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Good evening everyone! Today, I’m gonna share my nighttime skincare routine. This was highly requested, because I shared two morning skincare routines And everyone’s like where’s the nighttime version? So I’m finally posting it, and I decided to talk through each of the products that I use and keep it a bit casual today. So, I hope you guys enjoy this routine, and I hope you find helpful I’m gonna first start off by clipping my bangs and tying my hair, so it does not get in the way. First, I’m going to remove my point makeup, and I’m gonna use this a Aritaum lip and eye remover, and Cotton pads from Missha. I really like these ones, because it is layered and there are five of them. But I only take two to save the cotton, and I basically shake this up and then pour a little bit on to the cotton pad, And then I like to just like rest it on my eyes for like, I do not know, five seconds You can probably see the fibers on the cotton pad, because I have been using a fixer mascara With my neogen one so that my lashes look a lot fuller But yeah, I just removed my makeup like that and I really like the Aritaum one. It’s probably my favorite and I used the moonshot one before, but they do not sell that anymore, So.. I do want to recommend it I have showed this product before on my blog, And I just went back to it. Now after that I have been using a cleansing water because I just like to prep my skin before I use a oil based cleanser so..

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Now, I’m gonna use my oil cleanser, and I really like the ENATURE cleansing balm. This is probably my favorite. Just because it does not sting my eyes. Just spend such a gentle one, and I did use up a lot of it, like, that’s a lot for me. Here we have it, and then I’m just gonna gently massage it onto my face Like this. Before washing it off. I like to wet my hands, and I like to massage it one more time before completely washing it off. I love double cleansing because my face feels super clean, and I can see my makeup like being fully removed. Cleansing is super important because if the foundation is still on your face you can break up from it. So, I like to focus a lot on cleansing. All right. Now, I’m gonna wash it off. Now, I’m going to use the Glow Recipe blueberry balance gentle cleanser. This is one of my favorite gel cleansers because it just does a great job at erasing the makeup, and I do not know it feels very clean. It’s super gentle, and I love it But if foams really well as well. After double cleansing, I like to follow up with an exfoliator or a pore control mask and I’m going to go with an exfoliator today So you use the gauze side to gently exfoliate And then you flip it over for the cotton side to basically smooth everything out, But I love this because it is such a gentle exfoliator.

The good thing about this pad is that you can kind of see if you are double cleansing is working, because if you look at the pad, there’s no makeup on here, So I know for a fact that my double cleansing is working which makes me feel very happy. I’m gonna flip it over and then smooth everything out. After that, do not forget to wash it off with lukewarm water and then pat your face dry, because your towel might have umm.. bacteria on it so cut it dry After I’d finished patting my face dry, I follow up with the Acwell 5.5 liquorice toner this is super hydrating and I use a cotton pad first, because I want to see if my Cleansing was good enough, because if there is foundation it does transfer on to the pad. No foundation has transferred on to this cotton pad, so I know for a fact that my cleansing routine is amazing and then I’m gonna layer up one more time using this toner right here. For essence, I’m going to be using the Neogen real ferment micro essence. Look at how much I have used. Yes, this is such a hydrating product, and I have been using this religiously and I like to layer this up around three times. Three, all right. Now, I’m gonna follow up with an eye cream. This is a sample from Lancome. I have been really loving it and I actually checked the real price of this, and it is not it is not cheap. But I got a big size as a sample. So, I’m just gonna finish using that before using another and I’m just gonna gently put this on to my eyes around my eyes.

Sorry. And, finally, we have to MAKE P:REM save me relief moisture cream and this only has 12 ingredients and I have been loving this product like look at how much I used up already and I like to mix in three drops of the Triple C lightening liquid Because that will help brighten up my acne scars I loved this moisturizer. So, that’s it for my nighttime skincare routine. Please give it a thumbs up if you found it helpful and comment down below What your holy grail of nighttime skincare product is and if you are interested in any other products that I mentioned I will link it down below in the description box, and I will see you in my next one. Bye!.

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