155 Reasons To Attend StyleCon 12 Of The Best In The Mens Lifestyle Field At StyleCon 2019

Gentlemen. All right. You’ve watched probably hundreds of my posts. If you haven’t, well, they are out there for you. Point being I want to shake your hand I want to meet you in person. Guys, I’m inviting you out to StyleCon Atlanta, Georgia, March 11th to 13th. Find a way to get out there. If you have got an excuse, well, I already created a post for that, but the point being, guys, find a way to get out there. I have got a hundred and fifty five reasons why you should be there. You know what they are? They’re human beings, there are names. They are the men and women who are coming out and are going to make StyleCon a success. We’ve already done this a couple of times and I can tell you every time it gets better.

155 Reasons To Attend StyleCon 12 Of The Best In The Mens Lifestyle Field At StyleCon 2019 Photo Gallery

Why? Because we bring the right people together. I’m really excited because many of them have been to all of the StyleCons before, but I’m going to share with you twelve people. Why? Well, they are on my blog and they are going to be speaking at this event. One of the he’s not even listed. So, without further ado, guys, let me quickly show you, so you can go check out their my blogs. First stop, we have got Tanner over at Masculine Style. He’s coming to us from Salt Lake City and I tell you the guy is an amazing writer. If you have not checked out his website, go do it. His my blog is still up and coming. He’s got a lot of great posts there, so just go check it out. Next stop, we have got Eric over at Beardbrand. He’s going to be flying in from Austin, Texas and if you are not familiar with Eric, well, you probably do not have a beard because I can tell you if you do have a beard, you are familiar with what he’s been doing in the industry.

The guy has been on Shark Tank, he’s an amazing entrepreneur and he is going to be there that you could actually spend time with him, pick his brain about what it is like to build a business that’s making six figures a month. Next stop, we have got AJ and Jordan over at the Art of Charm. If you are unfamiliar with this podcast, you need to go check it out. I really like how these guys over the last eight years have taken a podcast that was kind of, well, let’s just say a little bit interesting over in the pickup space and they’ve transformed it to being about men building confidence and these guys have built an amazing community, amazing programs, and they are going to be there so that you can talk with them in person. Next stop, we have got Ryan over at Order or Men. Ryan is a great success story that came out of StyleCon last year. He came in with an idea with a website that he has just launched which was getting fifty people a day. Now, he has a thriving Facebook community. He’s getting well over, you know, close to a thousand people a day to his website and he’s really built up an amazing community over at Order of Men and he’s got a great my blog. Next stop, we have got the brothers from Teaching Men’s Fashion. They are coming up from Florida and I can tell you these guys are up and coming. They’ve already got a line out there of clothing and they have been killing it on my blog with great solid informational posts and I’m really proud to have them there.

After that, we have got Tristano over at Urban Gentry. When it comes to watches, there is not really there aren’t really many people out there that know more than Tristano. He’s going to be bringing up a whole collection with the company and I can tell you we are going to have amazing watches, we are going to have a lot of deep discussions here. So, if you are interested in watches, we have got you covered. Next stop, we have got Raphael Schneider over at the Gentlemen’s Gazette. You guys have seen me talk about him. I have ranked him the number one men style blog on the planet. Come out to StyleCon, Raphael will be there. Next stop, we have got Ryan Magin over at Handsome Guys Secrets. He takes a relatively small audience and actually has created a thriving business. He deeply connects with these guys and if you are a power lifter if you are down in South Florida, if you will look at your style is, yeah, you like to incorporate a little bit from different areas, Ryan is your man. Next stop, we have got Kyle over at The Distilled Man.

So, Kyle covers everything from style to cooking to drinks. He’ll be there to put on a show force and he’ll be giving a number of presentations. Come out to StyleCon, Kyle is going to be there. So, not listed on the website, but a guy that’s going to come out, he’s a personal friend of mine is Pete Sveen. He’s coming all the way up from Montana. And if you have ever been interested in woodwork and or how to build a table, how to carve, you know, a bear from a chainsaw, Pete is the man. He literally has created a post on how to carve a bear from a huge log. So, I’m really excited to have Pete out there. Guys, you can check out his my blog right here. Now, these last two guys as you can imagine I couldn’t have a conference without them; Ryan Masters over at Sparta Strength. Guys, you know, the bro love with between me and Ryan runs deep. He is one of my best friends.

He is the godfather to my daughter Katya. I explored Ukraine with this guy this last summer. He is an amazing person. He’s going to be there covering personal fitness. And finally, last but not the least, Alpha M, Aaron Marino, one of my best friends and business partner on this event. He’s going to be there, he’s going to be available. This guy, if you want to understand business, authenticity, what it takes to make it in today’s business world, what it takes to build a successful my blog, what it takes to be on Shark Tank, you name it, Aaron covers it. He’s going to be there and he will make himself available for you. Gentlemen, that is it, twelve of the one hundred and fifty five reasons why you need to get to StyleCon, March 11th to 13th, Atlanta, Georgia. Guys, really quick I have got a final sizzle reel I’m going to end this post with I really hope to see you there. Guys, I want you to think of the success you have had in your life, maybe it hasn’t been much, maybe it is been a lot, but usually success transition big jumps we have in our life are because of the people we surround ourselves with. Don’t fall into that do not fall into that place where you are holding yourself back by not surrounding yourself with people who can help you make the leap.

Guys, get to StyleCon. All right. Let’s dive into that sizzle reel.

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