100 For Socks 5 Reasons To Pay A Premium For Socks Why Spend More on Quality Hosiery

$100 For Socks 5 Reasons To Pay A Premium For Socks Why Spend More on Quality Hosiery Hi! I’m Carl Centeno. I’m the founder of this style blog. A hundred dollars for socks? I know some of you guys are thinking, Carl, are you crazy? actually, not some of you. Most of you all are thinking, Carl, I would never spend that kind of money. In fact, I’m always looking for the ten dollars and get six pairs or even maybe you are saying you know where you can get a better deal than that. Gentlemen, today, I’m going to give you five reasons why you should consider spending a bit more to get what you want when it comes to socks. And in those five reasons, I’m going to start off with a story. This is actually brought to you by blacksocks.com.

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I really like this company and why it grabbed my attention is the story of the founder. His name is Samy. He’s from Switzerland and he was talking about he was going into a business meeting. This is with some high-ranking company executives. He was young, upcoming marketing exec and they meet at a teahouse, and as is customary, you needed to remove your shoes. All of a sudden, he realized he had a pair of socks on, and these are all they are talking about a million dollar deal here. All he can think about is that his toe is sticking out of his socks on both pairs, and he’s wondering, Do I have time to run home? He’s just worried about this and he’s trying to hide it. He should be thinking about the deal. He should be thinking about how can he better serve his customer, how can he make this deal happen. Instead, he’s thinking about his toe that’s creeping out. The worst part is supposedly, I think somebody did mention to him after the meeting, Yeah. You should’ve seen your toe was sticking right out.

Samy went back and he thought about, Something so small, how did it sabotage my entire night? I think that’s the key point, gentlemen, is socks may seem like a small thing, but think of it like a chain. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. We talk about sweaters, suits, shoes, dress shirts, all these other things. I talk about presentation. It’s about becoming well-rounded. Now, I’m not saying that you need to go out and spend $100. In fact, I’m not even going to highlight there are socks out there that do cost almost $100, but the socks I’m going to talk about today and by the way, Blacksocks has some great deals, which I will be talking about at the end of this, but I want you guys to think about the five reasons why you would possibly pay more and what to look for when you are out there buying socks. Number one is fit. A lot of the socks you are going to see out there, gentlemen, they are made to fit any and all types of feet. You want to avoid those. I would pay a premium for a company that can help get me the exact size I want and actually zero in on that versus I mean, from size 5 to size 14. You’re obviously going to wear a different size sock.

You can put someone with those different feet into the same sock, but it is not going to work great for either man, so it is worth paying a premium for a company. I like Blacksocks that actually has individual sizes. In addition, it is going to stay in place. Have you ever noticed that if you get one of those tube socks that’s made strictly on a machine and is very cheap that you pull the thing up and it is sliding down even after the first time you have bought it definitely after the first wear? Fit is important. It’s going to make you feel more comfortable. You’re going to avoid blisters. That leads to the second point, which is performance. Now, I have been around guys that have spent to $20 to $30 to $40 for socks. Do you know why they are spending that money? For performance. They’re getting what they want out of the socks and these are hikers. These are runners. When I was in the Marines, we would go on a 20 to 25-mile forced march as a battalion.

We would all get together and I can tell you that is excruciating. You’ve got 70 pounds on your back and you are out there with all these hard chargers. A lot of the guys, especially those gunnies for sergeants, they are a little bit older and they are having to keep up with these guys that are 21, 22 years old, in the best shape of their life, and they are looking for all the little edges. One of the things you don’t want to slow you down is literally your feet rubbing raw and bleeding. And so, you would pay for performance socks and that is something worth paying a premium for. Now, let’s talk about longevity. Have you ever bought socks and literally after you have washed them the first time, they are falling apart? It is worth paying for a premium and there are a number of things you can tell if it is a quality sock. First off, let’s look at the stitching. If it says it is hand-sewn on the toe area, that is a great sign, hand-sewn socks on the toe area. If it is straight up and it is sewn at the edge, that’s a machine and those are not going to be great quality. Hand-sewn usually is moved back going across the top and they’ll oftentimes say they are hand-sewn. The reason that’s great is they can tighten it up, they can inspect it, and that is always going to be stronger and more comfortable than a machine-sewn toe.

In addition, you want to make sure that the color, they are using a good dye. Many socks actually start to lose all their color after four or five washes especially if you are using warm water. By using a higher quality dye and again, I’m using black socks as an example. They helped me build this out because they actually have all of this. We’ve talked about the dye. We’ve talked about actually the stitching. Let’s talk about the quality of the yarn, so using a high quality cotton. Not all of you guys can be able to examine the yarn, strength, and all that other stuff, but rest assured if they are using probably the stitching on the toe, they are probably using a decent quality yarn. But if a company is using a high quality yarn like a pima cotton, they are going to announce it. Another thing is the reinforcement of the toe and heel. A lot of companies say this, but you want to actually make sure that they have double reinforced the toe and the heel. Now, convenience, this is the fourth point and I think it is worth paying for.

What do I like about Blacksocks again is they’ve got the sockscription service. You’ve probably heard me talk about this because I have been with this company for a number of years. What I like is probably every couple of months, I’m getting socks delivered to me. I don’t have to go out there and look for them, but if you are going to be buying socks locally going into a menswear store, you are probably going to pay a little bit of a convenience fee. Another thing to think about is looking online and there are a few other companies out there that you can check out, but convenience is something that you will pay a premium for, but I think it is worth it especially with Blacksocks. I like not having to think about it because my time is valuable and I don’t want to be out there going to the store. In fact, I have not been to many of the local stores for a long time buying anything. I pretty much have everything just delivered to me. It’s just easier that way. Yarn type and actually more material types, you are going to pay extra if you are going to get something of very high quality. We’re talking wool and wool blends. Oftentimes, they will bring in some synthetic material simply to add a bit of elasticity and stretch in certain areas, but if you start to see more than 5% to 10% of Lycra or Spandex or some of these other things, be careful.

You do not want to have something that’s primarily a polyester fiber or anything that’s a synthetic fabric mostly. You want to avoid those. Those are very cheap and they are not going to feel good on your feet. Cotton is the most common. There are different levels of cotton I have talked about. There’s the super pima cotton, Egyptian cotton as well, but you want to be looking for something that has a longer strand and is strong. Most companies are going to advertise this. Another thing, cashmere or silk, so if you think about something like that, cashmere or silk socks are oftentimes going to be in luxury dress socks, things like that. I have talked about the five points. Now, let me give you a bonus one, customer service. One thing I really like about Blacksocks and I had a customer who bought into my style system. I told him about Blacksocks because I talk about them in my style system.

He wrote me back a letter and he’s like, Carl, I love what Lori is doing over at Blacksocks. I had a pair that I had an issue with. I felt they were maybe a bit defective or maybe I was walking around my house and they tore. I think it was walking around the house and they tore. But in any case, he sent Lori an email and said, Is there a way I can get a replacement? I just got these. Lori, No problem, sent him a replacement. Guys, try doing that with a larger company, and that’s one of the things I really push here at this style blog, is work with companies that are willing to work with you and have real human beings behind them. Go check out blacksocks.com, if nothing else. Check out their funky socks. I really like these packages they have of six funky socks. They make great gifts.

Another thing to check out is their smarter socks. I have never seen anyone doing this, but they actually have a chip in some of their socks. As far as I know, they are not tracking you. They’re actually using that you can use an app and with that chip, you can actually easily match socks. They’ve also got a you can measure the blackness of your socks. Guys, you can go anywhere with that comment, but I like an app that you can actually you take a picture of your socks and actually measure the blackness. That’s a good point because it talks about quality and you want something that’s going to be dark that if you ever find yourself in a position where you have to take your shoes off let’s say you are hanging out with your girlfriend’s parents and they’ve Slavic, such as what happened with me, and you walk into a home like this, hey, you are getting into slippers. Well, wouldn’t it make sense to have a nice pair of socks instead of something that is showing the world that you don’t know how to take care of your toenails? If that’s the issue, go check out that other company, Zamberg, which I have recommended. Guys, that’s it. Go check out the article at this style blog. I go into a lot more detail and I have always got some extra bonuses over there, so go check it out. Take care.

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