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Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. And today’s post is going to be a little different because instead of a hairstyle, I’m actually teaching you , I can’t do , hair hacks. That’s right, amazing hair hacks that you might not already be aware of. Now, before we move on, I’m gonna teach you one hack right now. If you look down right here, you are gonna see a little bell next to the button that says comment. If you click that bell, you are gonna get notifications every time I upload a post.

And then you are gonna be able to see my posts just like this. So let’s get on to the hair hacks. Whoo-hoo. When deep conditioning you hair, not having a shower cap is certainly not a problem when you can just grab a local plastic grocery bag and tie it around your head, voila! Tying two tube socks together and then securely around your head will prevent any drippage from entering your face or eyes when you are getting your hair colored, permed, or conditioned. Instead of using a comb to pull out all the hair in your hairbrush and breaking all your bristles, grab a pair of scissors, cut three or four strips up your brush and the hair’s just gonna slide right out.

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Here’s a hack for all of you with frizzy or staticky hair. Grap a dryer sheet, stick it through the bristles of your brush, just pushem in and then use that to brush through your hair a few times and it is gonna leave your hair beautiful, shiny and smooth. Did you know that if you spray your bobby pins with hair spray before you use them in you hair, they are going to hold better and stick better in your hair. Be sure to do this for any of your updos or for those of you with thin hair and you are golden. Interested in glitterizing your partline, here’s how. Grab some of your regular hair gel, add a little bit of glitter. I’m using some bigger pieces and then some fine glitter.

And then stir it together with a paint brush. Then all you have to do is apply that to your hair. It washes right out, but gives you a beautiful, sparkly look in the meantime. This hair powder is a secret weapon in my hair arsenal. I just use it to spray into my roots when my hair is showing some gray or some discolor between dye jobs. And it keeps me from ending up in the salon constantly. I love this stuff. Instead of only using one elastic in your ponytails, use two. It’s gonna secure your hair extra tight and make your ponytails perkier. If you have baby hairs and flyaways toward the front of your face like I do, just grab a clean toothbrush, spray a little hairspray on it and use that to just gently push those baby hairs into place. Using this trick with a little hair gel, helps people with really naturally curly hair smooth out their curls.

These heat protectors for hair tools are a lifesaver if you are like me and running out the door but you have to take your hair wand or your straightener with you quickly. Just throw it in one of these covers, wrap it up, and you can toss it in your luggage. Anyone into upcycling? A Tic Tac container when empty create a fantastic way to store your bobby pins. Anyone out there with frizzy hair? Grab a lemon, squeeze it into your shampoo bottle, and it will help control some of the frizz. A lot of what your hair is about starts from what you are putting into your body.

So be sure to make healthy eating choices and do not forget to take your vitamins. Vitamin D is a great one for your hair as well as biotin. Hope you guys enjoyed all of those hair hacks. Be sure to leave me a comment below and let me know which one you are going to try at home. Now if you want to comment to our blog, you can click the button right here. If you want to see some of our fab or fail posts on this blog, be sure to click this box right here. And if you want to see our hairstyle tutorials be sure to click this box right here. And we will see you guys next week. Bye guys.

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