2019 Holiday Gift Guide 125 Practical Christmas Gifts For Men

Gentlemen, Carl here. All right. Let’s get into it the holiday gift guide at this style blog. If you go over to this style blog right here, I’ve got a link to take you over to my complete list, over a hundred items on that list. Everything on that list has been tested, has run through my office. I wanted to make it simple for you, so you can go out there and you can get something that’s going to surprise people.

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It’s going to be functional, it’s going to be useful, it’s actually going to be a quality build and a lot of the items on this list, they’re going to splurge a bit and let me tell you why. So, couple of years, it was about five years ago, I received a gift from a friend. Brett McKay over the Art of Manliness sent me a really nice briefcase and it surprised me, it was functional and incredibly useful. I’ve used it hundreds of times. Quality build, something that – I – what I really liked about is he splurged a bit because at that point in my entrepreneurial journey, I probably couldn’t afforded that briefcase. Nowadays, yeah, I can. And, but it’s just something I wouldn’t have gotten for myself and I think that’s what really makes a great gift is when you get something for someone that surprises them, is useful, is functional, all that, but maybe it goes a little bit beyond. And so, a lot of the items here they’re going to be a little bit of a splurge, but that’s the cool part about being able to give a great gift. I’m not going to go through all 100 items and to even make this even more awesome for you, I’ve got a lot of excess gifts here in the office. If you want a chance to get one of these, I’ll send it out to you, all I need to know is down on the comments, please tell me about the best gift you’ve ever received on around, you know, this time of the year and which of the items on my list you would like to receive. And I could tell you some of them I’ve got plenty – I’ve got a lot of excess items here. Let me start off with some of my favorite items on the list, Manlygram.

A new company, they sent me quite a few of these things. I can tell you that this is awesome because – and I’m going to gift one of this to my brother, I’m going to gift one to probably Ryan Masters if he’s not reading this post. But, why this is such a great gift is they put all of these really cool high value, I mean very tasty really useful stuff into one box, they packaged it up for you and they ship it to you. My brother, he’s EOD in the army. I’m not going to surprise a guy that goes around looking for bombs to blow up. It’s just not going to happen. However, what I can do is I can say, okay, everything I looked over at Manlygram, I’m like this is pretty manly this is pretty awesome and they make it very simple. He’s going to like at least one of the items in here. So, I’ve got this one, it’s – what is it? The beer goggles, every all the products, I mean there’s no beer here, but they’ve got like a chocolate caramel sauce made with beer. A Beer Kissed caramel sauce scotch porter, they’ve got Beer Brittle, some caramel popcorn with beer somehow, you know, pretty cool. They’ve got this other one Sir Mix A Lot, so it’s – if you want to mix up drinks. And they’ve got nice book in there a cocktail kit.

I’m Watching The Games, it’s got really hot spicy pepper sauce bacon and chive dip. Just really cool sauces. I mean you can go over to the website. Now, here’s the cool deal I’ve got with these guys, for the first one hundred of you that use the code RMRS, they’re going to give you 25% off. They’re a new company, go check them out. I really like to support new entrepreneurial ventures and, again, they make it so simple because hey, they ship it, they deliver it, and whoever you give this to especially if they’re hard to gift for, they’re going to love at least something in that box. So, the next company I’ve got on the list Blue Claw Luggage. Now, I know Adam the founder and I spent time I had a couple of beers with him in Minneapolis just a couple of weeks ago. And, I’ve learned a lot more about this company. Now, I like them when they first started years ago, one of my first sponsors here at this style blog. So, if you go back you see I’ve talked about them and I still have probably five pieces of their luggage. What I love about these new bags is that Adam is making them in his own factory, American-made and if you’ve never owned a high quality bag, Blue Claw is a great place to start.

Third company I’m going to talk about, the Collaterals. You guys have heard me talk about Carlos over at the Collaterals. I love the cufflinks, I mean he uses precious metals. He’s getting these thins expertly made. I just love what he’s doing he’s an entrepreneur trying to make a go of it and I love his company. Go check them out the Collaterals. So, for stocking stuffers, go – you guys have heard me talk about grooming and stuff, well, Brickell men’s products. Josh, one of the owners spoke with me at the Style Con. I’ve been using his products. I love them because they’re all natural and everything uses they’re really great stuff and you’re not going to find anything that chemicals that you shouldn’t be putting on your body. Check them out. You got someone out there that, you know, they are maybe shaving and they think they’re pretty cool because they’re using a safety razor, have them go check out the Grim Blades.

My friend, Luke and what he’s built over there at the Blades Grim is pretty impressive. I really love his products over there. Okay. Will over at Scent Trunk. And this is a company, you’ve guys have probably seen it, I put out a lot about fragrance over the last few months. If you’re trying to figure out which fragrance is going to work for you and you want to work with niche fragrance companies, go check out Scent Trunk because for a very reasonable amount it’s kind of like a subscription service, but they will send you three samples enough for the entire month and I love it because they sent you like these playing cards and it’s like they remind me of baseball cards except they tell me the top, the middle, and the base notes, the time of day to wear, the longevity, the sillage. Really cool company, I like what they’re doing. Now, yeah, and they’re a startup as well, so as you can tell a lot of the companies here, I’m testing them, I think you can get a great deal when you work with companies that are just starting off. Now, I talked about Wiseman House chocolates last year and the year before, they’re still on the list because what Kevin is doing down is in Texas, I love. Like I said we got a pound of this almond toffee sent to us and there is nothing left because it is that good. And this happened when my kids went through this in a period of about 20 minutes. So, it’s good stuff and Kevin if you’re reading this post, please send me more and send it to me, don’t send it to my home address.

Okay. So, Birchbox, I have them on the list. I really like Birchbox because for a reasonable amount of money you actually get a surprise every single month. So, if you’re looking for a gift that is going to keep giving to a person again and again, perhaps you’re buying for your son you’re buying for your dad, you’re buying – they’ve also got women’s subscription. If you’re buying for a woman, go check out Birchbox, it’s so easy because you can literally go by for the year and the woman of your life she’s going to get a gift every single month. I think it’s a great gift and a great way to be introduced to some pretty cool products. So, I can tell you just, you know, to let you guys know these are some of the excess gifts I’ve got. So, I’ve got Mr. Natty over at Birchbox. I’ve got this the Balm Squad by Jack Black over at Birchbox. The Perfect Shave by what it is? The Art of Shaving, they’re a little kit here by Birchbox. And this one is actually really cool, it’s over at Baxter of California, they make some great product.

And this is a pomade mixer kit. So, go check this out, again, over at Birchbox. Guys, the three guidelines I gave you for purchasing a gift which a person is going to remember is remember, is you want to surprise the person, but you also want it to be functional and useful and you want it to be of quality build or of quality ingredients. Splurge a little bit this holiday season. Now, I’m not saying go into credit card debt, but what I’m saying is think about, you know, people in your life that mean a lot to you and it’s fun I actually enjoy it really giving a nice gift. To me it’s something that allows especially if it fills that criteria I talked about allows you to just really let them know how much you care about them. And if nothing else, don’t have a whole lot of money, then get on the phone and call the person that you love that means a lot to you and let them know that you love them, that you care about them, and I mean that’s priceless. Go over, check out the gift guide. Leave me a comment down below on the best gift you’ve ever received and why you think, you know, what you would like to have from all these gifts I’ve listed out. Take care, guys. See you in the next post.

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