1940s Curls – My Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Hey girls Abbey here with day two of our bridesmaid hairstyles. I wants some kind of old Hollywood inspired waves now the thing is her hair took the curl a lot better than. I thought it could. So we are actually going to do this with a looser iron but we are going to use the same technique basically you are going to separate the hair from the ears up, and clip the top out of the way then take a one-inch iron no than the inch iron that. I use for this, and curl either toward or away from the face on this side basically she wanted this leg going toward her face, and the other side going away. So we are going to go ahead, and curl this side toward the face, and then continue curling around the head in the exact same direction. So all these curls are going to the left you can see that, I will taking our angular sections for this as if. I was going to place them onto a roller about an inch wide about inches high. So once you have completed that entire layer you are just going to go ahead, and slide down the next layer, and do the exact same thing. So create this kind of vintage e wave slash curls you have to kind of make these go all in the same direction. So that they’ll kind have meld together.

1940s Curls – My Bridesmaid Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So you can see here, I will separating the next section out clip in the top out of the way, and curling again now in case you guys have not heard this in my previous posts. I always pinned these curls up to make sure that the pull the curl holds as well as possible now Jules hair didn’t need this as much as. I thought it did it held it really well without it but just in case it is always good to kind of pin it up just to make sure that it cools in its shape, and that way you get the strongest curl possible, and then once you are done with that section you are letting down the top section, and doing the exact same thing over again.

All these curls have gotten the exact in the direction, and all them have been in a rectangular shape that way they are pretty much all little identical twins, and you can kind of comb them together, and meld them together into that kind of cohesive curls lash wave shape that was very popular in the s, and even though these curls were a bit tighter than. I intended. I do not think that it completely strayed too far from the old Hollywood thing her dress that she’s wearing for it is a little bit more old Hollywood. So I thought these were kind of perfect for that, and then once you have those all place, and they are completely cooled you can go ahead, and start taking them down you can see these made little ringlets on her just kind of funny, and then once that’s done you are going to go ahead, and go through it with a wide tooth comb you can see here, I will coming them through and, I will actually going to comb these around my hand to kind of shape them into the place that. I want.

Sorry. I had to leave this clip in. Because you have to see the way that, I will kind of combing this around my hand, and kind of shaping it to come inside toward her face, and then. I take on the opposite thing on the other side where. I was coming away, and you can see that this is actually a nice kind of s inspired look we just wanted it to be a little bit looser, and more effortless. So we are going to do a one-inch curling iron for the wedding but that is basically always in we kind of finished it off with some hairspray, and these curls lasted really well on her all day long, and you know what you do not have to do this for a bridesmaid hairstyle you can do this for a holiday hairstyle or for a party or a formal event or you know just all night aid that you wants to look at extra glamorous. So I hope you guys like this check back tomorrow for the last of my bridesmaid hairstyles, and be sure to check out the first one that. I already did. I will see you guys tomorrow bye.

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