100 Layers of Hair Extensions

In case you have just, like, not been on the internet in the last month, the Hundred Layers Challenge has blown up. You might have seen nail polish mountains, or a hundred layers of liquid lipstick or foundation. They’re everywhere. And I have been wracking my brain, trying to figure out what kind of hair challenge I wanted to do. It finally hit me. A hundred layers of hair extensions. So, a quick note, I’m going by a hundred wefts of hair extensions. A weft is kind of like this, where it is sewn together on this string. Some extensions are just one weft, but most of the ones that I own have multiple wefts that are sewn onto one track.

So this one, for example, has six wefts that are sewn onto a net base, so I’m going to count this as six, because it has six wefts. I was afraid, at first, that that wouldn’t be enough hair, then I counted it out and stacked it all up, and I was still afraid, but for a totally different reason. But first I’m going to section off this top little bit of my hair, and the rest of my hair is going to go into a low ponytail in the back, and I’m gonna attach the extensions this way, because I’m genuinely concerned that if I was to put them in the way you are supposed to, it would rip all of my hair out, because these are really heavy. We’re going to start out big. I have got six wefts of hair here, and I have a bunch of other colors of extensions here, and I think I’m just gonna alternate between them. Okay, yeah, I’m starting to feel the weight now. I feel like Lilly Singh with it this long, which is not hating on Lily, because she has freaking majestic unicorn hair.

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Okay, we are like a quarter of the way there. It’s still like mermaid hair goals at this point. Like, I would still love this. Oof, lord. Okay, so, have we gone past goals yet? Okay, that is officially the halfway point. Are you fully comprehending all of this right now? Because you are worth it. Gotta keep going. Uhm, I do not know if anybody’s gonna actually ask me if this is good for your extensions or your hair, but the answer is no. I do not know why I’m doing this. Okay, we are at right now. We are three quarters of the way there, and I do not know how to feel anymore. You know what this reminds me of, actually? Like, Hermione Granger, like in the first movie, when her hair is all big and pillowy, yeah. Ron Weasley! Going in. That is the last one. I’m gonna let this top bit down now. There it is. A hundred layers of hair extensions.

I am a mountain of hair. I literally look like a Muppet. There’s a layer, there’s layers over there. Let’s not even talk about the color. This is just a lot. I feel like I should try to do poses here. If I could make it into a bun. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it! No I can’t. That’s kind of in a bun-ish shape. Let’s pin the absolute cannolies out of this. Oh my gosh, it is working! Okay, so, guys, jumbo bobby pins, I think this is the ultimate proof that they are awesome. These are from Sally’s and they are holding up what feels to be about a ton of hair. I think I did it. So I’m a little off-center, it is a side-bun. Like a tumor the size of my head. I think we should try a braid next. Years of training have led to this moment. Okay, so there is the giantest braid I have ever done in my life. That happened. All right, we have to try it with the fishtail braid. Is this starting to look like a lobster tail to anybody else? This is the biggest fishtail braid I have ever seen. I just want to hug it, actually. It’s just, my head looks so small next to it. Oh my gosh, it is giant! I do not know what else to say about it, it is huge! It’s freaking huge! I have never seen one this big before. Try and see what happens when I try to make a ponytail. Okay, this is actually an arm workout.

Okay, here we go. Positivity! Personal mantras! Believe in myself! Little engine that could! Okay, I can do this, I can do this, I can do this! I do not think I can do this. Okay, I’m a hair professional, I can figure this out. Oh, I think I might have it, I might have it. This is the single most triumphant thing that I have done. Y’all, that’s all I can do. I think I’m ready to take this out now. It’s been real, it is been fun, it is been really heavy. Oh my gosh. My head feels like it is floating. And my real hair feels so thin! Okay, so that’s it for my hundred layers of hair extensions challenge. That was a lot. Give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and if you want to see more hair tutorials for every day, click that subscribe button. That’s usually what I do on this channel, but I decided to have a little fun today. So that’s it, hope you guys enjoyed this video, and I will see you in just a couple days with another one. See you then! Mwah! Bye.

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