2018 Emmys 5 Things You Didn’t See On TV

The 2018 Emmys took place on Monday night, and while the show is documented with deserving wins heartful acceptance speeches, and even a marriage proposal there were also some moments left out of the spotlight here are the five things you didn’t see on TV at the Emmys at number five the queer eye cast was the most popular of the night the fab 5 were seen entering the theater drawing the biggest crowd of fans asking for selfies at number 4.

Heidi Klum, and boyfriend Tom Kaulitz couldn’t keep their hands off each other the supermodel, and her 29 year old boyfriend held hands, and he didn’t even let go of her when she stopped to take a selfie with a fan at number 3 Tiffany Haddish who won Outstanding Guest Actress in a comedy for her hosting stint on SNL took a light-hearted jab at the journalists in the Emmys press room when she called them rude for not paying attention to her this is really awkward for me I’m not gonna lie nobody’s paying attention y’all type in this is rude if we was at a comedy show right now I would.

Because than all of y’all out at number two blend Weiss’s marriage proposal had everyone suing in the audience. But he didn’t notify anyone in production about it, and didn’t even have a plan be glad that worked out, and at number one Jonathan Van Ness couldn’t handle his excitement sources tell us Weekly that the actor was caught a gushing over Allison Janney for more on the Emmys and. So much more keep it here at my blog com.

2018 Emmys 5 Things You Didn’t See On TV Photos

2018 Emmys 5 Things You Didnt See On TV

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