2 Intricate Summertime Braids

Hey everyone Abbey here and, I will here to teach you guys some great braids that you can wear to the beach this summer they are really fun they are a little different. Something that you can wear to kind of glam up your everyday summer wardrobe, and kind of add a little bit of interest to whatever you are wearing this summer. So let’s go ahead, and talk about how. I primed my hair for these braids. Because. I have really fine hair. I like to add volume to my hair. So I use this big sexy hair volumizing treatment it is actually kind of a deep conditioning that adds volume, and it is really great for fine hair like mine. I also use the surf spray to add texture to my hair however if you have hair that’s more on the frizzy side take a little bottle of water, and add sleeve, and conditioner to it then put the lid on, and shake it up, and sprits that over your hair before you get started it will help to eliminate frizz, and flyaway after your braid is done our first braid is a zing zag Rey which is a lot easier than you might think it is start with the section that’s on the left side of your head, and then you are going to go ahead, and braid towards the right you are going to braid under incorporating only hair from the top. So as you braid in that one direction you just take the hair in little tiny pieces braid underneath, and then braid the other one under normally, and then you are just going to continue to braid in that direction for as long as you want your zigzag braid to be essentially all we are going to be doing in this is changing our direction of the braid, and changing what direction we are taking the hair in from.

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For this next step you are going to braid straight down taking in hair from the right, and you are going to start with the hair closest to the braid, and work out that makes a really nice shape from the front it kind of creates this cold draped look. So make sure that as you pull it back it looks pretty from the front. Because once we finish here that’s it, and if it does not look good when you finish that it is a little hard to go back, and fix it now we are going to braid to the left incorporating only hair from the top again, and as we incorporate hair from the top it helps to anchor the hair into that place. So that we create that zigzag that does not move. So just continue doing that, and holding the hair really tightly as you go that makes it a lot easier, and if you find that your hair slippery use some hair Spray on it, and now we are going to braid down incorporating only hair from the left, and we are going to go ahead, and make sure that we get all the hair on the left over here. Because that is it for this side.

So make sure you get stuff from in front of the ear, and underneath the ear as well we are going to finish off by braiding towards the right incorporating hair from underneath they are going to go ahead, and get all of that hair from the nape section out of the way make sure not to miss any of this or else you end up with little awkward rat tails, and that’s not cute once you get to the front go ahead, and finish off whatever here you have left, and braid the rest normally once you have reached the desired length go ahead, and secure it with the hair band, and you are done with that first hairstyle moving on to hairstyle number two first you are going to go ahead, and separate all the hair in front of your ear on one side of your head, and go ahead, and secure that hair out of the way we are going to work with the bottom first put it into three sections, and braid under normally as you go you are going to take small pieces of hair from the center section, and you are going to go ahead, and lay those off to the side you can use a clip to secure them if you like if that makes it a little easier for you once you have that little piece from separated go ahead, and set it off to the side then continue. I braided twice, and then on the third one. I always took a little section of hair having a method to it kind of helps you make sure that you are always taking sections of hair equally, and that’s important. Because these sections of hair are going to be the anchor or the braid that we are doing next. So go ahead, and continue as you go down taking those little sections, and moving them off to the side, and then once you finish you are going to go ahead, and secure it with a band now go back through, and loosen that braid up.

That it is kind of as big as it can be. Because we want it to look really nice, and full against the smaller braid that we are putting on top of it now we are going to deal with that top section take a small section from the very back of the section behind your ear, and braid under, and you are going to incorporate hair from the front. So take a little piece right next to the braid it under, and then braid the other side normally then take a little piece further out, and braid it under, and then braid the other side normally, and you are going to keep going out. So that you slowly take in all of that bang section, and it creates a nice drape defect. So you are not pulling your hair straight back but it creates a nice little side bang kind of illusion, and it looks really pretty from the front once you have all of that done, and all the hair is incorporated you are going to go ahead, and braid a couple little inches normally until you reach that first piece of hair that’s coming out of the braid that we did before then you are going to braid that into this braid right here just like it is a French braid we want to keep it really nice, and tight, and close. So those two braids actually end up coming together. Because of the one piece that you are using from the other braid, and then continue braiding under normally until you reach to the next little piece of hair, and then again braid that piece in. So you continue to anchor this smaller braid, and with the bigger braid. So essentially all this is the kind of interesting Dutch braid basically you are braiding here, and like you would do if it was against your head except now you are doing it with little pieces that are left out of the braid, and again that’s what helps to anchor the little braid into the bigger braid, and create that cool effect once you reach the end of your hair go ahead, and secure it with a band, and you are all done with that braid. So I hope you guys have enjoyed this. I know they are a little bit more intricate but summer is time for the fun braids. So I wanted to go ahead, and show you guys some new ones if you want to you can check out this post that. I did previously on how to have healthy hair this summer. And I will see you guys in my next post Bye.

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