16 Hair, Make-Up And Skincare Products Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2018

Beauty Products You Need To Try!

For when you stick at eyeliner, there you go. Hey, guys. It’s Rachel. And I decided I wanted to do DIY weird beauty products that you need to try. Because they are all really weird. But I’m not mad about it. Let’s see if we can get this post to 200,000 likes. And comment down which one of these is your favorite. Let’s get on the post. For this one, take medical tape or a clear Band-Aid. And then paint some gel eyeliner onto it. Then fold it in half or do whatever it takes to make it symmetrical. And then cut out whatever size triangle you want. I’m doing large so that you can see it.

,Then just peel if off and stick it on. And then you could just make a bunch of these. Take some wax paper and then cut a piece out. Then take some lip liner, and trace your lips with it. And then draw whatever design you want on them. Then leave the wax paper out, and you can use this lip liner tattoo whenever you want. Just put water on the tattoo on your lips, and peel it off. Going to be honest. Looks kind of weird.

But that is because I did a really weird design. For this one, we’re going to be making makeup brushes out of hair. You can use your own hair if you’ve got hair to spare. But me personally, my hair has way too many split ends. So if you’re like me, and have about a thousand split ends, well, you can use doll hair. Now I’m sure we all have old dolls at home that we have a thousand of, and they’re missing shoes, and we just don’t use dolls anymore. I’m using a Barbie. So just take your Barbie and like shampoo its hair, of something, to make it not dirty and old. Take pencils and then pull the erasers out of them.

And brush Barbie’s hair and put it into a ponytail. They cut off that little pony tail and just take glue and glue the hair into the pencil end. And then just use something to close off the metal area. And you can make whatever type of brush you want. I’m making a fan brush and an eyeshadow brush. To make a gel manicure, paint your nails a regular color, and then as a middle coat before you use the top coat just use nail glue. And then it’s last like as long as gel. To make a bulb things, take a perfume cap and a rubber band and just tight it around and then you can type and stuff while your nails are drying. So I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you didn’t see my previous two posts, click those down below. And comment right over there if you’re not commented already. OK. I love you guys so much. Bye..

16 Hair, Make-Up And Skincare Products Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2018 Photos


16 Hair, Make Up And Skincare Products Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2018

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