10 Lazy Girl Hair Hacks That Will Change Your Life

10 Lazy Girl Hair Hacks That Will Change Your Life

I’ve taken over just kidding I’m Natalie from the blog Natalie’s outlet and lex18 was nice enough to let me come on here to share with you guys some of my ultimate favorite lazy girl care hacks let’s be honest I’m lazy you are lazy sometimes and we are all kind of lazy especially when it comes to doing your hair give this post a thumbs up if you agree because it can be time-consuming to do your hair. So these will not only cut the time that you style your hair but they’ll also give you ways to kind of just create shortcuts in your life to make it easier now my blog you can see weird hair hacks to tame for Izzy here because we all kind of deal with that well make sure you check it out down below in the description box and let’s get onto this post a very first lazy girl hair hack I’m actually using my hair extensions to make my hair all long and pretty. So if you are tired of curling your hair and burning it basically I’m going to teach you a way that is really easy.

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So you just dampen up your hair then take one of these little headband things put it around act like a hippie buchanan’s you know you are just going to twist your hair and then you are just going to pass it right through the headband and it is as simple as that all I’m going to do is twist little sections around and then put it into the headband and then grab another section twist it until basically it looks a little something like this and this hack is basically for my lazy people go to sleep wake up in the morning and wake up with beautifully beachy waves and, I personally love this hack because it is kind of like a two-in-one you are styling your hair and you are not burning your hair. So you are not doing anything bad for it it is helping it grow and it looks beautiful alright I will be the first to admit, I do not always wash my hair and my hair is always you know the freshest. So a really easy hack to creating really fresh hair is basically taking your brush your favorite perfume spritzing a little bit into it and then just brushing your hair like you normally would this just creates a really beautiful aroma on your hair that lasts all day long now, I’m always.

So lazy when it comes to curling my hair but a really easy hack is to just take a ponytail put your hair up into a ponytail and then curl the ponytail this basically reduces the amount of time that it takes you to curl your hair specifically if you have a lot of hair it makes it look really pretty and just kind of effortless I’m one of those people that never grew out baby hairs and I’m kind of lazy when it comes to redoing my hairdo. So something that you can do which is kind of weird is basically just take a toothbrush spray some of the hairspray onto the truth brush and just comb back your baby hairs it gives me the right amount of precision to really just get all those baby hairs coming back without having to start all over and ruin my hairstyle find that spraying hairspray directly onto my hair makes it kind of hard. So what, I do is, I just take the palm of my hand and, I spritz a little bit on to it and then, I apply the hairspray and, I found that my curls actually last longer which is perfect for my lazy self.

So, I do not know about you but my bobby pins seem to always disappear, I do not get it and it takes me forever to find them and you know, I do not want to because I’m lazy. So I’m using this metal strip that basically attaches all the bobby pins to them. So you can just attach this under your desk or in your bathroom and you will always know where your bobby pins are at dry shampoo is always a solution for greasy hair however there’s always that really annoying white cast.

So something that you can do is basically put the dry shampoo the night before sleep on it it basically prevents the amount of time that you are going to be scruffing your hair and getting that white cast out of your hair and since we are lazy you can sleep in my bobby pins seem to always slip on me and my hairstyle. So something that. I have been doing is actually adding a little bit of hairspray prior to applying the bobby pin and this just helps it stay intact and keep your hairstyle in all day if your hair happens to be wet a two-in-one hair hack is basically to twirl your hair like.

So just use your blow-dryer and then when you take it down you will have these really beautiful beachy waves. So your hair is dry and it is another lazy styling hack is basically to split your hair into two and create a knot basically, I know that sounds very strange but just create knots in your hair now this won’t really damage your hair it actually is very easy to come off but it creates this really cool effect. So if you do not know how to do a fishtail braid or any kind of braid.

So one option with this is to just leave it down like a faux braid or if you are more of an updo kind of girl you can just twist it upward and that’s it you got yourself a really cute updo. So that’s it for this post, I really hope that you guys enjoy do not forget to check out my post on weird hair hacks to tame a frizzy hair it will be linked down below in the description box if you try any of these hacks out, I would love for you to share them with me and the luxy hair team. So do not forget to tag us on instagram with hashtag look-see hair or nataly’s outlet to let us know some of the things that you try maybe you recreate some of the styles in this post or maybe you are recreating some of the hair hat Thank You hair for allowing me to come on here and say hello to all of these beautiful people hope you guys enjoyed give this post a thumbs up if you did and maybe you will see you guys another time bye.

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