3 Amazing Benefits Of Better Sleep How Rest Affects You Mentally Emotionally Physically

Gentlemen, have you ever had a night like this? You do not get any sleep. It’s just a bad night. What happens the next day? You wake up, and do you have a lot of energy? No. You’re tired. You do not even want to be awake.

3 Amazing Benefits Of Better Sleep How Rest Affects You Mentally Emotionally Physically Photo Gallery

You jump in the shower, hoping that’s going to fix things, but you can’t even think clearly. You’re tripping over yourself. Your body is not reacting. Your son comes in, and he just asks you a question, and you snap at him. What in the world is going on? Guys, when you do not get sleep, you are setting yourself up to fail. In today’s post, I”m going to talk about three amazing benefits of a great night’s sleep. I’m also going to share with you how I set it up in my life with four kids, multiple businesses, just being a really busy guy. How I have set it up so that I most of the time get a good night’s sleep. Now, guys, one of the things I did whenever let’s go back to 2003. When I got out of the Marine Corps, I saw quite a few things. One thing I did learn which I thought was interesting is the importance of getting sleep and how my commanding officer in Iraq how he made it a priority that you do not disturb him. He’s got to be able to think.

He’s got to be able to make decisions. Whenever the tempo slowed down, he was in the sack. I saw another full bird colonel get relieved because he couldn’t think. He basically didn’t sleep the first three days of the invasion. It was crazy. That stuck with me. I got out of the Marine Corps. I go live in Ukraine, spending time with my not then wife we were living with her parents. I remember we slept on a bed that was like a pullout couch. It was old school Soviet style. It was horrible. We had books underneath that holding up parts of the bed.

I swore to myself, whenever I move us to the United States because I was in the process of bringing them over I’m going to have a really nice bed. That’s what I did. I spent quite a bit of money on a king sized mattress. I slept on it. I loved that bed. That’s something I realized, guys, is investing in a really nice mattress and having something that when you get into it, you just want to be in there. That is probably the best thing I did for myself to be able to set up that great sleep environment. Then I go off and I sabotage it, have a whole bunch of kids but that’s a whole other story. In today’s post, guys, I’m going to give you three reasons why you need to make sleep a priority. Guys, go check out the article. I go into a lot more detail there. I’m going to support it with research.

I’ve got a really cool deal you are going to want to check out. Ready? Tip number one is your brain. Your mind is going to function better. Specifically, you are going to be able to focus in. After you have a horrible night’s sleep, can you think? Can you focus? If you want to get things done, you have got to be able to zero in and focus. This is really important for business owners, for anyone that’s trying to help a company grow. If you are trying to basically get your nonprofit off the ground, you are a student studying you need to be able to focus. Also, you have got to be able to remember things. If you do not get a good night’s sleep, your memory you are reading stuff, and you are going to get to the end of the chapter. What did I just read? You know what I’m talking about. Now, guys, there’s a great book out there called Essentialism. In that book, he talks specifically about protecting the asset.

He gives example after example of people that are up-and-comers, high achievers, how they somehow think and you have probably heard that saying I will sleep when I’m dead. Guys, that’s a bunch of BS. You need to every single night. I do not know if its six hours, eight hours, maybe it is nine of ten hours. But make that a priority, because what that’s going to do is it is going to give you a high return, because you are going to be able to think clearly. You’re going to be able to remember things. Basically, you are going to be even more creative. Yes. Studies have shown that you are more creative if you actually get enough sleep. Creativity has been measured to go down basically drastically every couple hours of sleep that you lose. Tip number two is emotional control. You know that example I said about snapping at your son? That’s happened to me.

When I was first starting off with my company, I was getting maybe four or five hours of sleep, and I was just really trying to cram two jobs into one. There was one case I remember when I snapped at my son. He was just asking me a question. Guys, it could be your girlfriend. It could be your wife. It could be your mom. Don’t be that guy that everyone’s just like What in the world is wrong? Because once you say something, you can’t take it back. Make sure to get sleep, because then you are going to be able to keep your emotions in check. You’re going to be less irritable. Less anxiety. You’re not going to be stressed out as much. When you do that, you are just going to have a better day.

Tip number three: your body will function better if you get more sleep. When you get plenty of sleep, you are going to find you are going to wake up with more energy. Your body will actually have recovered overnight. Let’s say you are looking to build up muscle. You’re going to the gym. Well, guess what, guys? Getting sleep that night, you need to be selfish. You need to take care of your body and let it recover from the day before. In addition, if you get the right amount of sleep, you are going to be less likely to actually get sick. Your immune levels are going to be higher. All right, guys. Those are the three points. If you want more, go check out the article.

In the article, I go into the research. I go into a lot more detail. If you enjoyed this post, I think you are really going to like the article. But I did allude to this at the beginning of the post. I talked about the importance of investing in a mattress. Guys, I want you to go check out Leesa Mattress. It is a great company. I have had one of their mattresses now for well over three months. I have slept on it multiple times. My friend, Ryan Masters, when he came out this holiday season, he slept on it. My son has been sleeping on it. All of us agree: this is a great mattress.

What I love about the mattress is it is got a two-two-and-six system. Basically, the two top, it actually has got this foam that does not overheat you. I do not know if anyone’s ever slept on a bed that all of a sudden, you get really hot. This one has a memory foam there that prevents that. Then it is got the two inches of the memory foam in which depending on what your weight is, if you weight a lot, maybe you are well over 300 pounds, it’ll work for you. If you are under 100 pounds, like in the case of my son he actually found it worked great. That’s what I love about memory foam that can adjust and actually work to the body. Then it is got a base layer. But here is my favorite part about this mattress. The first mattress I bought and I bought a foam mattress eight or nine years ago from a company that’s not defunct when I spent all this money, they delivered it to my door. I can tell you that this was a huge mattress in a huge box. Anyone that’s ever had to move big king sized mattresses they know how much of a pain in the butt this is, especially when you do not have someone to help you.

What I loved about Leesa they delivered anywhere. If you are in Canada, if you are in England, if you are in the United Stated, they’ve got you covered. I was like How did they fit it is a queen size how did they fit this in this box? It was about 70 pounds. I take care of myself. Threw this thing up. I was able to carry it right up into our guest bedroom. Laid it out. We had actually set it up so that it’d be right there. I was able to unpack this by myself. All of a sudden, it opened up. I’d say I gave it about a good hour before actually, my son, he went and jumped on it pretty much immediately. But it was such a great service and system.

I was like This is really cool. So much better. Guys, I laid on it. I slept on it I’d say a total of about ten nights. My wife didn’t really like it when I was saying Honey, I know that you are here with the screaming baby. I’m going to go over into the guest room and just practice sleeping on that mattress. But I can tell you guys, it is a great mattress. Great company. Go check them out right here. Guys, I will see you in the next post. Take care.

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