Hey guys welcome back to my blog my name is Alaina and today’s post is ten quick and easy braided hairstyles some of them are twists but they are super fast and easy. So if you are heading back to school this year this is perfect for you, I know when, I was in high school you wanted to sleep in you didn’t want to spend too much time on your hair or makeup but these hairstyles are perfect if you want something quick and fun and it also looks like you spent a lot more time than you actually did on them. So if you want to see ten quick and easy braided hairstyles then just keep on reading the West Road okay starting with no extensions in my hair today I’m wearing the lux e seamless collection in blonde balayage most of these hairstyles are totally doable without extensions but, I just wanted to show you the variety of styles you can get from wearing the extensions especially because my hair sometimes is not long enough for the braids that, I want to achieve also, I always clip in my extensions to F’s at a time just for added thickness and volume now for my two two clip weft instead of clipping them in horizontally I’m clipping them in vertically just because this minimizes the chances of seeing the extensions making sure, I have some small clear elastics on hand, I’m taking one whole side of my hair making sure I’m leaving out pieces at the front and just securing both pieces together with the elastic and then I’m going to take the ponytail and just flip it through the middle and this just creates a really pretty twist and we are gonna do the exact same thing on a lower section of hair.


So grabbing two sections of hair securing it with an elastic and then flipping it through the middle now you could totally leave the hairstyle like this, I think it looks beautiful but, I wanted to add a little fishtail braid with the end pieces of the hair now for this hairstyle I’m taking the whole top section of my hair and securing it in place with a clear elastic and, I always like to take out some wispy pieces around the front part of my face just because, I think it frames it a little nicer to cover that elastic in the back, I’m taking a small piece of hair and wrapping it around and then just taking a bobby pin and pinning it underneath. So that you do not see it with the remaining pieces of hair, I’m just doing a simple three strand braid for this hairstyle I’m taking out my tutu clip West and parting my hair to the side rather than the middle and we are gonna be replacing the two clip wife’s on the side with more hair just. So that we have longer strands to work with now this hairstyle is great if you do not know how to braid because it looks like it is a braid but it is just a couple twists.

So you are taking two sections of hair securing it with a clear elastic and then just flipping it through the middle the same technique as the first hairstyle and then you are taking the remainder piece of that ponytail and grabbing a new section of hair near the front of your head securing it together and flipping it through the middle you can do this technique all the way down if you want it looks like a faux fishtail but, I’m just finishing it right underneath my ear now for this hairstyle we are keeping our hair to the side still but I’m going to show you a little trick, I like to do with my two clip wife’s, I like to flip them over. So that they become a 1 clip weft and this just gives you double the amount of hair than the normal 1 clip weft. So you could totally still use your 1 clip weft if you want to you but, I like to have even more hair.

So this is a little trick, I do to achieve that once they are clipped in I’m doing a regular Dutch braid very close to my scalp all the way down to the ends of my hair and securing it with a clear elastic now, I love to fluff out my braids it just makes sure that all the extensions are fully covered and it just makes it look a lot softer and bigger to hide the ends of the braid, I’m just flipping it underneath the rest of my hair and taking a couple of bobby pins and securing it in place now for this hairstyle we are keeping the braids that we have already and we are just taking the rest of our hair and gathering it to one side and creating a big messy bun, I always like to take a couple bobby pins just to make sure, I like the height of it then we are gonna take the braid and wrap it around. So that you do not see any clips or elastics this hairstyle is definitely the fastest out of them all and it’s. So easy to do you are just gonna start off with two pieces of hair and twist them around each other and then you are gonna pick one strand where you add some more hair with it every single time.

So you can see here I’m just adding some hair as, I go around on the top section and not the bottom section and it just creates a really big fluffy twist securing it in place and we are gonna do the exact same thing on the opposite side now this next hairstyle is my favorite when you want everything off of your face and off of your back you are going to take the top section of your hair and twist it really tightly to the tops of your ear and then take a couple of bobby pins and secure it in place now with the top section of the remaining hair you are going to create a little three strand braid halfway down and then secure it to the bottom piece of your hair now you can leave it like this and have more of a ponytail but I’m gonna finish the rest of the hair and just continue that 3 strand braid right to the ends now this braid was definitely my go-to in high school just because, I didn’t really know many techniques at this stage and this one was just the one, I knew and, I always rocked it it is your typical simple French braid, I like to tie it really loose in my hair just because, I love when all of my layers fall out and frame my face securing the ends with the clear elastic and then I’m gonna go through and even pull out some more pieces and make the braid look a little bit fuller now for this hairstyle I’m starting with no extensions and I’m just gonna split my hair in half and secure one side away you want to clip in your extensions separately for each side for this hairstyle or you will see them in the back. So I’m gonna take that two clip weft that we made into a one clip and just clip it near the top and then I’m gonna do the same technique with a three clip weft I’m gonna clip one clip over. So that it becomes a two clip weft and this just gives me more hair like, I said before to work with once everything’s clipped in you are just gonna do a tight Dutch braid all the way to the ends of your hair and secure it in place once it is secure, I like to fluff it out just a little bit and this just really makes sure that none of the extensions are showing now you are just going to do the exact same thing on the other side now for the final hairstyle, I love this one you are gonna undo the braid just halfway to the bottom of your head and just take the ends of your hair and make a really messy bun, I like to take my elastic and tie it a couple different times and then also take some bobby pins and secure it in place and I’m just doing the exact same thing on the other side and I’m.

So obsessed with this hairstyle, I think it’s. So cute. So that is it for this post guys let us know if you recreate any of these hairstyles at home by hashtagging e hair because we love seeing what you come up with do not forget to Like and comment and I will see you guys soon why won’t you come.

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