100 THINGS TO DO IN OSAKA Japan Travel Guide

Hi everyone welcome back to my blog and in today’s post I will be sharing with you guys 100 things You have to do in Osaka, but first matcha! Take the underground subway, we are going to Umeda Station Japanese ramen is a must and Ichiran is my favourite so let’s go! Well that was so good Here are some more Japanese food that I want to recommend J: Japanese beer, cheers! B: Cheers One of my goals in life is to eat a McDonald’s from every single country I visit in the world. Let’s go Check out the Hankyu Department Store, is the biggest one in Osaka You guys all know I’m afraid of heights But if you are not check out the ferris wheel go on it because it is a popular one It’s attached to the mall Yodobashi Umeda is a big camera store that you have to check out Pay the train for the Osaka Castle, and look how pretty fall looks in Japan! Take a photo in front of the Osaka Castle And check out the museum inside the Osaka Castle And make sure you walk up all of the stairs for this view right here! And do not forget to pick up a souvenir Walk around Joterrace with your mama Take a boat during the day, you can see a lot of the famous attractions in just one boat! If you have the time, spend the day at Universal Studios Japan, if you don’t, walk around Universal City Walk Oh by the way, if you come at night it is a completely different vibe B: Take the Osaka wonder cruise J: Look at this view This is Dogoyasuji a lot of famous chefs come here to buy things for their kitchen Got knifes..

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Timers.. And so much more Toy vending machines everyone’s a winner Figures- Take a photo with cosplayers Visit shinsekai that translates to new world There are lots of local shops and foods here and that tower over there is iconic in Osaka BIGBANG is everywhere so if you are a VIP look for BigBang Take the osaka wonder loop. It is a double-decker bus and you can see a lot of great parts of Osaka, on this ride- You have to get something from the colorful vending machines, red is hot, blue is cold. Shop at Joshin, this used to be an electronic store, but now they carry Japanese beauty products and it its very popular here, they have brands like Shiseido, and I highly recommend that you check it out . I know Sephora carries Shiseido, but it is like 50% off here. It’s just really cheap And I really want to recommend that you pick up their eyelash curler. I’m gonna pick this up. Maybe some refills as well Alright, so this is another Japanese brand It’s a majolica majorca and this brand actually sent me a few of their products a while back and i’ve tried their body lotion and mascara, and I really liked it, so I think I have to pick some up too Alright, here we have Evita, and I actually have this cleanser as well and I think this is very special because When you pump it up It comes out in the shape of a rose so I’m gonna pick up one every one of these because it is such a gentle cleanser and Yeah, it is great for my bathroom. Alright, right next to it there’s also Suisal and This is a beauty clear powder another very popular product here, and it is just so convenient and perfect for travel And so many other Japanese brands I’m also going to pick up these cotton pad. They’re amazing Yes So many different flavors of kik-kats. Let’s see if they have more. Oh my gosh. These is so good, too I’m gonna pick this up. This is another one of my favorites got it pick these up. I like lavender pick up green teas The best Recommended by sunny da hey, I love this We definitely want to try the glue no hard put it in the basket Definitely wanna try this one This is another popular cleanser from Japan, it is only like three dollars.

Just get it The osaka station, it is the biggest one here It’s surrounded by so many shops and restaurants. This mall right here is called Daimaru, and it is the third biggest in osaka Pokemon center- You gotta shop at UNIQLO Take a cab, they open the door for you Visit Matsuyamachi, this is known for selling lots of Dolls and toys. This shop is called, Koshu. It’s very old school, and they have traditional Japanese toys like this We’re currently at Shinsaibashi Suji and this area is really known for Shopping and it is connecting us all the way over to -place- So this is Horie, a lot of Instagram models like to take photos here because it is one of the hippest places here in Osaka Ride a bike in Japan There are so many buy and sell vintage stores, And this one right here has like supreme Balenciaga Gucci and everything is still expensive But a lot cheaper and check out the supreme sort of soccer Make sure you stop by Muji When in Japan you have to go to one of the convenience stores, Lots have the best chicken nugget They do not have any but I promise the chicken nuggets here are that good take a photo with the moving crap It’s really popular here in Osaka Everybody is taking a photo with it Walk along Dotonbori.

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