10 Items You CAN Go Cheap On My Thoughts On Cheap Clothing

10 Items You CAN Go Cheap On My Thoughts On Cheap Clothing Ten items that you can go cheap on, gentlemen. That’s the subject of today’s post. All right, gents, are you ready? Here’s the list. Number one, underwear. Number two, undershirts. Number three, socks. Number four, jeans. Number five, your wallet.

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Number six, your first suit. Number seven, dress shirts. Number eight, neckties. Number nine, dress shoes. And number ten, watches. And as a bonus, number eleven, pocket squares. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa, Carl you are contradicting yourself. And I get it because I just did a post talking about how do not skimp on your shoes. How you should spend good money on a suit. I talked about luxury brands in the underwear in the undershirt market.

I talked about pocket squares which cost almost $100 each. I get it, but here’s the deal. As I know many of you guys have a limited amount of resources that you can spend on clothing. And you’re just, yeah, you have to go cheap somewhere, but that’s the wrong question is it’s not about going cheap, it’s about you finding a deal. The only way you’re going to find a deal is you need to know what you’re looking for. So, something I tell you guys all the time, go into the best menswear store in your area. Go out there and get expose yourself to a high quality suit, to a high quality pair of shoes, to amazing, you know, just amazing products that are out there in menswear. Being cheap and being affordable, they’re not the same thing. If you’re looking for cheap things, I’m going to say skip that altogether because you don’t want cheap underwear. You don’t want underwear which is going to be too hard on you is going to react to your skin in a negative way is going to just not feel good, have hotspots. But, you can find a great deal on underwear, underwear that’s affordable that does the job and can get you to the point where, you know, maybe when you’re 25 maybe when you’re 35 maybe when you’re 65, I don’t know. At some point when underwear becomes more important all of a sudden, you could make that purchase that you want to spend more money.

And then that’s part two of this is understanding what’s important to you. So, this toothbrush right here cost twenty times more than this one right here. Is it twenty times better? No, of course not. I’ve made it through most of my life I have to admit with just a regular toothbrush right here, but I switched over to electric toothbrushes. Why? Because they got a two-minute timer and I have found that they just work a little bit better for my teeth as they are being, you know, a 41-year old man. These are things that I’ve now decided this is worth the investment. It’s worth it to me. And that’s the next point that I want you to understand because there are going to be people out there that say I would never go cheap on jeans that I would never go cheap on sneakers. Why? Because those things are important. But when it comes down to it, you’ve got to make the decision of what is important to you. So, you may find that, hey, I’m going to spend a lot more on my suit, I’m going to spend a lot more on my shoes, but I’m really going to skimp it when it comes to outerwear. Why? Because I live in California and I rarely ever have to wear a trench coat or an overcoat or anything like that.

That makes sense, you don’t need to build or spend much money on that part of your wardrobe, instead on the item that people see all the time because if you’re in sales that’s going to be important. Now, the third point I want you to understand and it’s my general rule for making a determination if I’m going to go cheap on something aka spend less. For me, it’s about what are people going to see, what is the most important item I’m wearing that is sending the message to whoever I’m speaking about. But I know so many of you guys are just maybe graduating college or getting your first job at that bank or you’re going to be maybe go to that law firm. Okay, in this case maybe buy couple of suits and focus in on fit. Make sure it’s a classic style, it uses a dark color. But if you’ve got to compromise, yes, compromise on the fabric which the fabric is one of the huge determinants of the cost. So, maybe you’re going with a 70% wool 30% man-made fiber, maybe a 50/50 blend. At the end of the day you know, okay, I’m compromising quite a bit here, that’s why that price is about $200 to $300 for that first suit. You’re going into a large box menswear store, you’re waiting for those sales to go on and then you purchase a couple of them you get the adjusted to fit you. That is going to be fine. In that case, yes, you did go cheap and that was a smart decision.

When it comes to shoes, I don’t want you to take on a loan to go into a credit card debt to buy a pair of shoes that you’re not going to wear very often. But, you know those glued shoes, yeah, they’re $50, they may be fine for interview season while you’re in college or for may be if it’s only something that you’ve got to dress in a suit maybe once a month, once or twice a week and, they’re comfortable they work fine. And, yes, they’re not $300 t0 $500. They’re not, you know, they’re not Goodyear welted they’re not Blake-stitched. These are, yes, glued, but when it comes down to it they are going to get you through. When you’ve got the money when you have the resources, how about invest in yourself and that’s what I view clothing as. So, another thing right here. Some people are going to say it is a waste of money to spend over $100 on a Dopp kit. I can tell you this Dopp kit right here is beautiful, it’s amazing I mean it’s made in this beautiful leather. I mean this a work of art and something if you travel and you want to surround yourself with beautifully aesthetic things that hold your grooming gear. I mean this would be a great thing to buy. This one right here was $3 or $4.

I mean it’s incredibly – it’s made from, you know, it does the job. It’s small though and I like them. So, understand that you can have a range of items and when they serve their purpose that’s great. So, there may be a huge price difference. At the end of the day, gentlemen when you’re spending more on clothing, what you’re oftentimes buying is the convenience of working with a brand that’s established of usually you’re going to pay more for higher quality, the cost of goods is going to be higher. But just because you find something that is on sale something that’s a great deal does not make it cheap. So try to avoid the cheap, but look for the great deals. And if you’ve got questions guys, write them down in the comments here on my blog. Go over to our Facebook group which I’m going to link to down in the description. Send me an e-mail over Carl@my blog. I try to make myself available.

I love helping you guys and helping you dress better. I look forward to 2019 guys. I really appreciate you and the community we built. Take care. I’ll see you in the next post.

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