Hey all, Welcome back you guys. I’m so glad you could join me for another post you guys always ask how do, I get so much volume in my short lifeless limp hair and I’m here to share with you guys my 10 ways to create more volume. So if you want to learn how to get this bouncy and luminous hair just first tip we are going to start in the shower already did that my hair is nicely clean and the first tip is going to be using some type of illuminating shampoo and conditioner first step you got to do is obviously get naked get into the shower and start with your favorite volumizing shampoo and obviously do your research some shampoos will not work for you that work for me. If you have thicker coarse hair curly whatever it is do your research ask your hairstylist this is the one that works really well for me, I start lathering into my hair about a quarter size amount and then rinse it out and move on to this beloved conditioner and, I only focus on conditioner from my middle to my ends just. Because, I do not like putting regular conditioner into my roots at all. Because it will weigh down my hair a lot once I’m nice and squeaky cologne, I come out of the shower and, I tell John my hair very gently kind of just sick do over here in the bottom and that’s it, I do not rub it in there too much and then this is where the tip number two comes in you want to invest into some kind of boost volumizing products for example there is mousse there is mist sprays there is sprays like thickening sprays like this.


But for my hair. Because it is really thin and fine, I like to stay away from the mousse, I just do not like the way it gives my hair that weird texture once, I dry it out it kind of gives like the tacky feeling. So, I like to stick with something light and some kind of mist. So this one is the Kendra thickening spray it is amazing it works very well like, I did say it is very light it does not weigh down my hair miss smells. So good ah smells. So good smells like a candy there’s all these products make my hair smell amazing, I just kind of like sit there sniff it it smelled like cotton candy. So the reason why these kind of root boosting products are amazing for your hair is.

Because they provide structure and hold to your limp fine hairs to add that great volume once you are done styling. So for tip number three, I will show you two different ways of how you can dry your hair to get more volume to your roots and to the rest of your hair and one thing, I do recommend is do not use the highest heat setting just. Because it will damage your hair and it will dry it out even more than you need to you will probably look like Einstein oh and you get. But crazy hair, I do not think you want that I’m smart yeah. But his hair was not pretty. So, I recommend using the medium or the low key say you think you are funny do not you yes yeah and I’m using my gh3 blow dryer and I’m using the concentrator nozzle as well and I’m going to use a brown brush. So the second way you can dry your hair is obviously draw your hair upside down, I like to dry it with a paddle brush kind of just brush it towards the top or towards the bottom when you dry your hair it helps lift your roots away from your scalp and it sets it in place.

Because of the heat and then once I’m done drying about 90%, I flip it back around and, I use the paddle or the round brush to kind of give it a nice blowout towards the end to finish it off and style it. So once, I get to the top it is 90% dry, I actually start sectioning my hair from the very back and, I do section by section until, I reach the front. So, I pull this back and, I make sure to blow-dry my hair get a paddle or a round brush and I’d like to dry it like this going towards the top and then rounding it out towards the back this just gives my hair so much volume and it gives it a beautiful blowout tip number four is to create a different parting line. So like, I mentioned this many times this is what really really really works for me and my hair is let’s say, I part my hair usually on my left side or my right side, I will part it and dry it on the opposite side and then I will flip it back and style it that way and it will give the instant volume. So for today, I will part my hair on my right side. So I’m going to dry on my left all of it towards the right all right let’s flip it to the other side let’s go on the right side and flip it around do you guys see that works every time changing your party line does really help to amplify the volume and your roots just. Because.

If you are used to one side of your hair or even in the middle and then you switch it up it does kind of reset your party line and. If you do need extra help to hold the party line in place just spray a little hairspray and also what helps to hold is heat. If you use a cooler setting or a warm setting to set it in place it will stay there all day long and concerning the party line, I actually told my husband to try that. Because he’s growing his hair on the very top and it was kind of limping to one side. So, I told him hey try it out and do it the other opposite side dry it like that and bring it back to the other side he did it and was amazed never looks back tip number five is going to be focusing on hot rollers yes hot rollers are pretty much old school. But I love them they work awesome to do wonders for my short limp hair and, I only focus on this top section here where, I want the volume let me quickly turn these on and I’m using the t3 hot rollers they are expensive. But they are definitely worth the price great investment for your hair they are awesome handle with caution you guys it is kind of hot wrap this around and down and clip and you always want to roll away from your face to give as much volume as possible.

So this is what, I do have two on the top smaller one and the larger one in the back to small and two of big ones in the back. If you want extra hold for your volume just add a little bit of hairspray to each section before you roll it and then once you take it out you will have that extra hold that you are looking for and for the next 20 minutes, I will probably be drinking my green smoothie from Panera Bread it is delicious look at that amazing somebody just gonna take my paddle brush and just brush right here out and look at that volume. So pretty look. So you got a blowout and you have like ten times more volume. So let’s say it is like your second or third day hair, and it is feeling a little limp and you just do not have the time to use hot rollers or you simply do not have them use a really big curling iron and we are going to do exactly the same thing we are gonna do by sections on the very top of my head we are going to curl them away from my face to add that volume this takes not even five minutes to do taking my curling iron I’m gonna clamp it back towards the very end. But I’m just rolling it underneath like a roller keep it there for five to ten seconds depending how big of a section you have got let go you see that instant volume and the same thing with the rollers you can add some hairspray to each section before you roll it, I feel like a 60s or 50s housewife the crazy volume in my hair love it. So tip number seven is going to make my hair even crazier we are branding it back to the 80s we are going to crimp our roots, I know crazy cool payment has a crimper anymore at these days.

But. If you do and you like crimping your hair or you like that texture it gives do this it is fast it is easy you only want to focus on your hair that’s not on the top underneath like the second layer underneath your top hairs. Because you do not want that crazy crimp truth on the very top unless you like that look then Plus this is also really great for when you braid to give your hair extra texture. So if you wanted hairy there we go, I give it to you very hairy. So what it basically does is it gives your roots the illusion that you have a lot more hair just. Because of that crimping effect and texture it is really great it is really fast easy like, I said is beautiful for your braids as well it gives a lot of texture and volume. So tip number eight is where I’m going to focus on the products that help finish styling your hair and give your hair extra volume and extra hold the first one is a dry shampoo and the one I’m loving is Elizabeth James Nirvana the black version and the reason why address imp was a really great is.

Because a they give you volume – they give you texture and three they give you the extra day or two days even to not wash your hair. Because washing hair every single day especially for a very thin fine hair is not the best. Because you are stripping down your natural oils. So basically what, I do very very simple, I just take my dry shampoo add it to my roots let it sit there for like five to ten seconds and then, I take my fingers and just kind of work the product into my roots and then let’s say you do not like using dry shampoos or it is just not working for you with that specific attraction puh there are specific products for the very last step is finishing sprays and this is the BB thickening dry spun finish spray this is after everything that you have done this is the last step. So what you want to do is just take it to your roots kind of like a dry shampoo and this adds a lot of hold to my hair a lot of volume, and it is just great it works very well especially in the humid heat here in Florida and, I feel like my hair kind of just like fell down I will take this again and it just does wonders it is such a great product. So this brings me to tip number nine back combing back brushing or teasing your hair, I actually like to stay away from teasing my hair as much as possible. Because the more you tease it the more it gets tangled, and it is very hard to kind of unravel again.

So, I like to stick with back combing or back brush in my hair. So what that is is you take a paddle brush any kind of size paddle brush would do and you take your hair take a section of hair and like to brush it out first and then very gently just back comb your hair just like that very jelly back comb it. So it is kind of like teasing. But it is a lot gentler and then once I’m done, I kind of place it down and very gently just comb the very top, I can still run my hands through and it does not feel like a rat’s nest in my hair and it gives that beautiful volume and it gives it texture as well oh, I know it is a lot of information you guys. But they are all very simple and the very last tip that, I can give you guys is to sleep with a very high top nut or a high ponytail. Because I’m talking with my experience. Because, I have short hair the only way, I can do a top nut is with my top hair right here.

So, I will just take a section where, I want the most volume and, I make sure this is not like tight to my head it is kind of loose all of this hair right here and then just tie it back with a ponytail and just go to sleep wake up the next morning take it out and it will be beautiful voluminous and know what you will have a slight wave and yeah that’s that’s it you guys there’s. So many ways to get more volume in your hair. But this is my top ten and just a quick disclaimer no, I do not do all this to my hair every single time I will do it maybe like one or the other I will do maybe like the hot rolled or one day blow-dry it and then maybe add some dry shampoo and then the next time, I will crimp my hair grab a little bit of the dry spun finish spray it all depends on what my hair needs that day or that week, I do not recommend to do this all at once. Because that’s a lot of stuff in your hair a lot of product and, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found some maybe tips on how to create more volume to your hair. If you have some secrets that you guys like to share comment down below thumbs up this post. If you enjoyed it and, I will see you guys very soon in the next one thank you so much for reading and spending some time with me, I’m mulatto and, I love you guys all. So very much bye.

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