2018 MTV VMAs Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra On The Pink Carpet

Hey guys it’s so nice to see you you guys look amazing alright talk to me what went into getting ready tonight you know what I’d only took me about two hours. So I think goes pretty good. But we wanted to go a little bit. But not too much alright. So, it’s been 15 years since Britney Spears at Madonna’s epic VMAs kiss we want to know if you could pick any celebrity in the world sorry I know, it’s kind of awkward cause you guys are known who would we pick to kiss on the VMA stage anyone in the world anyone he’s super sexy when he doesn’t like do his hair weird. Yeah then he’s super sexy just leave a brown it had to be Nicole Scherzinger. Yeah be mine how do you feel about that I’ve always known that’s his good side you liked it.

But. Yeah okay guys we were. So excited for the new season of Teen Mom og what can you what can fans expect to see on your storyline um I think just a lot of like us bettering our mental health in like really like focusing on getting better mostly I’m like a lot of our parents addictions stuff kind of getting kicked getting the family sickness kind of figured out filter it out. So. Yeah that’s really hard to read back as a viewer I don’t read it as a viewer. So. Yeah we live it, it’s like I don’t want to relive it again oh we want to read it cuz then if we read it you might want to change our who we are just. Because you know I mean.

So yeah, and I know you guys have a very special day coming off your wedding anniversary how are we celebrating we haven’t even decided yet wait I told about even as long as you just take me out to dinner I’m fine I mean we land tomorrow, it’s the 21st next days our anniversary. So nothing too fancy moving the movie, and dinner, and call it a day we’ve been together for like 13 years. So, it’s like all the internet movies like eight that’s awesome what is your ideal date night is that dinner in a movie or you guys like getting dressed up I think we like to get dressed up to the Whitney now in Detroit.

That’s one of our favorite restaurants to go to. So. Yeah nice place you know is with a three year old, it’s like if we could just like be at home in silence we’ll read a movie we’re even good with that. So don’t take anything as parents yes obviously we’re in the city that never sleeps how are we celebrating tonight after the show well I know we’re gonna go to the after-party, and hang out there, and then go get some food cold greasy pizza tonight a party, and I mean moms I’ve seen on this red carpet how was it seeing everyone else no I think, it’s fine that’s good. Yeah anyone you kind of like tried to see or maybe duck the other way oh man, it’s all like these crazy guys can you show me your best music posts stare into the camera something oh I love it guys thank you. So much have. So much fun tonight.

2018 MTV VMAs Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra On The Pink Carpet Photos

2018 MTV VMAs Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra On The Pink Carpet

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