtailing.

So in order to fishtail what you actually have to do is you are just grabbing a little piece and you are bringing it back garb being another little piece bringing it back it is really simple you can see exactly what I’m doing I’m just grabbing a little piece from the front to bringing it back and joining it into the hair and then grabbing another little piece bringing it back joining it once again and then you will repeat this process all the way down and it gets really really easy once you guys practice this and it gives it a really cool textured effect once you guys get relatively low to the braid you are just gonna want to tie that off leaving some excess at the bottom and then you are gonna want to do the exact same thing on the other side of your head, I definitely think that it is more flattering to pull out a few pieces in the front of my head it just frames my face a lot nicer which is what, I like to do and then in order to make these braids look full and thick like you guys always see on Instagram and on Pinterest this is a trick you are actually just gonna want to pull it the braid as you can see I’m just taking little strands of the braid pulling it out while holding down the elastic and it gives it a really full look, I mean look at that difference that’s incredible once your braids are all done and secured and looking all big and nice you are all finished and, I love to accessorize this hairstyle, I love adding my little fedora hat, I think it looks. So cute with this and it gives me real fall vibes after that last hairstyle this one is a breeze you are just taking your little front strands you are gonna twist them away from your face and then clip them right in the back of your head and then, I just like to pull out the little strands just to give them a bit more volume and that’s it it’s. So great.

So majestic looking and it looks like you did a little rope twist, I love it. So for this next hairstyle we are actually just gonna continue off of the last one I’m just taking two little elastics and I’m creating little pigtails right at the bottom moment here I’m doing that on both sides and then once again to hide the elastic I’m grabbing a little piece of hair twisting it right around and then Bobby pinning it just to hide the little excess, I thought this hairstyle was just a perfect little twist on the regular pigtails and guys come on you are never too old to wear pigtails there’s still my favorite hairstyle even today this next hairstyle is by far one of my favorites and. So perfect for those of you that are scared of doing braids you are just gonna want to grab two little pieces of hair just from both sides of your head as you see and then secure them together with a little pigtail and then pulling your finger right through you are gonna want to take and twist the little ponytail that you just created and then once again you are gonna repeat the same process incorporating more hair each time.

So as you can see grabbing two pieces of hair you are gonna tie them together and again you are gonna pull it right through that little hole you just created and then this gives you a really cool fishtail effect especially when you guys work your way down it looks. So amazing and I’m not even joking, I just did this five times and it is honestly such a great way to get that fishtail effect for those of you who do not know how to do a fishtail braid seriously though with this hairstyle, I actually fooled a couple of people and it is also a great one to accessorize, I love adding a little baseball cap, I think it is really cute for the fall time and it definitely complements this look really really well keeping with the whole twist theme we are gonna go ahead and we are gonna twist some more and actually to create this little twist all I’m doing is I’m taking the front strands of my hair and then I’m kind of twisting them away in this motion and each time I’m doing it I’m gathering a little bit more hair and incorporating it into the twist. So it is kind of like a little French twist, I love doing that and, I either secure that down with some elastics or bobby pins and it gives your face a really nice framed effect and it looks beautiful like you are actually wearing a crown all day every day girl it is honestly gonna surprise you guys how easy this next hairstyle is all you are gonna want to do is just gather two strands right at the bottom of your hair just like that and then you are gonna want to pull them back and taking an elastic you are just gonna want to tie that off and you can either tie it off into a ponytail but, I like making it into a really really boost bun and that’s it take out some front pieces just to frame your face and that’s it it looks.

So loose. So messy. So tumblr my total fave and pairing this look with a beanie is my absolute favorite for some reason it just looks really messy but still cute, I just love it and these hats are my total favorite especially in the fall time if you can’t already tell, I love braiding hair styles but, I really like keeping them simple.

So for this next one you are just gonna create two simple braids right at the side of your head after tying it off you are gonna want to pull out it just to create more thickness and texture in each of the braids and then you are just gonna want to wrap it right around your head and bobby pin it into place and if you have any loose ends make sure to pin them down as well and that’s it guys Greek goddess hair how simple is that. So simple. So easy but.

So be EA eautiful we are a big fall blanket scarf with this and I’m telling you girl you are trending and for all you simple gals out there that just love rocking a simple ponytail I’m just leaving some pieces in the front loose and then I’m just tying off my hair in the back and then taking a little piece of hair instead of wrapping it right around I’m actually gonna create a braid first and then I’m gonna wrap it right around and bobby pin it into place just to hide the elastic and that’s actually it’s. So perfect for those of you that do not have a lot of time to spend on your hair in the morning or you just like going the simple route, I love this and if you are sporting second day hair or it is just not a good hair day then, I got you girl just add a hat and you are totally styling okay guys. So that’s the post we have for you guys today, I really hope that you enjoyed it if you did be sure to give it a big thumbs up because that’s always awesome and comment down below which hairstyle was your favorite which one you see yourself wearing the most and if you do recreate any of these be sure to hashtag Lux the air.

So we could see your beautiful recreations if you do want to see anymore of me my blog Haley’s corner is gonna be linked right down below in the description box and if you have not already go ahead and comment tos here blog because there’s amazing hair and other beauty content on here as well thank you all. So much for reading, I really hope you have a happy fall and we will see you next time for another post bye.

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