10 Simple Steps To Upgrade Your Style Easy Fashion Hacks To Improve Outfit

Ten simple style steps that you can take today to upgrade your wardrobe and your look so that you become the best-dressed you really quick. Tip one. Purge your closet. Gentlemen, if it does not fit you if it is stained if it has holes, get rid of it. Now, there may be some items you are unsure about. It’s like, Carl, man I spent a lot of money I like this, I do not wear it very often, but I want to keep it, I just know someday I will use it.

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Okay. Put those items in a box, put a date on that box. Put it in the back of your closet and if you need you can break into it. But, if you have not broken into that box for year, donate it. The point is I want to have and you need to have a better picture of your closet and the only way to dot that is to get rid of items which are simply cluttering up space and preventing you from actually seeing what you truly own. Tip two. Go out there and buy core wardrobe items you are missing. So, you purge you look through there, you now realize I do not actually have a great pair of dark-colored jeans that I love the fit of and when I put on I feel like a million bucks. So, go out there and buy them, get them. Now, you may say, hey, all of my t-shirts they all had holes they were stained or they just didn’t fit me very well. Go out there and find a brand that works for you with the particular t-shirt that’s going to look good on your body type because maybe you got a little bit of extra weight in and around the midsection, well, then look for button downs, look at a chambray, look at linen. So many things that could be in your core wardrobe identify what you need.

And guys, down in the description, I will link over to, you know, where I talk more about what’s in a core wardrobe. But being able to identify what you are missing, go out there and purchase it immediate and instantly you are going to step up your style. Bonus tip. Start to wear a watch. Guys, I have talked about watches before and here’s the deal with the watch is I know that many of you guys are saying my cellphone it tells me the time. It’s not about telling you the time, oftentimes it is about your relationship with time and I think accessories because when you start to wear a watch, you start to pay attention to other accessories, you start getting into watches, you start to realize all the different options out there, you start to pay attention to those small details. And other people that are into this especially people that maybe you want to get to know, they noticed these small details. Now, guys, when to start when you are looking for your first watch? Check out The Fifth. I have talked about these guys before, they have been a sponsor for two years. I’m proud to have them as sponsor because actually they got me back into watches. They sent me some watches, I checked them out at store and I’m like, these are nice, they are timeless, they are elegant, they look good. Notice this one right here, I love it, they’ve got this little brand, but they’ve sent me some extra ones.

I want to send them your way, so go check out their website. Let me know your favorite of the various collections out there and check out their website, some pretty cool stuff coming up. Did you notice that on 5th, they actually had a limited edition of the Melbourne called Class Act. This watch, it was released back on May 5th. It’s sold out in less than half an hour. Gentlemen, I’m going to link to The Fifth Watches down below. You want to get on their e-mail list and this is why. Let me show you this watch right here. This is called the Melbourne Sport. They’re only making a hundred of these watches. They’re going to be available June 6th. You want to be on that e-mail list, so you can go in there and grab them.

I know for some of their other specials they’ve had, they sell out sometimes in thirty minutes to an hour, so do not wait. Definitely, guys go check them out, a great company. I have been with them for awhile. If nothing else, go check out their website, let me know what your favorite style, be particular be exact exactly what you like because when I have got some extras and I have got some other ones that I didn’t even show you guys right here, I want to send them out your way. The next step to improving your style fast gentlemen is take your clothing to the tailor and I’m not just talking about sports jacket and suits. I know a lot of you guys do that or maybe you buy from a place they tailor to adjust. I’m talking about your casual clothing, so, yes, you can get your jeans adjusted to fit you better. You can actually take all of those casual shirts, get them adjusted. T-shirts maybe not so much, but it is one of those things when you start to pay attention to fit. And take in some of your best fitting shirts and say, you know what? I here’s exactly what I want. Know the name of your tailor. I told you your tailor is your best friend and this person can make you look great can take that clothing that maybe the fit was so-so and then he can adjust it to fit you and you are going to look amazing.

Step number four. Put together a couple of solid monochromatic looks. And monochromatic means that it is one color up and down, but go with darker colors. So, I know a lot of you guys may default to black, but look at blues, look at grays, darker grays especially. That’s going to work. I like gray because it is a non-color and you can start to mix it with other ones especially with maybe a dark gray pair of jeans or something like that. But, blues, indigos, dark blues, I know that’s what I go for because I like to mix browns, I like to bring in olive greens and other darker colors for my shirts for navy shirts and many of you guys know that’s my go-to shirt. But, all of a sudden you have got two to three monochromatic looks and you know that you just look great so you can slip on other pieces of clothing maybe a sports jacket and I will get to that here in a second. But, as you can see this is a great look that you can build off of. Now, some of you guys maybe wondering, okay, I’m lighter-colored, is that going to work? Yes to a degree. Don’t maybe go with a black, go with something that’s less stark of a contrast. So medium grays, lighter grays.

I would be careful maybe with going with really light monochromatic looks like do not go with all white unless you are incredibly confident, then, yeah, I guess you could pull that off. Next stop and related to the point I just talked about, practice wearing a sports jacket. I know many of you guys are saying, Carl it is too hot in my area or I just do not feel good in a sports jacket. Understand maybe you are not comfortable because you have not practiced wearing it. Go a week, try wearing a sports jacket and it is okay if it is the same sports jacket. Maybe not to work, but if you have got a rotation or if you can just try wearing it a couple of times, you get used to it. And what happens and maybe you just want to start wearing it around the house. I know maybe that sounds odd, but what happens is when you go out to the store, you just do not bother taking it off. You wear it out there and you feel good. You become comfortable and confident wearing the sports jacket. And I can tell you guys if you have got a little bit of extra weight in and around the midsection, nothing is going to make you look stronger, taller, more masculine, leaner, than a sports jacket. I love sports jackets.

I know many of you guys are saying, Carl, you always say a sports jacket, but I know that they can help make you look better. They just build up the shoulders, they help trim you up, it is just a great look for men. Okay. So, that last point I know a lot of you guys are saying, Carl, I’m not going to wear a sports jacket, you are just not going to convince me. Then, bring in a signature piece and this could be there’s a wide variety out there. Maybe look at wearing a vest, so you can go to the thrift stores pick them up pretty inexpensively. But, I do recommend you find one that you love, one that when you put on you are like, wow, I look good in this thing and that right there actually if you look at especially if you are wearing a dress shirt or a casual shirt that’s tucked in and maybe has a bit of contrast between your top and your your bottom, when you bring in the vest, it actually brings the outfit together. But maybe you want to bring in something like a pair of boots. I know it is not going to be for everyone, very regional, but I mean look at these things. Actually, I stole them from my friend, he’s a I’m at his house, Ryan Masters. This guy goes country western dancing, lives in Denver. This is his signature piece along with vest and a few other things.

But, find your signature items, it may be a hat and I would love to hear from you guys also down in the comments what is the signature item that you pull off because I know people are always looking for ideas and I want to hear from you. Tip number seven. Learn to care for your clothing. Why is this on the list? Because so many guys tell me I’m afraid to buy nice clothing because I’m going to ruin it. Well, not if you know how to take care of it. You do not believe me? Go back look at how men were dressed a hundred years ago and clothing at that point was a lot more expensive for the percentage of their budget, but they still dress nice they still look good because they took care of their clothing. So, treat stains immediately, know when to send something out to get dry cleaned when you can just do a spot cleaning. In addition, when you wear nice shoes, polish them before you put the back away. Why? So, that when you are in a hurry, you put on polished shoes versus having to say, oh, I do not have time to actually polish my shoes. And then, you skip it and you just do not dress well, so learn to take care of your clothing gents. My next tip is going to rile some of you guys up, but stop wearing running shoes and wear your sneakers less often. Instead, rotate in and bring in some leather casual shoes.

Something that, yes, is not a dress shoe, but it is made from leather is casual and looks great. This right here is going to level up your style. Now, I have nothing against sneakers, I think some sneakers are great, but if you are wearing them six days a week or five days a week and the other two days you are wearing your running shoes, we have an issue. Now, running shoes are for when you are running. Sneakers are great are casual, they’ve got some decent tractions. So, if you are on the basketball court or you are going to be, you know, walking around you want something really comfortable, you can still find a great pair of casual leather shoes that are comfortable, look great, and when people see those, it instantly levels up your style. Tip number nine. Create a specific savings account for your wardrobe. Yes, name it, put it out there. I know with my bank, I have got like twenty five different savings accounts that pull from my checking account every single week and the money goes into all these different places. And what’s great about this is when you are ready to buy it, you have already got it budgeted it is already out there, you have saved up for it. You you are rewarding yourself for not buying it for maybe six weeks for maybe ten weeks, I do not know twenty weeks maybe you want to go get that really expensive, but amazing leather jacket that you saw and you loved as a young man and it is been five years.

Now, you saved the money, yeah, it may be a splurge, but you know what? You’ve already put it aside you had to discipline and you can reward yourself that’s even better when you can gamify it and reward yourself because guys you want to have clothing that you love. Tip number ten. Find a way to be held accountable to this change to this self-improvement. Join toastmasters and know that when you are going to get up in front of that crowd that you need to present yourself that you want to have an outfit that is going to match all the time and effort you put into your presentation. Maybe with your company, offer to volunteer to be able to speak and to teach certain topics, so you are going to be on post and you need to be able to dress a bit better. The point is gentlemen be held accountable. I have also got my Facebook group, it is free to join. But, guys find a way find a community that’s going to support you that’s going to help you take the next step. All right, gentlemen that’s it. What did I miss? What would you have added to this list? What did you like? What what could have I made better? You know I love to hear from you guys down in the comments. And go check out The Fifth. I’m going to link to them down in the description.

June 5th, that new watch is coming out. They’re only putting out a hundred, so you want to be on their e-mail list if you want to have a chance of grabbing this new watch. And, guys they are making a lot of changes over there. A good company, I like what they are doing and I wear their watches, I have got some extras. So, go visit their website and let me know which ones you would like to have sent to you. That’s it, guys. Take care. I will see you later.

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