Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies. I’m so excited. Because we have another 10 hairstyles it is exciting for you. But that means, I have to do the 10 hairstyles or you know with him all these hairstyles are going to be featuring Topsy tails they are fast they are simple and they are gorgeous there are.


So many different variations let’s get started the first hairstyle is going to be a diagonal Topsy tail updo very simple all you will need for all of these hairstyles is going to be some clear elastics your finger or. If you want to use kind of like this Topsy tail helper or guide they are very easy to come by you can get a drugstore Amazon Ulta and we are actually sampling some hair elastics. Because in the future we are thinking to sell these. So these ones, I really like they are snack free they do not snap easy and they are just awesome I’m gonna start on a deeper part and I’m gonna grab my first section to create my ponytail you are gonna split the ponytail right in half or right above the clear elastic and then just take the hair up and through the hole or you can use your little tool I’m just gonna use my finger for now the next part is probably the most difficult you just have to repeat the first step and make sure you include the ponytail into your section you get a ponytail you split it in half and you bring the ponytail through over and under its Besim last section you want to do it blow your ear and then I’m just gonna roll it up and just secure underneath the last tops of tail with a few bobby pins and that’s it, I think the overall look is phenomenal it is a great for special events for every day to the gym running errands this is an amazing versatile hairstyle and it should take you five to seven minutes. If that to complete this look simple yet elegant this next one is really simple and takes minutes to accomplish this one is great for school for work the office or just everyday in general I’m gonna split my hair right down the middle from front to the back and create a ponytail on each side to create a Topsy tail split the ponytails in half and create your Topsy tail, I did under and over and then take the two ponytails meet them in the middle and that created a messy bun out of it to complete the entire look this should take your total maybe two minutes to complete just. Because it is two tops of tails and a messy bun in the back to complete the look, I just like that it gives a little cool edge to your regular bun it gives a really cool pattern in the back with the tops of tails the next one is going to be upside down top details into space buns same thing split my hair or right in the middle front to the back and then we are gonna take one section of the hair and just put it away. Because we are not gonna touch up for now put it away as.

If I’m you know putting it somewhere in the closet I’m going to be working in smaller sections just. Because, I want that really intense dimension from the Topsy tail. So you can do bigger sections even smaller it is up to you it is gonna be the same gist create a ponytail split it in half this one’s going to be going under and over make sure the ponytail is going towards the top not towards the bottom and you want to not forget the ponytail from the first Topsy tail into the next ponytail it is gonna be all one big section once, I reach the crown I’m gonna create a messy space bun with the rest of the hair leave it be and then move on to the second side and create the exact same Topsy tail upside down into a space bun keep a similar as many sections you have on the right side or the left side just to keep it uniform and equal and then create the space buns I’m gonna make them a little bigger and then secure everything with a couple of bobby pins and there we have it, I love space buns they have. So many different variations this is my top to tail variation the next one is going to be a super simple edgy look I’m gonna take my hair and part it to a deep side and then we are gonna start doing really simple tiny little Topsy tails kind of like a braid. But instead of braiding will do a Topsy tail that’s it, I did a total of four sections it should take you a minute to a minute and a half. If that depending how fast you are with your hands. But this one it gives a nice as you look, I think he looks amazing and keep it nice and tight I’m not gonna pull it apart and that’s it you guys, I do not know what else to say simple yet elegant once again this next one is going to include a braid, I know al.

But not really braids are awesome alongside with tops of tails, I had to include a braid, I promise it is the only one in this post. So I’m gonna create a Dutch braid from the front to the crown of my head and tie it off a Dutch braid is we are going to take the outer sections and you cross them under the middle section to create that beautiful braid I’m gonna tie off the braid right on top of the crown and create my first Topsy tail this one’s gonna go over and under and then just continue grabbing section after section it is creating that Topsy tail making sure the pony tail is going towards the bottom not towards the top and I’m gonna finish it off at the very bottom creating one tiny little Topsy tail and then I’m gonna kind of roll it underneath tuck it away with bobby pins and there we have it for the fifth one, I hope you guys like this one a lot of texture and dimension happen in here, I love it we just took a break went to get some food ate and now we are back to post the rest of the hairstyles. So this next hairstyle is going to be kind of like a take on the skeleton braid. But Topsy tail version, and it is just gonna be right here to the crown. So it is not gonna be all of your hair. So I’m gonna section my hair off into the one section that I’m actually going to use and create the Topsy tail out of and then the rest of the hair I’m gonna put it back and not worry about it and just begin doing your Topsy tails first the ponytail split it in half and then create your Topsy tail and there we have it it is also very simple, and it is for those that do not want to braid and this will last day night an extra five days it will be nice and secure in your head, I love this look it is very edgy very retro very much Malibu approved next one is going to be a Topsy tail headband very simple. But very effective I’m going to section off the hair for the headband portion from, I think from the back of my ear to the other back of my ear and just kind of maybe an inch to two inches thick this headband is probably foolproof probably go hiking swimming rock climbing go bite professionally.

But this is not going anywhere, I mean the rest of your hair will. But not this you are welcome this next one is going to be another updo I’m gonna slip my hair right down the middle just right here on the top and look from the front to the crown of the head and then I’m gonna do two to three tops of tails on each side. But not as tight you will see I’m gonna pull it apart just a little bit to give it more dimension once the three loose tops of tails are done in each side with the rest of the hair I’m going to create a low messy bun secure within the last 10 make it bigger and secure it with bobby pins this hairstyle is giving me very 1800 survived I’m not mad at it, I like all the texture, I like all the volume let me know what you think Andre said this reminds him of the annum green gables show that was on Netflix, I do not know why who had poopy hair there and was an orphan this next one is kind of like a headband. But it is gonna start in the middle this one is amazing for banks. If you are growing out your bangs or just for fringes it is an amazing hairstyle that’s super simple. But really really cute I’m gonna take bigger sections for this hairstyle just. Because we are working with less sections and here’s the ninth year style very easy.

But it is really cute and, I like that you can do this one for bangs or fringes we are almost done we are humus at the finish line, I left the best for last it is the best for me. Because it is the last one. So let’s get started alright. So this one is going to be the Dutch version of a Topsy tail I’m excited. So instead of taking the Topsy tail over it under it is going to be under and over, I have a total of five sections and now I’m going to pull them apart I’m only going to focus the hair right where it is kind of like the inside of where the clear elastic is where’d the Topsy tail starts creating that’s where I’m gonna pull apart the hair, I just finish it off with a really really small bubble bun, I like to call it just to match the rest of the hairstyle and there we have it this hairstyle is really sporty edgy. But yeah it is really romantic and elegant yes we made it to the very end Abby is very happy right now. So is Andre we are bringing back hairstyle of the day very soon who is excited.

Because, I am, I really like those posts and let me know which hairstyle today was your favorite, I do not know, I think the first one and this one might be my favorite what about you babe it is like the diagonal one, I kind of like the curved are you guys thank you for reading spending time with us, I love you all very much and I will see you in the next one bye.

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