10 Makeup Hacks For Beginners

Do you guys want to see a cool magic trick I’m going to make all these makeup products disappear make sure you watch very closely what week what are you doing okay, I hear Hey all, Welcome back you guys it is your girl Malibu here and. I’m so glad you could join me today on this post and today’s post is going to be all about eye makeup tricks and tips, I promise it is going to be much better and then the trick that, I just did it is they are they’re much better and, I hope that gave you some inspiration and a little bit more creativity or just basically help you on a day-to-day basis with your eyes and eyebrows. So basically what I’m going to do to show you guys the differences and similarities is on one side probably my right side I’m going to apply the tricks and tips and kind of emphasize it as much as, I can and then on the other side do nothing just to show you and compare the differences in how the tips and tricks come to life the first trick is going to instantly make you look younger this is how, I define and lift my eyebrows. So for this you will need some type of concealer brush this is by japonesque in the number 9 10 this is just a really tiny flat concealer brush it has nice precision that’s what we want and then you will need some type of concealer I’m using the it cosmetics bye bye under-eye concealer it is a really great. Because it is waterproof starting on the top of my brows make sure your face is relaxed and just look straight into the mirror lay it flat and then just go around like. So continuing and just making sure you just follow the line of your natural brow shape before you blend this part out take a little bit more concealer and we are going to do exactly the same thing on the bottom portion and just make sure we connect the concealer on the very end take the same brush wipe off the excess go back in and just blend it out on the bottom portion you just want to do very gently tiny tiny strokes going down as you guys can see gives more lift and just opens up your eyes much better than this one right here where, I did nothing where, I just filled it in to set the concealer I’m taking the same brush and some loose translucent powder just take down the brush a little bit and then just Pat it on on top of the concealer to make sure it stays put all day long I’m sure you guys have heard this joke before.

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But I’m still gonna ask you which body part grows at least 10 times its size when stimulated think hard about this wait it is your pupil this next trick is for all of you that like things bigger your eyes, I mean. So it is basically how to make your eyes appear larger and bigger this trick is really quite simple all you need is either a Hawaii eye pencil or a nude eye pencil depending on your skin tone either one will work totally fine starting with the white pencil, I just want to show the more drastic change take the pencil and apply it straight onto your waterline as you can see instantly makes your eyes appear larger and bigger taking the nude pencil this is by Rimmel this is the exaggerated in the shade 213 in the nude and this one in my opinion suits most of the skin tones as you can see this one is not as noticeable as the white pencil. But it still makes your eyes appear larger bigger and wider and more awake and just to show you guys a really quick difference between a nude and a black liner to the waterline obviously the black one will make your eyes appear much smaller this next trick is really great to help you guide your eyeliner or even help guide a process of blending your eyeshadows for this all you need is some tape my personal favorite is the scotch tape. Because it is not as intense or XY’s tacky and, I do not want to ruin my eyes you place it right underneath your lower lash line and line it with your eyebrow just like I’m doing right here, and it is going to be right below the eyebrow I’m going to start with the eye shadow and I’m gonna take maybe like one or two darker shades and just quickly show you with my fluffy brush how easy it is to blend with the tape as your guide next I’m going to go in with the eyeliner and this is what basically what I’m going to do is show you how easy it is to create that sharp wink just start drawing right on top of the tape now let’s see the magic just be very gentle pulling it off obviously this is exaggerated. But I just want to show you how great the tape is as a template to help guide your eyeliner and your eyeshadow did anyone ever tell you that you are their sunshine or the light of their life this will literally be their light of their life and their sunshine he will be. So bright what your eyes will be that bright. So for this you will need a bright eyeshadow this one is my favorite this is my line by Mac, and it is one of my favorite ultimate eyeshadows to highlight my eyes take the brush with the eyeshadow and start applying it in your inner corner bring it to your bottom portion and then just make sure you bring it to the side as well like.

So, I do not think this is bright enough. So I’m going to go back in just to layer it again this trick the highlighting the inner corner also helps separate your eyes a little bit farther apart. If they are closer together next step is take the brush same brush with some eyeshadow and just start right on the middle of your lid and then when you want to go to your crease just start blending it out a little bit last step to becoming someone’s literally light of their life take the same brush in the same eyeshadow and we are going to highlight the brow bone and this is just a simple easy trick and tip on how to make your eyes appear more brighter more awake and just make them pop. So this next trick and tip is how you can fix a messed up winged eyeliner. So you see how the eyeliner is not even, and it is not as sharp as, I wanted to be all you need is some concealer and a tiny little precision or concealer brush take your little concealer brush with the concealer on and just start gently applying going from the from the outer corner all the way out to the wing then just take your finger and then just blend out the excess once your concealer is blended take some translucent loose powder or some setting powder on the same brush take the brush and set the concealer in place. So you can see what a little concealer can do your eyeliner looks. So sharp you can literally cut someone with how sharp your eyeliner is perfect this next trick or tip is a great guideline or tool to help when you are applying mascara to your lower lash line we all have had the disastrous moment when we applied it or we moved a little bit and it gets all over our eyes and we have a lot of cleanup to do this is just a really simple trick to make your life a little bit easier all you need is some type of card or you can actually use the tape method as well.

But I prefer the card. Because, I can hold it to where, I need it to be and it just works very well and not gonna just toss it away place it right underneath your eyelashes your bottom lashes and just start applying the mascara the little card trick is really great. Because a is spreads it on really evenly and it makes it less clumpy and B you do not get a lot of clean up to do afterwards at all here is another fixer upper for you. So let’s say you are drawing your eyeliner on your top lashline and one side is thicker or it is more Messier than the other side and you just do not have the time to go back and erase it and restart this one is for you all you need is a metallic darker shade, I like a gray shade. But you can also use a brown shade not black either brown or gray this one in particular is moondust by Mac, and it is one of my ultimate favorite shades to do this and I’m using a small eyeshadow smudger brush by Sigma this is a smudge e21 take some eyeshadow on the smudger and start from the outer corner and all you are gonna do is start smudging the eyeliner just look at that difference, I barely smudged it, and it is already looking so much better and there you have it there was another fixer-upper how to fix that uneven or bumpy eyeliner it just creates a more softer smokey look to the eyeliner for this next trick and tip it is kind of like an old painters trick. So basically when you are painting a house or your walls or when you are painting your nails the question is how do, I get the most payoff and more vibrancy from that particular color or eyeshadow the trick is primer, and it is not any old eyeshadow primer it is a white eye pencil like this NYX jumbo eye pencil milk starting with the eye with no primer I’m taking this beautiful vibrant blue it is to show you tilt by Mac I’m going to start on the center on my lid and just make my way out on the entire eyelid next we are going to take the white eye pencil in milk and we are just going to apply it wherever we are going to place the eyeshadow take your ring finger and then just slightly blend out the edges take some more eye shadow and let’s see how more vibrant and more payoff we can get with the white primer on just look at the difference already and you can see more of the iridescent is popping out just look at the difference you guys this one obviously is has way more payoff, and it is definitely more vibrant last trick that I’m going to do is for those girls that want to spend a little bit extra money on their eyes. But do not want to spend the extra time in the morning getting ready this trick is to get eyelash extensions like, I have on right now, I do not have any other eye makeup on except for my brows and it is.

So easy I’m going to do a whole separate other post on this. If you guys want to see it comment down below, I really am excited, I can’t wait to tell you guys what, I think about my first impressions. But I really like them. Because they stay on you do not have to do any other makeup. If you do not want to and it still looks really good. If you guys were paying attention you would have noticed that, I only have nine tips and tricks for the eyes that is. Because for the tenth one, I want you guys to decide which one should make it to the top ten list leave your comments and suggestions in the comment section down below thumbs up this post.

If you enjoyed it subscribe. If you have not already. But for now thank you so much for reading this post and spending some time with us, I will see you guys very soon in the next post love you all bye.

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