100 Layers of Hair Extensions

Hello today’s post is going to be something very very different I’m sure a lot of you have seen this tag going along it is sort of a challenge post where you do hundred layers of and I have seen things from hundred layers of lip gloss to hundred layers of nail polish to hundred layers of hair wax hair gel all kinds of stuff and then, I thought to myself why don’t, I do hundred layers of hair extensions and, I first, I thought, I for sure, I do not have enough weft because if we are going to do hundred layers that would mean hundred webs of hair extensions and then, I went around the house and I’m embarrassed to admit that, I actually found even a little more than hundred weft. I have been wearing hair extensions for years more than six years.

So I have collected over time many sets and a lot of them are quite old actually you will see like all kinds of different colors not all, I do not have all of my selves but most of them are here today and some we are really old some are really new. So I’m really excited to do this and quite frankly a little bit terrified because, I think my head is quite small and, I do not know if, I can fit all this hair on my head.

So what I’m going to be doing and, I have this one of my older 24 inch Umbra chestnut sets here. So what, I did here and this is a 220 grams set. I have sort of clipped them on top of each other because otherwise, I do not think, I can properly fit them all on my head yeah are you guys ready to see this because I’m ready to do this you guys ready let’s get started.

100 Layers of Hair Extensions Photo Gallery

So the first thing I’m going to do is section off this hair um this is not a hair tutorial guys do not do this at home just turning around to see because, I have a mirror there and most of it will be in the back. So I’m going to take this section of hair and literally just clip it off like that and then we are going to get started do not laugh at me okay this is just the beginning. So I’m going to start off just with one of my older West’s, I mean my older set this is about ten watts of hair just going to clip it in, I feel like a morning running out of space this is an older set from when, I used to have chestnut brown hair as you can see it is one solid color okay let’s keep piling it on more coming whatever things.

So far this is already looking like too much hair. So for now, I have about 500 grams of hair which is yet – 20 grams heads 500 grams of hair and which is getting started guys this is only 20 west’s oh my god I’m scared alright more going in this is 30% in oh my god it feels. So heavy right now it is not a little funny okay guys do not do this at home.

I’ve warned you whoa alright just an old Umbra blonde set of mine going in getting a bit painful and heavy put all this hair oh my god the same, I have this hair naturally leave a comment down below if you have this much hair you should be in the book of world Guinness one more set is going in alright, I feel like I’m running out of space on my head. So I’m just gonna keep putting them on top of each other now this is insane did you see what I’m saying look at this hair okay, I still have about 30 watts to go in 30 West this feels really really heavy, I think, I have a few kilos of hair on my head already oh yeah baby oh yeah we can do this and another one who ones hair like this hair goals it is like vertical oh my god guys seriously it is so heavy right now, I can barely move my head, I think, I might have overdone this okay, I have just a few more watts to go in but, I can hardly hold my head straight it is hot this is how heavy it is hashtag hair goes alright, I got it all in guys this is over here I’m just going to release this top hair in case I’m going to go outside like this to show my beautiful 3qo hair on my head Oh see you helped brushing how’s it in the back full mercy yeah you want to brush it up yeah rupture that that was.

So heavy it is not informing all in my head now are you guys ready to see what it looks like Oh seriously, I thought it would be heavy but it is way heavier than, I thought it is like literally probably ripping off my scalp this is way too much hair for one person to have on their head that’s the conclusion but on another note, I think, I look kind of sexy alright let’s see what, I can do with this hair alright I’m going to try to bring it all to the front this is possible the struggle is real ok, I get it now if the girls have thick hair, I get you oh man whoo it is like, I have an animal on my shoulders that’s how heavy it looks and feels what do you guys think you look for back to school guys, I can’t hold my neck seriously like this is like the way that’s pulling it down I’m gonna see if, I can braid this hair into pigtails what do you think pigtails this is section one this is like enough for three humans to have on their head section two we are just gonna do a regular three strand braid that’s actually working anything look at this this is working, I might not have to take this off later there we go look at all the highlights guys section looking really nice you know what I’m kind of feeling this it is the gigantic braid the little clear hair elastics are not gonna help you right now use the biggest hair elastic you have this one will do yeah okay let’s do the other side another three strand braid the classic pigtail hairdo liking all the colors secure the braids at the end who lovely what do you guys think thumbs up you know and then you can send it out for more volume in case this is not enough and you want a bit thicker effect just go into the braids and grab on the sections of hair and just pull it out nicely see even better alright guys let me know we thought of this beautiful hair tutorial down below leave me come and give this post a big thumbs up for the effort, I would totally appreciate it also make sure to comment to like to hear blog because we make posts every single week not as dramatic as this one but still quite beautiful easy hair tutorial. So make sure you do that before you leave this post also yeah just leave me a comment love you guys and see you next week I’m gonna go take this off from my head because it is starting to get really really painful oh oh this feels. So good, I know feel.

So good taking off my hair extensions because, I never had kilos and kills of hair in my hair whoo done by.

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