13 Halloween Hair And Make-Up Products To Buy For A Seriously Spooky Beauty Look

I’m gonna program you are what does anyway stand for by the way. I’ve been like sleek makeup I’m, gonna artist no but like, what’s the you. Oh make up make up oh my god really hey, guys it’s Rachel, and my sister Giles here so today we are going to do our makeup.

But I’m scared listen I have done my, makeup in a lot of, different places before then it underwater in a new bar in my makeup studio maybe haven’t done the makeup in that many wasn’t balloon. This one takes the takes the gold the jello the, gel is the dog takes, the gel if you guys saw my last post where I filled the hot tub up with five thousand pounds of jell-o don’t do our makeup in it. And who better to do my makeup with okay okay, these are makeup bags mine, is a shoe bag.

Because I keep destroying my regular makeup bag oh I find it strange I’m sitting right now. I don’t like not sinking it’s, because we’re more, dense we start clamping now I’m gonna use this like palette I was like at a ball upper arm work I don’t want to get my arms. And the jaws I’m like wow are you, getting grossed out by touching, widget you are sitting in it gonna smooth it on for a real one we get those pores in their prime using they make my skin look dry.

When it’s a million degrees up like it, is right now that might, be a good thing oh my god my sunburn is peeling you this is gross look at my sister sunburn your sister sunburn and you know like learn this James Charles vocabulary it’s not that hard you just he just like a word that you’re about to say. And then instead of saying that word sister alliteration yes, I’m going to, do my sister skin skin see it’s not as natural for me to do it so it’s gonna take me a second to be a little like he’s snapping you start to pick it up really quickly a kind of five day I don’t like the way foundation feels. So I like doing this either I know I,’m like the saddest make, up would you consider yourself a beauty youtuber I used to be more of a beauty youtuber I’m so good at doing makeup it’s just I feel like I don’t usually do normal tutorials.

13 Halloween Hair And Make-Up Products To Buy For A Seriously Spooky Beauty Look Photos

13 Halloween Hair And Make Up Products To Buy For A Seriously Spooky Beauty Look

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