2018 MTV VMAs Fashion Review OK OR NOT

Hey guys I’m Casey nada, and I’m Joe Drake we are coming at you live from the MTV post Music Awards where we have seen some pretty amazing fashion it was pretty good tonight right it was awesome I think it was good, and we’re gonna judge whether their looks were okay or not okay all right first up we got Ariana Grande, and Pete Davidson the couple that stole the show they were the royalty of the night they were absolutely adorable they were beaming from ear to ear they looked. So happy and. So cute they weren’t really coordinating. But I kind of loved it, and oreonna was giving you like Moon Man realness with that metallic eye she was like Miss moon man she was she was spicing it up. So did you give it okay or not okay I think, it’s okay I’m giving it okay okay all right next up we’ve got the star of the night cardi B RT showing up giving you like glam cardi B all right Jo do we like it like that. Yeah I like it a lot you I wasn’t.

So crazy about the hair. But the dress was gorgeous I like the high slit, and that color really looked great on her she’s a new mom can we give it to her hello yes hot mama. So did you give it an okay or not okay I think I’ll give her an okay okay Carter V okay all right you met one of your idols tonight mr. Shawn Mendes the hottie of the night he literally stole the show every single girl’s head was turning at him he looked amazing I don’t think he could look bad in anything. But that green top, and the blue pants he looked like Prince Charming I love that he’s giving you something different for a guy doing like two-tone like that’s showing up in the same color sue I think we’re liking a lot of people tonight do you give him an okay or not okay okay who’s cute boy I I mean I hate to hate on this.

But, it’s too much Versace inspired, it’s too busy I think something a little bit more classic would have worked especially if you’re showing up with your cute son you don’t need to like overdo it I think I’m giving it a nod okay sorry dj khaled Asad, and DJ Khaled you are okay next up taking a page out of Farrah Abraham’s book showing up, and cosplay realness Amber Rose looking like a superhero. But not in a good way she got the Wow. But I mean this is the VMAs this isn’t Halloween like I said Farah already did this with Wonder Woman years ago. So am showing up his like the red Catwoman just didn’t work for me, it’s like hey could I get more attention on the red carpet not about that sorry amber Matt okay sorry amber oh there she is Oh worry I hope she didn’t just hear oh wow we just gave her a not okay, and she was right behind us amber ever oh dear.

2018 MTV VMAs Fashion Review OK OR NOT Photos

2018 MTV VMAs Fashion Review OK OR NOT

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