10 Secrets School FAILS To Teach Why Schools Dont REALLY Value Success

10 Secrets School FAILS To Teach Why Schools Don’t REALLY Value Success Don’t get me wrong. I respect and admire the teachers that worked hard every day to educate young people around the world to become better human beings. The issue I have is with the school system. Because when I look at the success I’ve had in life and then I look at what school systems value, what they place importance on, I just see a huge disconnect. I feel that most of what I learned in the school system I’ve kind of thrown out the window. I don’t use.

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What I used on a daily basis to live a life that I’m happy with, a life of success, it’s not taught in the school system. The goal of today’s post is to open your eyes up to what is out there so that you can start living a life on your terms. Rule no. 1 that school doesn’t teach is that IQ scores, test scores, all these scores for all these things, they honestly don’t mean that much. They are not a true indicator of how intelligent you are. But when you’re in school all you can do is stay focus in on those entrance exams, on how smart somebody is. We equate somehow these numbers to being how this person is going to have great success. I know there are some countries out there that basically if you’re not on the right track early, the chances of you having a certain career path are next to nil. We’re talking almost grade school when they start selecting and putting people down passed based on these quantifications on these scores when life is a marathon. Life is a continuous putting effort and trying and trying again. Nowadays I never asked anyone. What did you score in your SAT? What did you score in your ACT? How did you do on that entrance exam? What’s your IQ? Cause none of that matter.

What matters is the skill set – what they’re able to bring to the table. And there are so many different levels of intelligence, so many types of intelligence. There’s athletic intelligence. There’s emotional intelligence. There’s relationship intelligence. People developed unique abilities/specialties where they’re good at and I do feel that school does a very bad job of identifying all those other ones and how they can fit into a useful society. Secret to success no. 2 that school doesn’t teach you is when you find something you love, something you’re passionate about go all in. Spend your time a lifetime learning and becoming better at that thing. There can be multiple things that you’re passionate about and that you love but what one of the problems with school is they try to get you to focus in on your weaknesses. I do think that you can take a weakness from a weakness to being adequate. But if it’s a weakness, if it’s something you don’t like, something you’re not interested in, you’re never going to become amazing at it.

The world rewards people that are amazing at thing. Steven Spielberg. George Lucas. Do we care how good they are in mathematics, how well they know geography. Now I do think you should have a basic understanding. But I’m saying you’re going to get more value if you focus in on where you can develop genius. Genius is developed by a lot of hard work, a lot of time, a lot putting in and just trial and error. But to me that is just where I would like to see school help people focus in on in their strengths instead of trying to spread them out. You know giving equal value to all these things. Now for you in your particular situation how can you learn more about something you’re passionate about. Well you’ve got the internet. You’ve got an amazing resource right at your fingertips.

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Teamwork is where it’s at. If I look at all the success I’ve had it’s because of the people I’ve surrounded myself, the network, the team that I’ve built up here at this style blog. At school think about that. You are penalized if you share your answers with somebody else. If you work together in a team and I know there are some group settings. But the vast majority of the time, they try to get you to act like a lone wolf versus realizing in the vast majority of the time in life and in business you’re going to be working with partners. You’re going to depend on other people. Secret to success no. 4 the school doesn’t teach you is that money is a great thing, that we lived in a world of abundance. I think a lot of the schools, a lot of teachers have a hang up, have an issue with money and possibly because they lived and they work in the world of scarcity. Where there’s only so many supplies, where teachers are always understaffed, where they’re always underpaid, when they never have enough. So they view the world from a scarcity mindset.

As a business owner, as someone that constantly creates value by creating content, creating information, by creating value, I look at it as I can go out there and make whatever I want. The point though is when you realize it’s not a zero sum game that you can actually enlarge the pie. You can make things better. But so many people in the school system have a scarcity mindset. Secret to success no. 5 that school definitely does not teach is that you don’t need to ask permission to be successful. Think about that in school you’ve got to ask permission for everything. You raised your hand to ask a question. You asked permission to go to the bathroom. When in life do these things apply? But those lesson stick with us. So many times in life you’re scared to do things. You’re waiting for someone to tell you that you can be successful, that you could live the type of life that you want to when you realized that you can give yourself that permission.

You can simply volunteer yourself and go out there and do it. No one is going to stop you. All the sudden life opens up and there are so many more opportunities. Secret to success no. 6 that school doesn’t teach you is that you don’t have to follow the rules. When you go to school there’s rules. They are just simply ways things are done. You are told to follow those rules and if you don’t there are consequences. In life, yes, society puts out rules. But if you’re smart and you start to realize people make these rules. We can change these rules. You look at someone like Lady Gaga.

She came into the scene there was a particular way things were done. She went her own path. You look at Adele and just the way that she came on to the music scene. Both of these women I look at the way they’re very different. They did not follow the rules and they had success because of that. Secret to success no. 7 that school does not teach you is its okay to fail. It’s okay to fail a lot. Just make sure to pick yourself up and keep going. What happens in schools when you failed? You get a failing grade. You get in trouble with your parents. You are brought up in somehow something is wrong with you.

When you fail and you’re starting your company, you realized we fail quite a bit. But people don’t seem to notice that we failed seven or eight out of ten times. What they noticed is when you hit those homeruns that 2 out of 10, that 1 out of 10. Everyone is like wow you must be amazing and you realized that the rewards far outweighs the pain and some of the embarrassment that happens when you fail. If you learn that it’s okay to fail. Just fail fast. Pick yourself up and keep going. Guys, life becomes a lot easier. Secret to success no. 8 that isn’t taught in school is how to become a great negotiator. In school we’re taught accept what you’re given. You get in the lunch line.

You’re given a lunch just like everyone else and yeah the guy in front of you got a bigger piece of pizza. That person over there got a bigger piece of cake or a larger apple and you are just stuck with this. There’s nothing you can do about it. But in life if you let that happen to you all the time, you’re going to find that yeah by chance, by luck you may have some good things come in your way but you are going to get the short end of the stick. I do believe a person should be a great negotiator. What you need to be doing is saying you know what, I’m great at what I do and you negotiate a higher salary when you’re getting hired cause you realize that’s when you got the most bargaining power. You will find on a daily basis that you can become a better negotiator simply by always asking is that your best deal. Can you do better than that? Understand in a negotiation that price is just one of the many factors. It could be could you throw in for free. Can you look to actually provide this extra service? Something that isn’t really worth anything to them could be of high value to you and all the sudden you get a better deal. Gentlemen, negotiation is a skill that with time and with practice and right education you can become better at it very quickly. Secret to success no.

9 that school doesn’t teach you is that emotional trumps logic. In school we are taught that logic rules all. In fact, we have multiple choice tests. We have formulas to be able to break things out. We are taught that people behave rationally. That’s a bunch of BS. People most of the time behave irrationally. They are emotional human beings. If you think about marriage in general we see somebody. We fall in love with them. We don’t even check their credit score. Well some of you guys do.

But we don’t look at the logical things that we should which are going to be the long term indicators of is this going to be a successful relationship. Instead we say love at first sight. Let’s go to Vegas. We get married and yeah two months later you’re getting a divorce and your life is in ruins. The thing is when you understand that we are emotionally driven, that we are illogical human beings you can set up systems and protections in your life to ensure that you don’t make these bad emotional decision. Secret to success no. 10 not taught in school is how to have empathy for other people. How to understand and how to see things from their point of view so that you better understand them and you emotionally connect. People want to spout what they have to say and they want to be confirmed that they are right. They’re not really interested in hearing what the other party has to say. I listen to people on both sides. It’s just one of those things that I really feel if education systems taught people how to simply emotionally connect with others so that they would be open to listening.

I’m not saying agree with them. I don’t think we’re ever going to have full agreement on everything. But it would be something that you understand where they’re coming from. I think if schools can help us maybe by teaching that us maybe it would be a better world. Guys, okay, so that is my mine. I would love to hear from you gentlemen down in the comments. What would you have added to this post? What did school not teach you and guys go check out Skillshare. I was really excited to get these guys as a paid sponsor because I already used their service. It was the perfect storm for me. It’s like gosh I used their service, I loved what they’re doing. If you take nothing else from this post, go out there and continuously every single day try to become a little bit better. Because when you do that you’re going to find over time you are going to make huge improvements and you’re going to start to be able to live the life become the man you know yourself to be.

Guys, that’s it. Take care. I’ll see you in the next post.

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