2 Ways to Make Cat Ears with Your Hair

I show you guys how to make cat ears out of your own hair for Halloween this year. I think the is super cute, and fun, and a great last-minute idea. So first of all we are going to start out with the kind of outlining ears that you saw first, and we are going to use pipe cleaners from that, and basically you are going to go about three inches back from your hair, and make a part straight down, and about an inch thick, and you want to go ahead, and take that out, and the is going to be our first section now you want these sections to be divided in the middle.

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So go ahead, and look at your nose, and make a line straight back, and part your hair right there, and then this section that you see on the right there is our first section, and you want to go ahead, and clip it to hold it in place, and then you are going to create, and eyes into the whole section on the other side now the longer you make this the wider your cat ear is going to be. So make these as long as you want them to be wide then you are going to take a pipe cleaner, and braid it in with your hair the is going to help to create that little triangle shape you want to braid all the way down to the end of your hair, and secure it with a band, and then you are going to make a triangle with this pipe cleaner braid then.

If you have any leftover at the end go ahead, and wrap it around the face once that’s all wrapped around you are going to go ahead, and just use one single bobby pin to hold it in place you can use more if you need to but. I only needed one, and then do the exact same thing on the other side you want to braid all the way down, and then go ahead, and make a triangle make sure that it is the same size as the other triangle that you made, and then again if you have any hair left over at the bottom just go ahead, and wrap it around the base it helps to kind of hide any weird part lines that you might have going on. So if you have extra long hair, and extra hair to work with it is actually a good thing. So go ahead, and pin that in place, and guess what you are all done with your little outlining cat ears, and now for the second method this one is actually very similar to victory rolls you are going to start out with your first section, and really tease that base the teasing is what gives it a shape you really can’t get around it for this one.

Pretty well right there at the base as far out as you want your ear to be, and then smooth the top. So that you do not have any very little hair sticking out, and then you want to curl the rest of the hair curling the rest of the hair it makes it easier to hide the rest of it. Because we are actually going to be creating a little roll right here, and if you if you just be a little harder. So then wrap the hair around two fingers to create like a little donut shape, and wrap that donut shape up behind the teasing, and look a cat ear emerges, and basically you are just going to pin that little section right there in the back. And I use two bobby pins for this, and you do not have to worry too much about how you pin this. Because they are not really going to show up but you can crisscross them to make sure they hold extra well they do not want to do the same thing on the other side make sure that UT is just as much as you did on the first side smooth it out in the direction that is going to go curl it if you already have curly hair you might not need to just you know it kind of helps then make your donut shape wrap the donut shape up right behind the teasing, and pin it in place once you have got all that done you definitely want to give it a good hairspray just to make sure that it will stay really nicely, and you have got your cat ear hair style. I hope you guys try this out make sure to send me pictures with the hash tag let’s make it up one on Twitter, and regrind more Facebook. I would love to see them also make sure to check out my previous Halloween tutorials. And I will see you guys in my next post you.

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