10 Ways to Style Bangs Fringe Hairstyles

Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA, and today I’m going to show you different ways to wear your bangs. So you are going to love me for this post because I get asked a lot how to style the front part of your bangs especially in the summertime when you want your hair off your face. So this is a great post. So I’m going to begin by showing you what I’m going to call my number one, which is the swoop bangs. Now, I’m not going to show you how to style this one because most people know how to do it, but it is just where you wear your bangs over to the corner of your eyebrow so they just kind of gently swoop. You can also do this if you do not have an actual bang cut. You just wear your long layers to the side and it looks great. Number . Side bangs. So if you are wearing your hair like this as a swoop, great easy way to do it, simply take your bangs, brush them up like so so that they are not any longer on your forehead. Talk about an easy variation, but it gets the bangs off your forehead and out of your face. Number . Take your bangs like this, pull them back. We’re going to call this the pull back.

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And just to lay them flat on your head, take a tiny little clip and clip them. There’s number three, easy and fun. Number . Take your pull back that you just did, your small pull back, unclip it, take the same section, push it forward like so. Can you see how that bumps it? And now it becomes a small pompadour. See that? Using the same clip, clip it in place. It’s just a little more bumped. Small pompadour. Number . The large pullback. So for this one, you are going to just take kind of like from eyebrow to eyebrow a section, so you combine all of your hair with your bangs on this one, pull it back as flat as you can, take a clip, put it in, clip it shut.

And then put a little poof on the sides and there you have the large pull back. Number . The large pompadour. So take your clip out using the same section that you were using before, take your fingers and push it forward. So now you have a nice bump. You can use a clip again if you want or I like to use bobby pins a lot on this one, but make sure you just keep that poof up front because that’s what makes it different. And there you go, the large pompadour. Number . The single twist. So taking your bangs, start where your part is and just begin to twist as you add little bits of hair in while you are twisting until you get to the edge of your other eyebrow like so.

And then you can pin in on top or underneath. I’m going to pin it underneath for now using a bobby pin, and then let your hair fall over the top, and there you have a nice little twist. Number . The two-strand French twist. So take your elbows and move them to one side, pick up a piece of hair, divide it into two sections, and then begin twisting towards the back. And then you are going to add in hair, twist to the back again, add in hair, twist towards the back, and in hair, twist towards the back, and I will do one more small one, twist towards the back. And then just continue the twist and bobby pin it. I find it helpful on this one to just go back, give the little twist a nice tug to add a little bit more softness and fullness. Use a bobby pin to secure and hide it with some other hair. And you are good to go. Number . Double twistbacks. So for this one, you are going to want to part your hair in the middle, which I have already done, and then take a small section in the front and begin twisting it towards your middle part and just adding in hair to just kind of create a twist as you move back along your hairline.

Then along your part line using a bobby pin, secure that twist, then repeat the same thing again twisting towards that center part on the left side. As you go back again, again, use another bobby pin and secure the twist. And you have two, nice middle twists. Number . The lace braid. So begin by picking up a section dividing it into three strands and remember we are doing a lace braid, which means we are only going to pick up on one side of the braid and I’m actually going to do a Dutch braid. And I’m going to braid it down along my forehead just for a little added pizazz. So we are picking up hair, adding it in, trying to keep it on the forehead, and we are going to begin grabbing hair that’s not necessarily bang hair either. We’re bringing in a little bit longer pieces, totally fine. Just keep going until you are comfortable with it. And then an easy way to finish this one off is to take a bobby pin, pin it back, and then use your other hair to hide the bobby. And there you go.

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