3 Days of Holiday Hairstyles For Long and Short Hair

Three days in the life of my hair I called a clean to dirty hair tutorial where we go from day one or my hair is fresh wash today Is that time of year Baby using, so I do not have to like hold in mind the whole time living proof restore instant perfecting spray Amazing moose is going to be using the way memory, Mist as my heat protectant spray I have a review on this is amazing right selling hair today I have the T3 convertible base with a polished curls attachment.

They have a bunch of different barrels that you can mix and match to create your own curl trial For a loser wave or they have the Define curls which is a 1 inch barrel and that would be good if your hair is a little harder to curl, with that being said it is time to curl Go away from your face and after each crawl wrap it back up into a donut shape and clip it in place with a wave clip Continue curling all the hair next to your part and then went and got all that done.

3 Days of Holiday Hairstyles For Long and Short Hair Photo Gallery

You can go down to the next level of hair and then you just keep curling away from the face I really like this T3 I’m because it has single past technology, which basically means that I has super even heat and you only have to run your hair through at once to get the desired effect and when’s the first Back inside and curl decided toward your face.

Fun and fresh out the first side trial Point open up and become a wave and then to set it I’m using some hairspray and spraying the first Little Valley in the hair and then using the hair spray can to shape the hair and supply, Not going to let down the second side and brush it through and spray it as well know this point you could choose stop But I’m actually going to bring everything over to one side, then I’m going to use some Pearl bobby pins along the nape of my neck to hold my hair in place and add a little while and that’s it for this move to find ways I love that they are glamorous and Timeless and I love Just it for short hair first thing scroll nice and close to the scalp can’t really go as far away as you can with long hair.

Next for those little baby hairs of the name of your neck Make your curls flip up at the end see if you do not brush them around your hand instead of mold, them into place arrange them just behind the ear instead of at the nape of the neck, that is it for this style The number to the last night I cut my hair into a loose bun on top of my head to sleep this morning I woke up with this little escape artist so we are going to try to leave up everything looks pretty good.

A few areas that are a little on the straighter side so I popped on the cascading waves attachment Style Everyday kind of situation most of the Strater pieces that need a little more life this is John Today you just kind of amp up that 25% and it looks freshly curled and after about six or seven curls I just perfect lived in wave I’m going to start with the right side.

Sweet it back and put it in the back of your head then on the left side take a similar section sweep it down a clip to hold it on Because now we are going to decorate I’m grabbing these probably depends from yesterday, I’m just going to schedule But you can add in a normal bobby pin or two if you want to Got a request for this after my holiday, hair accessories posts so obviously I wanted to show you guys how you can do it it is effortless and glue and then for sure there’s literally no change for this one but I wanted to show you how it would look if your hair is a little on the shorter side try Am.

I waves have held up surprisingly well but I’m going to add in somewhere dry shampoo to my roots because it is necessary, Around my face and because I wanted to live my extra life I grabbed a couple clips of extensions and I put them in diagonally behind where I was going to be putting my side braids.
The end with an elastic and finally I’m going to create one big side braid and I’m going to put the braid we drive and then braid all the way down and when she gets words the end secure it with an elastic and then, Your face and finally I’m adding this velvet elastic with a little Pearl on it to the end of my braids just drive.

I really wanted to I love a good side braid and I feel like this one with the extra little braids in it and the extra pieces are on the face and the elastic is just perfect End it just this little Nevin ponytail, because I try it as a side braid and what that added elastic it is still pretty Glam and those are my three days of Giveaway for you guys little sweepstakes and so the link is down below I highly encourage, you to click through and enter that and I’m so thankful for that you guys know I have used T3 for years and years.

As you with that you can get the converter base and there 2 news any additional Things to see 3 for that and for working with me on the schedule at all ways love working with friends that want to give back to you guys and that is it for they be sure to hit that like button if you enjoy this post and it that subscribe button so you 2 notifies you the next time that I post.

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