3 Christmas Morning Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths

Hey guys welcome back to my blog as you can tell, I have done the mom chop, I cut my hair and, I have been loving it it just adds a lot more fullness to my hair and the ends of my hair we are getting a little bit done. So I’m really embracing it but today’s post is showing you guys a couple of different hairstyles for Christmas morning, I do not know about you but, I love to have my hair looking put together but not spending a lot of time on it. So if you guys want to learn some quick and easy holiday hairstyles then just keep on reading already.

So I’m gonna be showing you three hairstyles today I’m gonna do one of the hairstyles with my natural hair length and then the other two showing you how you can blend in your luxy hair extensions into short hair. So for this hairstyle I’m keeping it really simple and straightforward you guys already know, I prefer my hair more beachy and unfinished looking. So for this look super simple super straightforward I’m just going to kind of toss up my hair and take the top section right here.

So just to about the crown of my head you can take more hair if you want, I just want a lot at the sides of my hair just because I’m not putting extensions in for this look. So once, I have my hair in the place where, I like it I’m going to take a clear elastic you can use any kind of elastic you want but, I do not want it to show. So I’m just using one of those tiny clear ones and I’m just going to create a really messy bun this is where you do not want it to look perfect.

So do not worry too much about it just kind of put it up into that messy bun how you’d normally do your hair now you can leave it like this but, I think it is just a little too propped up. So I’m going to take some bobby pins and I’m just gonna play around with where, I want it placed, I do not really want it. So upright.

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So I’m just gonna take the bobby pin, I just want it to be a little bit flatter against my head once that is up and out of my face this is where I’m just gonna take out some baby hairs and, I really want this to look super messy and, I know, I overuse the word undone but that is just the best description of what I’m trying to achieve I’m also going to take some waves spray and just spritz that through the rest of my here to add a little bit of volume and as you can see it just kind of enhances the look and makes it Messier and more bedhead like this hairstyle is suitable on all the lengths of hair as you can tell you just need enough hair to throw up in a messy bun on top of your head but it is definitely the quickest one especially on Christmas morning if you are in a rush and you just want your hair out of your face, I think it is really fun and cute and it does not look too put together and best of all it takes no time whatsoever ok now on to the hairstyle number two I’m gonna add some braids to my hair it is still gonna be very relaxed and easy and quick to do. So I’m gonna add some luxy hair extensions I’m gonna mix up what extensions I’m putting in my hair just because, I do have a very blunt cut with this hairstyle they do not need to be properly put in for short hair just because we are putting it into a bun. So it is really just for that added volume.

So I’m gonna section off the bottom part of my hair and I’m adding two of the three clip wipes and this is the seamless collection in blonde balayage and then I’m gonna add 1/3 clip weft of the original collection in dirty blonde this is just gonna blend up the color for me and add a lot of thickness for our bun. So as you can see right now they are not blended properly at the moment but, I promise you for the next hairstyle I will show you how, I blend in my extensions with my short hair but for now, I just want them for length and volume. So for the rest of our hair I’m gonna do two really chunky Dutch braids going into a really big messy bun.

So I’m just gonna start off with this side of my head and we only want to go to where we put our extensions in. So it is kind of like an anchor for where we stop our Dutch braids. So I’m going to start at the very top of my head you can part your hair to the side or to the middle, I prefer the middle for this look but that is totally up to you you want this to be a very loose and effortless looking braid.

So sectioning your hair into three pieces going all the way down adding hair as we go you are going to take the two outside pieces and go under the middle piece to create that Dutch braid effect. So stopping right about here that’s kind of where my extensions are clipped in anyways I’m just going to take a small elastic here to keep the braid in place. So that it does not fall out while we do the other side and now moving on to the side we are doing the exact same thing.

So a really loose Dutch braid parting my hair to three pieces the two outside pieces are going under the middle piece adding hair as we go down again taking a little elastic to keep the braid in place now this is where we can go really crazy and unleash the braids. So I’m gonna go through and really just pull it out. So it looks as if it is almost falling out we want it to just almost look like it is not a braid anymore.

So I’m gonna really go through and pull and tug at the braid and it just gets bigger and messier and, I just love it it just looks. So almost like you slept on it I’m also just going to take out some pieces because naturally, I have. So many baby hairs framing my face that they are gonna come up anyways on their own.

So I’m just gonna help them come out and make their appearance because they’ll make their appearance on their own anyways now I’m gonna take out the elastics that are holding in the braid and gathering the rest of my hair including the extensions I’m just going to whip my hair up into a quick messy bun again just like the previous hairstyle do not worry too much about what the bun looks like you can play around with it after and take some bobby pins and place it how you like it and how you want it to sit but this is just meant to be quick and easy. So making sure your extensions are at the bottom section of your head is going to ensure that they do not pop through with this look but it is gonna add that extra volume especially if you have short hair like myself and a bun would look a little bit spiky because there’s not enough hair to create a full bun this is just a great way to add extensions to create that fullness and volume within a bun okay for the third and final hairstyle I’m going to be adding in a lot of extensions here. So how, I blend in my blunt ends with my hair extensions is starting off with a base.

So, I take the very bottom section of my hair and braid it and then pin it away. So then you do not see my blunt ends and you only see extensions underneath all of my hair. So I’m clipping in two of my three clip wipes from the seamless collection in blonde balayage and then the layer above that is two of my four clip watch again blonde balayage from the seamless collection and then above that I’m going back to the original collection in dirty blonde and then the final top back layer is a three clip weft and it is also the dirty from the original collection.

So that is blended all in the back but in the front, I need to add some more pieces. So I’m taking two of the to click west from the CMAs collection in blonde balayage and just putting them just above my temple just to break up the choppiness of my hair. So now that all of my lucky hair extensions are in you probably wouldn’t know that, I have a super blunt love haircut.

So, I think it does a really great job at blending in considering, I have a very straight haircut. So if this hairstyle obviously if you naturally already have long hair you can add the extensions for some added volume and thickness for me I’m in it for length mostly just because, I do not have a lot of hair to work with since it is a little bit shorter and, I just love that extensions do that it gives you long luscious hair but then it can also have my short hair as well. So this one is really cute and simple just like the other two.

So I’m just gonna start off taking a section of hair here I’m going to leave out pieces around the front just because, I think it frames the face, I want to make sure that I’m grabbing some of the extensions as well because, I want that length and with this hairstyle to make sure that. I have hidden the extensions well and with this hairstyle I’m just doing a twisted headband. So if you do not feel confident enough to do a braid this is a great alternative, I also think it looks just as cute.

So with this one I’m gonna make sure I’m tightly twisting my hair because they can obviously untwist really quickly. So I’m just making sure I’m wrapping my natural hair length with my extensions. So that there’s no cookie pieces all the way to about leaving a couple of inches on at the bottom here now you can keep it nice and tight and it kind of looks like a rope but, I want it to look almost frizzy, I know that’s probably not the best description but, I want it to look a little worn.

So I’m just gonna go back and forth and create a little bit of, I guess these flyaways, I want them to kind of pop up because well naturally they are because that guy didn’t want to stay in there. So I’m just gonna play around with that and make it look like a frayed rope, I guess now this is a tricky part if, I were to just bring the hair over like this you are gonna get a little bit of a gap here. So keeping your finger on the section of your twist in it twist it under.

So that it does not loop as much and bring it over to the opposite side here I’m gonna take some bobby pins create a little bit of a gap here. So that we have somewhere to pin it and always make sure that your bobby pin the bumpy side is against your skull it is gonna hold your hair a lot better going back to this side it is still kind of popping out a little bit more than, I would like. So I’m just gonna take a bobby pin and just press the kind of loopy side that’s sticking out down and pin from underneath.

So I’m going under the twist. So that you do not see bobby pin as much okay that is one twist I’m we are gonna do the same thing on this side bringing it over to the opposite side just to make sure it is a little bit fuller also. So that we can just kind of camouflage this gap area.

So taking a section of hair making sure I’m adding some extensions and tightly twisted going through and messing it up again this part is totally optional you guys do not have to do it it is just the picture that, I found inspiration from definitely Heidi not frizzy just like a messy tousled texture look at the top with the twist. So, I just kind of like that now bringing this side over here picking a bobby pin and, I love this hairstyle it is a little bit different than your average Dutch braid kind of look it is fun and again it is super easy and hopefully this helped you if you have short hair on how to put in extensions to blend them but that is it for this post guys feel free to check out my blog for some different types of hairstyles also if you are rocking any luck see hair extensions in your photos do not forget to tag us at luxy hair, I hope you guys all have the most incredible holidays and I will see you guys soon bye you.

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