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Hey guys! I don’t know about you but the end of summer tends to bring up an array of mixed feelings. It marks this low descent into fall, the beginning of a new school year, shorter days. But on the bright side, it brings an onslaught of tons of new beauty products. Woo! So with everything hitting the market at such a fast pace, it can be really overwhelming to shop for new makeup, even for someone like me, who’s literal job it is to stay on top of new releases. So I thought I would put five of the buzziest new products to the test and hopes that it would guide you in your shopping experience. I have got a few things today that I’m really excited to try. I have not touched any of these things. The first of which is Too Faced’s new Comfort Matte Foundation. Glossier’s powder.

10 Hour Test On These 5 Cult Beauty Buys Full Face First Impressions Beauty Photo Gallery

Wowder. Dose of Colors’ new highlighters with fellow rs, Desi and Katy. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette. And last but not least, the Bite Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipsticks. So let’s put these on my face. I have never used this foundation before so I’m not super positive what my shade is. I think it’s warm nude. So it’s oil-free, 14-hour wear, oil-controlling, and photo-friendly. It doesn’t feel like foundation to be honest. It feels like a tinted moisturizer, which is nice. A lot of matte foundations have a tendency to look cakey or dry or cling to dry patches on your face. This one isn’t doing that. It’s not very high coverage, which I actually prefer. It looks so skin-like. So I’m going to move on to powder now. I was very shocked when they came out with this powder because Glossier is all about like dewey, dewey, dewey, dewey skin.

But they say this is like the new powder. So what I’m going to do is… I’m going to set half of my face with this powder. So that I can see how well the powder works with the foundation, but I also want to see how the foundation holds up on its own. So I’m going to ask my crew which side of my face I should powder. Guys? Left! Okay, left! It’s nice. I mean it’s a powder. I will say it looks really good. It doesn’t look cakey on my face at all. My pores look smaller on this side I think than the other side, but so far, so good. So I’m going to move on to le highlighter. I’ve been so excited about these Dose of Colors highlighters. On one cheek, I think I’m going to use a fan brush. And then the other cheek, I’m going to use a tapered highlighter brush just because I’m curious to see how they apply. Okay so the fan brush is applying it pretty sheer. But this one actually you can build it up really nicely. Let’s see what happens with this tapered brush.

Full Face First Impressions | Trying NEW Makeup

Yeah this one is definitely, I think, going on a little bit stronger. I think I prefer it with this brush! It looks really pretty. I wonder how it will last throughout the day because highlighter tends to just kind of disappear on me. We’ll see. This palette launched, I think, in August and received a lot of flack. Mainly because a lot of consumers were saying that the eyeshadows were really powdery and not of the same quality as other Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows. I’m sticking my finger in Roxy, this pretty pink shade. And… whoa! Do you see how pigmented that is? Okay. Axis. That one was powdery, you guys. Mercury. All Star. I’m into that one. I’m so into that one. That one is so pretty. Do you see this right now? I’m going to use Adorn all over my lid because it’s so pretty.

It’s so metallic and gorgeous so I’m going to use that. The formula for this one does feel a little bit drier but the pigment is there definitely. And then I’m going to buff a little bit of the New Wave shade into my crease just to blend it out. I’m going to put a little bit of Roxy in my crease too just because I really want to use this color. The shadows are applying really nicely. I think they’re blending well too. I’m going to not wear eyeliner. And I’m going to use this eyeshadow instead. I’m going to put a little bit on my lower lash line just for some extra definition. The last thing that I have here is the Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick from Bite. This is not supposed to be a true liquid lipstick. It’s supposed to be a very hydrating kind of satin finish. It’s a little shinier than I had hoped it would be. I think I’m going to blot it a little bit just to tone down the shine. Voilà! Who’s going to buy this for $1,000? And that is my full face done. I just added some bronzer and some mascara.

But I have a few fun activities planned to test out this makeup throughout the day. I think I’m going to go shopping, walk around downtown New York a little bit, maybe have some lunch at a Halal cart, and then at the end of the day I’m going to meet my friend at this really cool rooftop bar at the Conrad Hotel called Loopy Doopy. They have popsicle drinks. I’m very excited about it. Let’s get on with the day! Shall we? Alright, guys. I’m kind of halfway through my chicken gyro here. Lipstick’s pretty much off. I kind of licked it off because I didn’t want it to get all over my sandwich situation. So I’m going to top it off a little bit so you can see. It’s nice because you can apply it like a lip balm. It feels really, really hydrating on the lips. I’m gonna go do some errands. I’m gonna grab some stuff out some shops. So stay tuned. Alright! So I just did some errands. I’m actually mostly impressed honestly with how vibrant the eyeshadow looks.

Full Face First Impressions Makeup

Even if I go far away, you could still see it. I’ll see you later! Bye! My friend, Rachel, is going to come visit me and we’re going to have some popsicles together. Hi! It’s been so long! Nice seeing you! Alright. So I’m here with Rachel. We got our popsicles. Cheers! Boom! Let’s taste it. It’s really good. So good. I’m going to ask her about my makeup. What do you think? The eyeshadow looks amazing! Really? I also was very pleased with it, actually. Yeah and right when I saw you today, I was like, “It really glows.” That’s great. I think that it is a little bit smudging on the bottom, but I think, it’s 5 o’clock, that’s pretty normal at that point. So you’ve been wearing it a while. I’ve been wearing it for a while. I started at 9 a.m. What powder are you using? Glossier Wowder. Oh! I’ve heard a lot of buzz about that one. Does it look good? Does it look like skin? It looks really good. I think it does too. What highlighter is this because this is glowing? It’s the Dose of Colors Desi and Katy highlighter, those two rs. And they did a good job because it’s so metallic. And you can really build it. I put a lot on. I think this eyeshadow with highlighter.. is 100%. You’re so nice. Thank you! Well alright. Sounds like we got the Rachel Chen approval. Do you want to take some rooftop selfies? Heck yeah! Alright, guys.

So I’m back. It’s around 7 p.m. So I’ve had this makeup on for 10 hours. And I’ve got to say, it’s still looking pretty fresh. The foundation, I think, feels so good. I think I’m going to wear it tomorrow. If you’re not huge into powder, but you do want to powder your face, I would say maybe spring for something a little cheaper. I do think this powder is lovely. But, I will say that I didn’t think I necessarily needed it. The lipstick. It’s definitely not something I would wear if I needed to depend on my lipstick for 12 hours straight. But it’s still very comfortable and nice. And since my lips are dry, I was like… thank you. The highlighter is still really going strong. I will say that because it is so metallic, it does have a tendency to go a little bit powdery.

It’s nothing crazy. You’re not going to be like, “Whoa. That’s straight up powder on your face.” But if you look really closely, it does look like that. The eyeshadow, I think, I was really, really impressed with it, which I was really surprised about. Because again, I had heard so many mixed reviews about the palette. It’s not a beginner palette. That’s what I would say. All in all, I liked everything that I put on my face today, which I’m honestly not that surprised by it. Because I’ve heard so much about them. I had high hopes and they performed. So let me know what you guys think of the products or if you buy any of these. And let me know what I should try next on Beauty With Mi in the comments below. Bye! Thanks so much for reading, guys! click on comment button to comment to my blog and click on comment button to read more posts. Bye!.

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